Alex Ferguson’s glowing tribute to ‘legend’ Arsene Wenger (Video)

Arsene Wenger has been honoured at the Nordoff Robbins Legends of Football charity night for his incredible career as manager of Arsenal. There were many past colleagues giving tributes and also his biggest adversary from his glory years, Man United’s Sir Alex Ferguson, who sent in a personal video to celebrate ‘legen’ Arsene Wenger’s career, which you can see below.

In it he says: “Hi Arsene, First of all I am sorry that I am not there tonight. I would have loved to have been there, for you to be honoured by Nordoff Robins. It is a fantastic charity and I am really proud of you for taking part in it. But, most of all, for the career that you had as a manager at Arsenal.

“It was absolutely fantastic, you are an absolute legend and that is why it is called Legends Tonight. Once again, I loved the competition against you, we had some great times and it is wonderful that you are getting this award. Good luck and my blessing is with you.”

We all know that there are quite a few fans on here that don’t really appreciate what Arsene did for Arsenal, despite winning more trophiies than any other manager in our history, but even those doubters can’t deny that he greatly admired by thousands of people in the game, and his legendary status is earned….

Anyway here is Ferguson’s video tribute…


  1. Such a shame that we have so called “fans” who still try and denegrate our greatest manager ever and what he did for the club.
    I urge these “fans” to read what Santi Cazorla has just said about him…a great player recognising a great manager.

    These “fans” should hang their heads in shame and contemplate the words of his greatest adversary, who says it all in his acknowledgements of Arsene Wenger…Le Prof indeed.

    Thanks Arsene for all the wonderful memories, so pleased I was around to witness all the highs and the lows…it proved that you were only human after all.

    1. Great hommage and show of respect to not only only to a great manager but also a human being!and for those who attacked the man himself and his family Shane on you went against all the principles he helped to cement in this great club, class, respect, honour,a big family club even martinelli has just said that 5 made the right move to come to ARSENAL (by the way man utd turned down the chance to sign him because he wasn’t British!!👍🏼👍🏼

      1. Sue, from the heart, from the heart.

        Good to see Kenny back, I meant to ask him if he saw the “offside” decision at manure, when the lino was in line with their last player and Auba was at least two yards further back!!
        I guess he didn’t, otherwise the – would have hit the fan on here!!!!

        I wonder how many decisions like that they got at OT, that’s why I’m all for VAR.

        1. It is indeed, Ken! Well after what he said about Sokratis’ pass, I imagine the people in the bar were soaked again! I bet they then decided to give the bar a miss every time Arsenal were on after that 😆
          I’m all for it too, Ken…without it, that would have been absolutely sickening leaving Manchester with nowt!

    2. Ken in my life time which seems to be getting shorter by the day I dont beleive I will see another manager like him at our club.
      How he turned us around from a club that made up the numbers to the club every one wanted to be. Unfortunately like all good things they had to come to an end and in the end I think the right decision was made to replace him ..for better of worse but only time will tell

      1. Allanballl08, what you say is exactly the same as my feelings towards him.
        My only disagreement with some other fans is the length of time he became his own worst enemy.
        A question was asked on here about wanting him to return and I immediately replied no…simply because it was time for him and the club to move on…he should have left after the fa cup win against chelsea.
        I really want to see someone come in who can beat AW’s record, because it will mean our club is successful once again.

        I really get your bit about our club making up the numbers, that scenario seems so far away now, but it didn’t stop us supporting them did it?

  2. What a shame he left the club the way he did. His last days we’re calamitous and a change desperately needed. He would have bowed out after his last FA cup triumph but no he didn’t. He was his own biggest problem. Look at Sir Alex today, his praise is still sung in OT today, It could have been so for him if he had not stayed longer. Nonetheless he’s still my legend.

  3. I keep saying that Arsenal owners are low lives individuals who have no respect for football, including club, fans, team, coach and history; nor legends.

    For Sir Alex to speak is a real slam on everyone who have disrespected such a legend, titles, Academy, stadium, Mr Wenger build Arsenal as a top brand and club as no one ever nor will ever in football; Mr Invincible. He left Arsenal in great shape and future; these youth showing that.

    Alex must feel terrible to see how a legend is treated at Arsenal. He was right to step out, to cop with such board was hell for a decade, having fans mad at Prof who did miracle with no money.

    When he tries to bring Suarez as he did for Kante, the low lives owners refuse to put 10M more in order to get them for 60M and 40M. Both players wanted to Come!!!

    Wenger was Furious and indeed those 2 players with Ozil, Sanchez would have got us EPL and CL. No ambition nor with Pepe splash; a trick, damn payement plan, for nothing so far! Paying back for their trickeries!

    Anyway; thanks Alex, to recognize a legend and be such a Sir. A legend is forever, no matter what these low lives owners have done, football and legends salute you!

    That’s what Sir Alex is saying in between lines! He can’t believe how they led fans to take it on Prof when they fucked his plans and lied it will be money when stadium’s built.

    Same for our Captain Kos, people tend to forget how brave our Cap was, dedicated as his Prof, turning down Bayern Barça at some point. He fought for us and was kicked out in total incognito way, never had a chance to Say goodbye, did not planed it.

    No respect for this game nor club! Vampirizing and destroying legacy Mr Wenger represents and all he built.

    He didn’t have a good attorney and advisor; he should have been a share older with all he built and generates for years to Come; those young players we watching are Mr Wenger Academy work and focus; he is a legen!

    Sir Alex can’t believe it, why Arsene us not sitting in presidential sits in stadium as I am , how can he be treated like a reject when he built this stadium securing CL for 2 decades to allow to play it off!

    That’s what you can read all over Alex face, he kept saying You a legend, what you have done for Arsenal, the League so passionning!

    Low lives owners and board !

  4. He was surely the greatest coach/manager the club has ever had. But as someone above said, he was his own biggest enemy. Like many polititians, he did not know when to call it a day. You are best remembered when you leave while you’re on top.

    1. SAGooner, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

      I wonder if the great man would admit it himself that he stayed too long?

      He certainly hinted at it and, perhaps, his autobiography will tell us more.

  5. All the Wenger-bashers where are you? The cat got your tongues?

    Any mudslinging in the direction of Arsenal’s greatest manager at this time is ‘inconvenient’ and doesn’t fit the silly narrative the media built over the years, and lapped up by these.

    Arsene Wenger is still loved to bits and held in high esteem by many, warts and all, Sir Alex inclusive. That is quite easily distracted displayed.

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