Alex Iwobi is the new Alexis Sanchez!

Iwobi has a point to prove!

In what is becoming a merry-go-round of players changing numbers at Arsenal football club, one of the quieter changes to have been made is that of Alex Iwobi’s shirt number.

We have already seen that Alexis will take Rosicky’s old ‘7’, Ramsey will take number 8, new signing Xhaka will take 16, whilst Iwobi will take 17. Alex Iwobi had his breakthrough season this year, with the Nigerian international getting his chance to feature in Arsene Wenger’s first team. After an impressive start to the season with Arsenal’s youth ranks, his performances for the Arsenal under 21 team saw Wenger give Iwobi a chance to train and eventually feature for first team duties.

Iwobi made 21 appearances for the Gunners overall last season, an impressive feat considering that his breakthrough did not come until the latter end of the season. In that time, Iwobi managed two goals, both in the Premier League, whilst also showing that statistics aren’t the only thing that make a good performance. His willingness to drive forward with the ball and not be afraid to take players on, may not be shown amongst the stats, but his efforts are nevertheless noted and Iwobi proved to be a likely star for Arsenal in the future.

Today it was confirmed that Iwobi will be taking Alexis Sanchez’s old number 17 at Arsenal, and the squad number could suggest that Wenger has plans for Iwobi in the first team next season. Whilst some anticipated that Iwobi may go on loan next season in order to gain further competitive experience in a domestic league, it instead seems that Wenger will be keeping hold of the 19 year old. Arsenal fans will be expecting changes in the transfer window this summer, notably by bringing in top quality players with a wealth of experience, but I’d say that Iwobi is almost certain to have a relatively big involvement in Arsenal first duties next season and we can expect to see good things from our newest prodigy.

There have been a few debates regarding which young players who could make the move from the Arsenal under 21’s to the first team for next season, and whilst the likes of Jon Toral may have been mentioned as a likely candidate, Iwobi will most certainly be well in Wenger’s view for next season. I therefore not only expect to see lots of Iwobi next year but also for many years to come, as the club will surely look to develop the youngster to the best of his abilities over the next few years.


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  1. Alexis Iwobi lol. I liked his partnership with Sanchez lat season. With an Uncle like Jay Jay, I doubt he’ll lose his way, in him he’s got a very good mentor who’s played at the highest levels of the game, I hope he improves even more next season just like Bellerin did.

  2. If wishes were Horses, beggars would ride ….

    If shirt numbers were talent, most players would become instant worldclass…

    1. Fantastic quotes – both of them.

      I used that quote (If wishes were horses….) all the time when I was young but I never really knew how I ever picked it up. Do you know the origin by chance??

  3. If the Ox has been a little bit better and fitter, he might have gotten this number ahead of Iwobi..

    Iwobi went a little cold later in the season,so I hope he won’t be too depended on,I think a loan could have been better for him to a PL club, as many have seen his huge potential and will be wiling to take him.

    Now,that he is staying,I also hope he develops more and become even more consistent!Coyg!

    1. Who is to say Ox ever wanted a # change??? Maybe he actually likes his number and does not believe in the myth that lower numbers identify better players.

      In fact I will go a step further and suggest he could have had the # ahead of Iwobi if he had wanted it.

  4. So why is Ramsey getting the new shirt # when……….

    1. He is talking about a move away from Arsenal.
    2. He is unlikely to be a regular starter next season.
    3. Xhaka is certain to be far more valuable to Arsenal.
    4. Everyone knows him by that # after all these years.
    5. He has not really earned it.

    Did I miss anything??

  5. I just can’t see how can you compare these two….
    but he will be even better as a player than Alexis!

  6. Iwobi is a good player, am supprise to see some comment in this post that he should be loan out, why should we loan him out? football is not all about age but gift and talent. He has what it takes to play for this team.

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