Alarm bells ring as Arsenal team confirmed for Valencia task

I am certainly not amused upon reading the teamsheet this evening, with Mustafi and Cech being named in the starting line-up today, and I’m not sure there is enough in this team to give us the comfort needed to take to Spain.

Valencia are certainly no mugs, and with the amount of mistakes the German has been making we know there is at least one away goal coming our way tonight, and the form of Lacazette and Aubameyang at present is not filling me with confidence in scoring three or more.

This is before I even get started on us leaving Torreira on the bench, and then you read the word Ozil… My head hurts and it hasn’t even kicked off yet!

I will be watching agonisingly close, hoping that the experienced players are able to show enough passion to bring the team together for a performance.

I hope that I’m wrong, but I am worried…

Does this team fill anyone with confidence? Will Ozil prove his worth tonight when needed?

Pat J

Updated: May 2, 2019 — 7:15 pm


  1. Shabba a.k.a. Mr Loverman

    Decent team *

    *except for Mustafi

  2. Mustafi will boss defense as usual

    1. I predict Mustafi would score against his former team

      1. Would be cool if it happens

    2. Having seen the line up there is no protection for the defence which has been week at best over the last few games

  3. ………………………………….Cech (15 M)
    ………..Sokratis (20 M) . Koscielny (9 M) . Mustafi (35 M)
    Niles (0 M) . Guendouzi (7 M) . Xhaka (30 M) . Kolasinac (0 M)
    ……………………………………Ozil (42.5 M)
    ……..Aubameyang (56 M) ……………Lacazette (46.5 M)

    If this 200+ M squad cannot beat Valencia, they had better play futsal at home. If a player cannot stand out in a BIG game, he should have played for a SMALL club

    1. Wow! Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil alone are over £100 mil

  4. I agree with you pat ,Cech in goal for me is worse than mustafi seeing we are playing 3 at the back and he’s got a it of protection ,this could be our only chance to make champions league so it as to be our best team out there and not having Leno or Torreira is a big mistake ,it would be nice to go 2 matches in a row where we actually play the same team and formation ,too much chopping and changing for me .

  5. I’m worried too… would rather Torreira had started. The bench – well Iwobi, Mkhi & Elneny aren’t game changers are they??
    Well let’s see what happens! Come on Arsenal let’s do it….. oh and come on Frankfurt

    1. We don’t have game changer anymore after Sanchez left

      Nicolas Pepe could be the ideal replacement as he could strikes fear into the opposition’s fulllbacks

      1. That’s all we have, as everyone else is injured! I just hope everyone steps up.. after 3 losses, we need a decent performance & a win COYG

        1. Sue I hope you are having a nice watch?? and I love the fact that peter Czech doesn’t care about playing the ball from the back. He just kick it out everytime. What a save!!!

          1. My nails have taken a bit of a battering, Pat.. but I’m very happy! So close to the final…

      2. Have to say for a very long time Arsenal have been a super soft side with zero character

        Why the hell is Torrieia not playing ! Guendoouzi is useless and Torreira only tough guy in the squarld in terms of tackling

        1-0 down after 10 minutes and this could be another 3 nil drubbing

        FFS ?

  6. Mustafi is only playing because holding is out and Montreal is not 100%. With holding, koscielny, socratis and another cb mustafi will not play as many games as season or sold.

  7. Team looks ok to me.
    Pat j is just click baiting as usual.

    1. Team looks okay based on who is available right now.

      And Cech this year has not been any worse than Leno and has more experience. Leno is joint no. 1 in the Prem this year in goalkeeper’s mistakes leading directly to a goal, let’s not forget…

      1. Shabba a.k.a. Mr Loverman

        I never forget.

        Where are my car keys?

  8. Valencia are licking their fingers

    1. Shabba a.k.a. Mr Loverman

      Well they shouldn’t have gone to KFC!!!!

  9. Break-on-through

    One team in our way for us to reach the final, come on lads, show us how much you want this club to return to the top. Forget the last couple of weeks, we needs this one Gunners.

    1. Exactly it’s always a win win. Coyg
      2:0 arsenal win .

  10. I’m biting my tongue and not going to say a negative word. Time to get behind the boys for a game that goes a long way in defining this roller coaster, frustrating season as either a failure or a success. COYGS! !

    1. Doesn’t sound or look like the Emirates’ crowd has got the memo. Disappointing.

  11. I have lost passion for this team. Whatever happens happens

  12. This is a pretty attacking line up and about as good as could be expected. Now it’s up to the players to perform – UE has done his bit.

  13. As merson said this rookie manager is just guessing about the lineup. Hope we win which is highly unlikely.

  14. Are Valencia wearing Spurs colours tonight. That would rub it in if we lose

  15. Sack him

  16. Already 1 nil to Valencia. No surprises really with this rookie manager.

  17. Sorry but Emery needs to be sacked immediately.
    Arteta was a far far much better option for manager.
    We have actually become worse

    1. Pipe down ramtatata

    2. How hypocrite we Arsenal fans are…
      From this moment if we score 2-3 without conceding any goal then immediately we will start praising Emery…

  18. Arsenal defense really rubbish we are playing to nothing sideways and backwards Lol

  19. Man what a bunch of average fkers our players are. Just look at them

    1. And managed by Average Joe himself
      Unai Emery…

      1. No emery is king

  20. Useless possession without end result. I fear we will lose this game. Not a single shot yet.

  21. Not looking good at the moment .they have so much time and space ,could be 2nil already .
    We really do miss a santi type player in the middle .

  22. Horrible start and they have an away goal

  23. If there is no overhaul of that squad by the summer I will officially stop watching this club.

  24. Valencia cutting arsenal to ribbons.

    1. Not enough, we need more goals. We never shoot, always looking for that perfect goal. They have more shots on target.

      1. Because there is nobody to create for them. He had to drop deep to pick the ball for us to even score. There is no creativity

        1. I completely agree. We need more creative players.

  25. Arsenal fans really amuse me because they fail to realize that iwobi is the only one that can take on players and move ball forward.

  26. We are rubbish.

  27. Yes Lacazette

    1. Oh and well done Frankfurt
      Keep it up

  28. Can’t we just release ball on time.

  29. Niles is making his best mustafi impression. Player with good potential but many stupid mistakes. But since he’s a fan favorite he doesn’t get as much criticism.

  30. Rushing back to watch the at a bar, thank you all for saving a dreadful night.

    I hope we turn the corner on the one though.

  31. Frankfurt 1-0 up.
    Arsenal need to win this.

  32. Arsenal strikers have forgotten how to strike, midfielders have forgotten how to create, and the defenders don’t even know how to defend. So,so sad. We don’t score, yet we concede softly. What is wrong with this club. Even the mid table teams are doing better than us. God save our club from this pathetic situation. I don’t arsenal anymore.

    1. Please watch the game and keep your mouth shut…

      1. He’s Probably writing I don’t support arsenal anymore. Good riddance fake fan

    2. Lacazette baby

  33. Break-on-through

    Lacazette!! you beauty, come on you Gunners!

  34. Lacazetttt

  35. Xhaka must be sold next season

    Slow thinking, lack of skills to hold the ball, lack of mobility, rarely scores and rarely assists

    Arsenal don’t need a Man of Steel in the middle since they already have a DM. Better get a technically gifted and fast thinking playmaker

    1. Yep. I’ve had enough of Xhaka and Elneny. We have A DM but need more creativity
      Agree big time. We need a Top Quality playmaker

  36. 2-1? Let’s hope we don’t bring mustafi to the mestalla, he’ll think he’s playing for the bats again 😀

  37. 2-1

    Lacazette will get a hat trick hopefully


  38. Dont stop. We need more goals ?

  39. Arsenal is winning but not convincing we need changes in the middle field
    to keep scoring COYG

    1. And we are defending decently because we have conceded the goal on set piece….
      They have not created any chances from open play..

  40. Mustafi playing well. Just for people who think he is a total rubbish.

    1. But that was big chance because foolish foul of Mustafi..

      1. and everytime Mustafi touch the ball the whole Stadium is horrified LOL

    2. Yes but the thing is he can make a stupid mistake at any time to negate all his hard work.

      1. Yes he is hard working but lacks concentration…

  41. Damn, Chelsea equalizer just before half-time

  42. Valencia shows insecurity we didnt pound on them after our 2nd goal now
    we have to kill the game in the 2nd half COYG

  43. Rookie manager? Hun. Isok

  44. Replace Guendouzi with Torreira!Now!

  45. Emery absolutely needs a Ramsey type player for the 3-4-3 to work. Any 2 player combo that doesn’t include Ramsey means we are weaker offensively since all other central midfielder are defensive mid.

    Several other people have also made this remark, with guendouzi, elneny or xhaka we have a midfield that backs off thus inviting teams like palace, Everton and wolves with good attacking talent to attack our weak defence.

    1. We did 3-4-3 with Xhaka + Ramsey in Wenger’s final year. Didn’t win us the hard games. And you’ll probably say it’s because Xhaka isn’t a proper DM. Well now we know he isn’t a proper CM either lol

      1. Emery did the 3-4-3 better with torreira/Ramsey or torreira/xhaka. Ramsey was more disciplined with emery and xhaka performance did improve.

        Our record with Ramsey and without Ramsey this year is very different.

  46. We need to finish st least 4-1 to stand a chance

  47. we need to score and I dont see it
    Auba and Lacazette keep missing his chances we can not keep missing chances

    1. No surprises here they have been wasteful all season. They have 24 and 18 goals which could easily have been 30 and 25.

      1. This is sarcasm right?

  48. Guys, 2-1 isn’t enough with our poor away form
    Valencia will improve in the next match too

    We really need at least one more goal.
    2-1 can easily be overturned

    COYG please score more

  49. Arsenal 3:1 Valencia

    1. As I said

  50. A playmaker that cannot create any clear scoring chance is that one a playmaker .

  51. Break-on-through

    Yes!!!!! you beauty!!!

  52. Well can you trust them to keep it down to 1-0 or 2-1 away? Or even a clean sheet? I know they did that in Italy but Ramsey was playing…

    1. take off your negativity

  53. well well seems he found the ball finally!!!

  54. All these players are deadwood, and should all be sold in the summer. ???????. Thank God for a attacking football, throughly enjoyed it.

  55. Break-on-through

    Phew!, I thought that third goal wasn’t gonna come, Valencia are decent passers, I’m delighted we got a two goal lead even though an away goal can come back to bite. Hopefully we’ll get one. Well done lads, much improved, hopefully we’ll gain some momentum now.

  56. we still suffering in the back we will have a complicated game in Valencia
    but is up to the players to overcome the situation is still big hope like against Napoli

  57. After all the Lashings, Arsenal are in the driving seat. Give the lads Kudos plsssss!
    Arsenal always finds a way to get Past Spanish teams, except FC Barcelona.

    Weldon guys!!!

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