Alas! Arsenal fans can now give up on the Kingsley Coman rumours

Many Arsenal fans have been drooling over the prospect of Kingsley Coman coming to the Emirates this summer as a marquee signing to kick start Unai Emery’s era as coach, but alas it looks like we were setting our sights just a little too high.

it was always unlikely that a top young player would leave Bayern Munich, one of the giants of European football, for a club that is entering the Europa League for the second season in a row, and so it has proved.

When asked specifically about the rumours of an Arsenal switch, he replied simply: “That’s not true,”

“I’ve had no contact with Arsenal.

“I’ve just extended my contract here at Bayern and I’m planning to stay for many more years.”

It was always one of the most unlikely rumours, especially when you consider that ever since becoming a professional footballer he has played at Juventus, Paris St Germain and Bayern Munich, and has never been a part of a squad that has failed to win their respective League titles. I doubt he would have continued that remarkable record if he had moved to Arsenal, but he probably will win many more at Munich!

Oh well, it was a nice dream while it lasted…..

Darren N


  1. gotanidea says:

    No problem, we have got Aubameyang can play very well in the left wing as well

    For the right wing, it would be good if we can get an upgrade

    Otherwise Mkhitaryan, Perez and Nelson can compete for that position. They are not Mbappe/ Hazard, but a strong internal competition will make them work harder

    1. kev says:

      Ivan Gazidis is will leave Arsenal to be AC Milan’s new CEO.100% happening I can confirm.
      He will take charge on 1st September.

      1. Someone says:

        Why ?! because metro said so !!!!!!!!!!! a site that is a waste of memory space in servers !!!!!

      2. BenardoM says:

        If he leaves or stay’s is ok.Raul Sanllehi can take charge as the new CEO. We need to move on now past Wenger era.Ac Milan will never get back to where it was unless they appoint a well established coach.

        1. jerbry says:

          conte needs a job

        2. jon fox says:

          If Gazidid should leave – and I have no idea if he will or won’t- I think Josh Kroenke would then become CEO. Not Raul, sadly!

          1. Declan says:

            That’s what I think Jon.

        3. RSH says:

          rumor has it Josh Kroenke will take over. And Usmanov is selling his shares and Stan could end up getting those. Just when things seemed to be getting better… Don’t give in Usmanov 🙁

          1. BenardoM says:

            Josh will do a good job.He is young and must be a football fan.He’ll bring the desired change and remember he had to come and stay in London for changes to take effect

          2. OzzieGunner says:

            Would you like to buy the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

  2. Sue says:

    Who knows if we’ll sign anyone else! I do really like our line up though, especially our attack ?

  3. Chiza says:

    go for massive destruction..a massive release of our attack and potential with a 3-2-3-2
    Mustafi Sokratis Mavrapanos
    Torriera Nzonzi
    Dembele Ozil Mikhitaryan
    Lacazette Aubameyang

    what a mouth watering formation..LMDAO(Laugh My Dumb Ass Out)… L.. Lacazette… M.. Mikhitaryan… D.. Dembele… O…Ozil…… LMDAO

    this formation would give us so much joy….somepeople might complain about the lack of width… but with torriera and Nzonzi.. covering spaces and doing the dirty work and then feeding it to LMDAO to damage up front… so many teams would want to sit back which would allow us cover the lack of width which allow us to be all over teams like bees…..we won’t fear counterattacks because we have the soldiers(torriera and Nzonzi) to protect…….. With this formation we would ambush teams with a lot of goals… I wish emery can get (nzonzi and dembele) to try this formation out.. I’m salivating already!!!!!!!!!………LMDAO coming true!!!..all hail Dembele! .the future king is on his way..i can smell his fragrance

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Kev, no interest at all, you got our hopes up man. This might be why some people are a little harder on you than others who …eat up / tolerate….
    (funnily enough, I expect real targets to talk like Coman has here and I doubt Nzonzi’s Dad telling us to expect a bid soon, tough one)

    Or it could be Caglar Soyuncu, people expected him over Sokratis at one stage, you totally side swiped them.

    Or it could be Lemar going to Atletico, maybe people haven’t forgotten that one hundred percent rumour.

    Or as someone pointed out, it could be Danny going on loan for a season with only one season left on contract.

    Maybe its because Ramsey is still in negotiations, or rather his agent is, but people probably believed you when you told them it was already 100% done, just waiting for the announcement. Before changing your story to the same story that was doing the rounds, people are confident that he’ll sign.
    …He’s even tipped to become our captain!…

    Or maybe its because of one of the other ones….

    Maybe, its how you say all of a sudden that you are not ITK and the stories are coming from articles and Twitter. But then seek approval by pointing out to people that you were right all along with xyz, and how you can explain how and why the other ones didn’t come off as somehow they were correct predictions only it was outside forces interfering with your plans. LOL’z for real.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Never got my hopes up Break-on-through. I’ve always said Kev’s a sad person in need of attention.

    2. kev says:

      Why are you bringing only those I had wrong.Im willing to admit and apologize for everything but at least let’s focus on this season.Ive also had many right like Torreira,Litchsteiner,Kelechi Nwakali loan to Porto and others.

      I never said Coman was done too.I said we bid for him and I think twice and they were both rejected.Why blame me for something I didn’t say?

      1. Mobella says:

        Why apologizing for what is not up to you. I saw it somewhere copied them and pasted it here. It wasn’t you who’s snooping around for the actual info so how does matter to you if you are right or wrong.

        1. kev says:

          But at least let him call me out for what is true.Even the media said we’ve bid for him but never ever said we were in negotiations or have met with him.

    3. kev says:

      Ivan Gazidis is will leave Arsenal to be AC Milan’s new CEO.100% happening I can confirm.
      He will take charge on 1st September.

      1. D says:

        “100% happening I can confirm.” Please stop talking as if you have some sort of insider source at Arsenal. That’s exactly the kind of impression you are trying to give off here, when in reality you are getting all of your information from the media and Twitter just like everyone else.

        Don’t complain when people call you out for saying stuff like “I can confirm” as if this is something that you have personally been told by someone in the know at Arsenal.

  5. Andrew E says:

    I worry about the lack of pace in the CB positions. Someone like Soyuncu would solve that problem. But if ‘wishes were horses beggars would ride’. But hopefully young Mavropanos would solve that issue. Can’t wait for the start of the season now!!!!!

  6. kstix says:

    I’ve always said we’re done in the transfer window but some fans like to dream and kev and the media do a good job of feeding the fans sweet dreams… nothing is happening at Arsenal anymore… david orstein the one journalist i trust on arsenal transfers has said this weeks ago but fans love getting their hopes up for nothing…forgetting that we are no man city, chelsea, man utd, liverpool (don’t know how we let liverpool get ahead of us in this regard) , madrid, barca and psg that splash cash on signings. The only thing that may happen is if ramsey doesn’t sign, and he is sold, there would surely be a replacement but if not we are done in the transfer market. except for ospina leaving and some players that are surplus to requirement. we have a board that is more interested in making profits than ambition. Let’s just hope emery can get the best out of what he has and I’m backing him to succeed this season. just let’s not set unrealistic expectations of him because this is a transition process. if we make top 4,great,if we don’t but improve on our performance from last year, great. Rome wasn’t built in a day. my only concern is that we have too many ageing players. we can’t built a long term team on that. Anyhoo… I’m optimistic and can’t wait for the season to start

  7. waal2waal says:

    losing the stigma of europa league football really is a priority – because until we step up we can’t expect to turn the attention of prospects like lemar, coman etc. surely nobody can be surprised at coman staying with bayern munich.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    Reports going round that Bakayoko is Seville bound, what do people make of that???

  9. Gifted says:

    Now that Barcelona has signed Malcom, maybe we should try a loan deal for Dembele…Just imagine a front three of Dembele, Auba and Laca with Mikhi and Ozil feeding them……I think Dembele is not highly rated at Barca and would not mind linking up with his former Borussia Dortmund buddies

  10. Gifted says:

    Am I the only one who is not excited about Nzonzi? surely, are we turning our club into a retirement centre?

    1. Sue says:

      I’m not either

  11. JW Holmes says:

    This is Old news/rumors

  12. Durand says:

    I never believed Coman rumors, not for a second.
    He’s heir apparent on the wings for a club that wins title every year, always in Champions League, and paid well.

    What can Arsenal offer to compete with that?

    Nothing burger, fake news, and worst rumor yet.

    Doubt Dembele rumor too. Why leave Barcelona? No CL football, downgrade in club, future of club less bright.

    He may want to get the band back together tho, but unlikely. Led Zeppelin reunion world tour more likely.

    1. D says:

      Ozil left Real Madrid to join Arsenal, Sanchez left Barcelona to join us and Aubameyang, one of the greatest striker in the world currently, also chose to join us.

      Leave it to Arsenal fans to undervalue and belittle their own club. Sad.

  13. Arnoldhino says:

    Why do you keep posting that over and over? …. cool good story thanks for telling us 20 times… all hail the amazing kev who knows alll that is arsenal!

  14. ruelando says:

    OT. Looking at the team there seems to be good fellowship between the players from the videos shown, it is a pity all the players were not available for the tour to be properly integrated into one unit.

    The Coman rumour was a no go from the start, Dembele probably more believable but with a team paying so much for a player and letting go so easily without completing a season, highly unlikely. I always believe we must always leave room for our youngsters to come through and wide areas are normally used has that position in most teams.

    OT. Mourinho face looks quite sour when asked about Manu transfer business, he is not really happy the fact that Liverpool and Arsenal have been quite busy, it is so nice to see him so MOUserable (in a press conference)

  15. Phelyx says:

    Just get nzonzi and we are good to go

    1. Baraka says:

      I meant Kev

  16. Baraka says:

    Barcelona on the verge of signing winger Maicon..Ken give us the Ndebele updates again…

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