Alberto Moreno? Come on Arsenal – Enough of the cut-price bargains…

Alberto Moreno Would Prove Lack of Ambition by Dan Smith

Ironically Arsenal fans who mock the greatest manager in our history will now not have a bad word said about our transfer policy. Aaron Ramsey’s salary being taken off the wage bill? Gooners say he’s overrated, even though he’s asking for the same figure Luke Shaw is now being paid.

Buying from the MLS? All top 6 clubs’ shop in America, even though readers struggled to give examples. But I think I have found the rumour that no Gunner can defend. The piece of gossip that if factual, highlights the ambition of Stan Kroenke. Uni Emery reportedly wants to be reunited with Alberto Moreno, the two having worked together at Seville. The left back will be a free agent in the summer and is so surplus to requirements at Anfield, Janes Milner in a make shift role is ahead of him. One of the first things Klopp realised was the full back was out of his depth. Ironically his first team days ended at the Emirates when Theo Walcott destroyed him in the first half, being fouled for a penalty, before leaving a huge gap that led to a goal.

So how could an individual not good enough to bring the title to Merseyside, now be ideal for us? Some of you won’t admit it but it’s as simple as the fact he will be out of contract. Would we be interested if we had to pay a fee? It’s easy to accuse me of negativity but if this happens we have to say ‘enough’.

The money we pay for tickets, the Billion-pound TV deal we get a share of, the amount Adidas will give us to have their logo on our shirts, there are zero reasons to be looking at these kinds of cut price bargains. I understand if Monreal extends his stay in North London he will remain first choice but is Moreno better than our other back up options such as Kolasinac?

So, to clarify, we lose Rambo, sell Kolasinac, bank the cash because his replacement his free. Again, our recruitment team set the criteria to find value rather than build a Championship winning squad. The sad reality is, in theory, Ramsey and Moreno could be swapping homes and some of you will defend this?

I stress this is paper talk but if a reality …. enough now.

Dan Smith


  1. Chris K says:

    Pretty sure the Moreno reports are BS.

    The original report states that Arsenal are interested in him after Kolasinac falling out of favour with Emery and as a result preferring to use AMN, but as all Arsenal fans know, Kolasinac has been out injured and just retured to training.

    As for if Rambo leaves (Which I hope he doesn’t) then I see no reason why AMN can’t step up and take his place, which will allow Emile Smith Rowe top become the fringe player AMN currently is. It’d be both a great loss, and a great opportunity.

    Left back IMO does need adressing in the summer though. Monreal is aging and I personally see Kolasinac more as cover than 1st choice and I’m not comnvinced about Cohen Bramall stepping up no matter how great an athlete he might be… I suspect Joel Lopez will be the next good Left back to progress from the Academy but he’s nowhere near close yet…

    1. gotanidea says:

      Good article by Dan Smith and I agree with you

      Kolasinac used to one of the best left fullbacks in Bundesliga, so I believe he would step up after Monreal leaves

      AMN is very quick and energetic, but his strongest foot is the right one and he is a CM previously

    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Chris K, so you’d like Ramsey to stay. Well in that case you can expect 2 more Premiership goals this season, he’s already scored 1 in 9 games, with 3 his average per season over the past 10 seasons. Wonderful for an attacking midfielder don’t you think who’s demanding £300,000 a week.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Dan Smith and others, I’ve noticed lately a lot of Ramsey fans are coming back to these pages after going through a very quiet spell over the last 3 months all because of his goal at Fulham. Wonders never cease from the lethal Welshman.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Everyone is aware that Ramsey has had a poor season so far, nobody believes he’s been good enough for no10 role and I have not noticed one bit of difference concerning the fans on this site, I read in here almost every day. When players score people usually mention the scorers name or if it was good, important, or what not, on that day there was almost silence, nobody went on about it because everyone was talking about Lacazette, Emery, Iwobi and the second half display. Then over the weeks you’re gonna get some differences of opinion popping up from time. Don’t know what you’re on about mate because it mostly looked one sided as usual but the lad has got his fans sure even Gerrard reckons he’s the best attacking mid in the league when on form. He’s been very poor other than energy in his performance, he has one goal and three assists, nobody is blown away everyone agrees he’s been poor and that he doesn’t suit the position.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Don’t know what I’m on about mate? What are you saying? You had difficulty understanding my post. Maybe you should go back to school or maybe you’re still at school. Do you wan’t me to write it again. Anyway, so Gerard reckons he’s the best attacking midfielder in the Premier League and for you to write what he said, you must agree with it, correct? No, so what d’you write it for then. 37 goals in nearly 250 games is the reason Arsenal should have got rid of him years ago.

      2. Chris K says:

        Stats are funny things. Yes you could say he averages 3.36 goals per season, but he also only averages 22 games per season (Looking over last 11 years) Another way to put that would be to say he averages a goal every 6.54 games. Certainly sounds better than 3.36 goals per season yet both stats are accurate. Read into that what you will…

        Before you go assuming you know it all, I don’t think Ramsey is worth 300k p/w and in no way, shape or form should the club consider offering that to him. I’m actually pleased with Arsenal’s stance on this. I hope he stays for reasonable money. I’d offer him 125k but be willing to pay up to 150k to keep him preferably on a minimum 4 year deal (part of the acceptable sum of 150k would include consideration for his loyalty to the club). (He’s on 110k at the moment) Above that and I’d say were spending above our means for what we’ll get back in return. Maybe we could potentially throw in a bonus for 10+ goals in the season… I don’t know…

        I’d like Ramsey to stay because he has proven PL experience, already knows the team and can link up well and can cause all sorts of hassle with his late runs even if he doesn’t score. Don’t forget that this is a team game. I think Lacazette said it best when he said he doesn’t care if Aubameyang scores more than him, so long as the team contribute together and we win something. And to try and be clear (as you have proven that reading and understanding are two very different things) If Ramsey where to leave I’d be focused on the great opportunity that it would provide from AMN, but would also wish Ramsey well where-ever he goes. How many other players in the league have 2 fa cup winning goals for their team??? He has without doubt contributed to the little success we have had over the last 10 seasons and I give merit for that!

        I thank you for attempting to bring my attention to your opinion. All the best and COYG!

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          First you say 3.36 goals a season then you change it 6.54 a season then you say you’d offer him £125k a year but then up it £150k because of his LOYALTY. Are you kidding? loyalty,all I can say is, we’re lucky you’re not doing our contract negotiating, the traitor’s holding us to ransom after all we done for him when he’s been injured and this is how he repays us, putting in unreasonable demand for crazy wages. I wouldn’t want him for £20k a week. You also say throw in a bonus (this gets funnier) of 10 + goals a season. Well that’s pretty safe considering he only gets 3 goals a season. What a pair of… couldn’t make it up

          1. Chris K says:

            ADMIN COMMENT – Personal abuse is not allowed on here so please talk about football

          2. Chris K says:

            Apologies admin, I had not thought there was anything particularly abusive in my reply. Please allow me to retry:

            1 – I never said 6.54 goals a season. I said a goal every 6.54 games. Clear difference which you will see if you take the time to re-read my actual comment. Not a great stat for an CM, but not bad either IMO.

            2 – I’d offer 125k expecting him not to accept. I’d allow negotiation up to 145k and would consider the additional 5k for his loyalty should he accept. Contract negotiations rarely are agreed on the first figure thrown out. That’s why you start with a low number but have a ‘ceiling’ figure in mind which you will not go past. Loyalty is of course not rewarded if he doesn’t accept, and I think you’ll find almost all players who negotiate a new contract with the club they are currently at are awarded a loyalty bonus. Most will also add other bonuses like defenders and keepers stick on bonuses for clean sheets, there are bonus awarded for every goal scored for strikers, some players like to add bonuses for winning competitions etc. At this point it depends on each players psychology and what motivates them

            3 – Ramsey is not holding Arsenal to ransom as Arsenal are not letting him, hence them pulling the contract off the table, which as I mentioned above I’m pleased about. It’s a stance Arsenal should have taken with Ozil too. Great player IMO but no-one is worth that kind of money.

            4 – 20k a week for a player like Ramsey and there’s not a single premier league team would refuse that. It’s laughable really…

            5 – I’d be interested to understand what makes you call him a traitor. So far he’s asked for more money and the club have said no, so I don’t understand your logic. He’s also said he wants to stay until the summer. If I was to try and understand his point of view, I would imagine he intends to play out the rest of the season to see if Arsenal get back into the champions league next season and make his decision based on that. Of course that is only speculation though…

            6 – A bonus in any contract should be offered when a person does above and beyond what is expected of them so a bonus at 10+ goals I’d argue is more reasonable than you give credit for. If he scores 10+ then he deserves it, otherwise it’s no loss. simple as that.

            7 – Above and beyond all of this Ramsey nonsense you are stuck on, you missed the point where I said it would be a great opportunity for player like AMN to step up…

  2. Declan says:

    I don’t see the problem, if there’s a bargain going and a good one at that, snap him up. Mind you, everyone thought Kolasinac was a bargain but that hasn’t worked out very well has it?

    1. Sue says:

      I loved his goals v Chelsea & Burnley…..I still have faith in him ?
      This Moreno rumour is probably a load of crap, although Emery will always be linked with players he’s managed! He did score a beauty against the spuds at shite hart lane ? also saw this morning that our budget for summer window will be 40m… is this a load of crap too????

    2. Lupe says:

      Wait a minute, have you ever seen moreno play? He is one of the worst defenders i have seen in my life. He is good going forward but absolutely horrendous at his primary job. Because he is free doesn’t mean we should sign him and i honestly don’t believe this rumour because i expect that arsenal scouts have eyes and brains to realise a bad player when they seen one. Why isn’t he getting a new contract or why isn’t he playing? There is reason for that. I want to believe we have changed our mentality as regards to transfers and we will stop going for bargains just for the sake of it.

      1. Declan says:

        Yes I have and if you read my post again you will see the caveat.

        1. stubill says:

          He’d take up a space in the squad, and be a useless drain on the wage budget.

          No thanks.

  3. LENOhappy says:

    that he’s not playing well for Liverpool doesn’t really mean he’s not going to do well in another club,and there’s something about this Spanish players,when you think they are done,they surprise you

    1. Sarmmie says:

      Actually, I don’t think signing Moreno is good enough, though I won’t call it lack of ambition, attempting to sign a free agent, I think anyone can attempt that, but Moreno is just not good enough, hell, it’s not good at all
      But I sense a tone of punditry in the author’s write-up, especially in the first two paragraphs, are you writing to criticise or analyse?

    2. Sarmmie says:

      LENOhappy, however, I love your optimism and I usually enjoy your views on other topics but I believe, we can do way better than Moreno, much more better, there was a time I used to wish anyone we sign will turn out good irrespective of his previous form, I felt like that with Perez, Elneny…
      But to challenge for trophies like epl, Europa and maybe in a few years, ucl, we should definitely do way better than Moreno, free or not

  4. Grandad says:

    Moreno is another Bellerin, a defender who cannot defend. Significantly, 2/3 years ago these two were being touted as full internationals by the Spanish press, but now they are never mentioned.With regard to Kolasinac, I do not see him as a long term replacement for Monreal.Not too long ago Arsenal were one of a host of teams watching young Chilwell at Leicester.He has come on leaps and bounds during the past 2 seasons and we will get an opportunity to assess him when he turns out against Arsenal next Monday night.

  5. ozziegunner says:

    Dan, I would not get too carried away with players being connected to Arsenal by the media. Many of the stories are planted by managers trying to talk up their clients.
    We have to have faith in Sven and Raul, in consultation with Unai to scout and bring to the club the players Arsenal require to strengthen the squad.

  6. D says:

    Do you lot honestly believe every single transfer rumour that you read in the media? Jesus Christ… The term “no smoke without fire” doesn’t even apply here, as it’s clear to anyone with half a brain-cell that 99% of these transfer rumours are pulled straight out of the arses of the journalists who made them up in order to sell papers and get websites clicks.

    1. Declan says:

      Yes agree with you @D, just like half the stories on here.

  7. RSH says:

    not the worst backup. But Arsenal may be better off just trying to go for someone with more potential. Let’s see some Mislintat magic.

  8. Sergio says:

    No to Moreno thank you. He’s a liability.

    Currently we need to be strengthening our defence and he just won’t cut it.

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