Alex Iwobi explains the difference at Arsenal this season….

The young Arsenal and Nigerian international winger Alex Iwobi only made it into the Gunners first team towards the end of last season, but he is fully aware that the depth and quality of Arsene Wenger’s squad means that he could easily be replaced at any time, and this makes him try his absolute hardest in every match.

“Honestly I didn’t expect to be where I am today,” Iwobi said on the official Arsenal website. “I thought a long time ago that I’d be on loan and probably get experience there before having experience in the first team, but the fact that the boss trusted me to jump into the first team as quick as I did, I’m just grateful for it.

“The same way I was able to break into it is the same way that I take the chance now.

“I play like it’s almost like my last game, I treat it like it’s my last moment here, so I do my best and I always put 100 per cent into whatever I do.

“If you don’t do as well as you think you could’ve done, there’s other players, other international, great players, that can just step in,” he said. “So you just have to take the chance all the time and do your best when the time comes.

“The big thing is you need to stay fit and always need to give it your all. I mean, you’ve got to have the right attitude, you’ve got to be mentally prepared for whatever happens.

“Not everything is going to be smooth sailing for you so you’ve got to be prepared for all conditions.”

So this explains the reason why Wenger has been aiming for two (or even three!) players for every position on the pitch. It is not just for cover for injuries, it is driving all the candidates to work their socks off for a place in the starting XI.

This is why Arsenal could win the League this season….



  1. Olivier's toe says:

    Iwobi is growing in confidence and talent in every game. He is definitely a superstar in the making.
    Another Wenger gem!

  2. leo...fourteen says:

    IWOBI PLEASE DONT JOIN THE BAND…DONT JOIN THE LIKES OF PER THAT ENJOY MEDIA ATTENTION INSTEAD OF DOING YOUR TALKING IN THE PITCH…the way m seeing things iwobi wud soon lose his place in the first team due to giroud’s fitness and ramsey’s return…he shud buckle up

  3. Break-on-through says:

    He needs to give more effort into his performances. Maybe he should look up some old Alexis footage. It’d be good for him if he stayed out on the training pitch and practiced his shooting, if he harrases players and gets himself a sweeter strike on the ball well then the sky is the limits. I like his height and his physical stature, he looks an ideal specimen. That rainbow flick was cool, I remember lobbing a goalkeeper with one of those before, and then I dreamt I was flying.

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