Alexandre Lacazette reported release clause is of no concern

Alexandre Lacazette has a £61 million release clause according to agent

A Russian agent by the name of Dmitry Cheltsov is claiming that Alexandre Lacazette has a £61 million release clause in his contract. He knows this because he offered the Frenchman to Zenit St Petersburg who baulked at paying such a big amount.

The Russian has gone public with his claims telling Sport Business Gazeta how he found out about the release clause.

‘Their sporting director Javier Ribalta said to me: ‘Are you crazy? His release clause is €68m [£61m].’

‘I told him you can negotiate with Arsenal. I am sure they will be ready to accept something between €50m and €55m [£45m – £49.5m]. ‘His salary would be €7-8m [£6.3m – £7.2m] after tax.’

That makes for interesting reading but I see nothing to be concerned about. The release clause is fairly high and even without it, Lacazette has a value probably close to the release clause.

If Lacazette wanted to leave or the club wanted him gone then he would be gone, the release clause is not crucial in this. The player is happy, the club is happy and so are the fans, this revelation is inconsequential in my opinion.

Knowing what Lacazette can be bought for does not really change his status at the club and unless there is a dramatic change in circumstances he is going nowhere.


  1. If we dont get into UCL for next season, I could see the likes of Auba and Laca wanting to leave as they will be getting down into the last 2years of theirs contracts, laca maybe has 3 but you know what I mean.

    To be fair and real this is the 1st year I have felt we can really get into the top 4, not because of the collapse of Utd or Spurs but the fact we will only get stronger and better with the likes of Bellerin, Holding, Mavraponas and Tierney all starting. Defence has been our massive problem and this could well fix this and push us on.

    In his 1st season we missed out twice on UCL by small margins by a point in the league and a lost EL Final to get back in… 3rd time Lucky for Unai, I think so.

    Bellerin Holding Luiz Teirney
    Torreira Geundouzi
    Pepe Laca Auba

    Ozil for Dani
    Willok/Xhaka for Torreira/Matteo
    Saka/Nelson for Pepe
    Chambers, Kolasnic etc… can all come on if needed. We have a decent squad and enough to get into the UCL.

    1. That’s exactly why I don’t trust Emery @sean .
      Like you said if he messes this season up then we could see our few top players leaving ,and who could blame them .
      We all saw what happened last season and I see no difference this time round ,its the same laboured boring defensive football and the defence as gone completely backwards .
      Yes we sit 3rd but but not one game in the PL have we looked in control ,we have also been lucky with the other teams (apart from Liverpool ) who themselves look worse than last season .
      Fans keep saying wait till we get this and that player back to see what Emery’s made of but I can’t see him dropping his favourites anyway ,and what’s to say as soon as we do get players back we get more injuries and then we are back to square one with the same boring excuses .
      Personally I’ve seen enough of him to know he’s not a good fit for us and I just hope he does not ruin this club .

      1. If we are 3rd and play shit like you said,what about the others 17 teams?I guess they have proper excuses that we don’t have!no matter what some”fans”will never be satisfied,with Wenger we had attrrative football but lost,with Emery we play crap even though we still don’t have players fully fit,a full squad playing crap still we only lost to Liverpool by the way our main competitors are doing much worse and don’t tell me not look at them when it is a competition,every team look at at other teams even saying the opposite!!

  2. Release clause or no release clause in the contracts of Gunners at Arsenal does not actually concern us Gooners. But what is of a concern to us next at this stage into the season’s campaign in the PL is for Arsenal to beat Sheffield Utd at away after the international break to keep the 3rd spot in the PL table they’ve newly attained. Or even surpass it if Man City faulter again in their next match in the PL for Arsenal to profit again. Whao!

  3. He can leave for 60 M

    His goal tally is not as high as other pricey EPL forwards, such as Salah and Mane

    We also have Martinelli and Nketiah already

    1. Don’t be stoopid bro… Firmino’s goal tally is not up to Mane, Salah or PEA and you don’t see Liverpool fans saying he can leave.
      If you really think Nketiah or Martinelli will suddenly fill Lacazette’s booth, then i don’t what to call you

      1. Firmino doesn’t score goals as many as his colleagues, but his assists, through balls and key passes make him an integral part of Liverpool’s attack

        We would never know whether Martinelli or Nketiah can replace Lacazette immediately, until we try them out

        We can use 60 M to rejuvenate other departments

    2. You are not sensible, his the best player in Arsenal as long as I’m concern. His shots, dribbles, passes, track back, hold off his markers create space for other team mates. His a complete package in a striker.

      1. Sir auba has been Arsenal best player for the past 2 seasons, without his goals we will not have made even top 5 last season, without his goals we will not have gotten to the Europa final, I also don’t want us to sell Laca but I have to agree with gotanidea, his goal return is not that high but what he lack in goals he make up for in working hard for the team.

    3. Wouldn’t let laca go for anything below 80-90m. In this market where average players are fetching 50-60m, no way I’d let laca go for 60m. He’s also a key player for arsenal. Give him a pay rise and 4 more years on his contract. He is central to Arsenal’s success going forward and him and auba have taken many of our talented young strikers under the wing and are grooming them.

    4. @gotanidea What have you smoked mate? Did you just said Laca can live? I bet you don’t know what you said. If we had him in our last 3 or 4 games,that would’ve been total wins for us.Martinelli and Nketiah can wait for Laca times to properly expire,they can’t feel his void right now.

  4. Arsenal fans! We are ungrateful people, what do we really what? Lacazette was our super savior last season, He show his quality and the love he has for club, non of those players you guys are talking about are up to Lacazette standard in football history.. the most important thing for us is to qualify for the champions league next season, that’s all.. for me Emery is not doing his job.. Arsenal need a super fantastic manager not his quality.

  5. How is Emery allowed to have the clubs most expensive player sitting out games whilst still collecting a fat paycheck. People have very different opinions about ozil but he should be forced to work for his pay at least. Manager is a fat clown. I think Emery has embarrass Sir Jon the Fox😔

    1. Emery tried to get Ozil to work last season, using him 35 times, and look what he got in return! Ozil gave up years ago, and no manager would be able to get much out of him. Even the kids are more effective than Ozil these days. Ozil has fallen from grace so much, that even on loan, top clubs will not touch him with a barge-pole.

      1. Sad, but true.
        He still looks very elegant with the ball and all that. But very little output offensively and none defensively.

          1. Why do posters have to raise Ozil’s name in an article about Lacazette?
            I am concerned that some people are obsessed.

          2. As I said, I find it sad really.
            For me Özil is still the most elegant player to watch, and he can do things only very few players in the world can.
            But his decline for Arsenal and for Germany as well, is well documented and it has been going on for years. And when he can’t produce enough going forward, he really doesn’t help the team.

    2. Jah Son, What is your problem, you dont comment often but when you do you always seems to mention Jon fox name, this is not me supporting Jon but please for heavens sake grow up, you can comment without mentioning people’s name, and you also called ozil Arsenal most expensive signing? I thought Laca auba and Pepe are more expensive than ozil.

  6. lacazette & torreira are by far the best player at arsenal, leave scoring goal even aubameyang cant score the type of goals he scores. so asking him to leave arsenal will be a very silly decision

  7. Ozil is no more a good player for Arsenal that we use to see in those days, he only had a good season. For now our best midfield combos should be Xhaka (base on being the captain), Willock( base on energy), and Guendozie(base on performance so far).

    Toreira and Cebalos to be on standby.

    Back four should be Bellerin/Chambers, Holding, Luiz, Tierney.

    Socratics and Mustafi to the bench.

    The attack should remain PAL, while Martineli and Nelson to standby.

    GK could be Leno or Martinez

    Ozil should be use for cups and Europa league at elementary stage, l hope he will see a league that is not demanding like the EPL and shine again.

  8. If Pepe us 80M , Firminy 100M, Laca is 60M?

    Barca, Inter, Juve and Bayern were tempted to sign in summer, price mentioned was 80M. He was on fire ending last Season and on same bases this year.

    He is actually one of or the most complete stricker in football with Benzema. Can Do it all, has both feet…

    Realisticaly, Martinelli, Nelson, Saka, Willock should be on Loan, it is no room to play them every week as supposed to and needed at their stage. Loan must be a useful, smart one. Not benched but playing regular EPL or France or Germany who are good for devellopment.

    We know Pepe Auba Laca can’t be removed, 4.3.3 formation is only way to play them, or bench one. Xhaka wont be removed by Emery for Willock which is wrong as playing Pepe for Nelson who us better today.

    Looking at Sancho and Gnarby or Adelaide growing it is clear that loans must be long enough to fulfill a player’s devellopment. Nelson was doing great, would be growing as he only left 5 months.

    1. Mogunna, Sometimes I don’t know what to make of your comments, you want us to loan out Martinelli, Nelson, Saka, Willock? All of them has performed excellently when called upon but still you want us to loan them, I know everyone is entitled to there opinion but please think before you type things, last season we were saying the club should give the youngsters an opportunity but now that they are being given those opportunities you want us to loan them out and stop there development, everyone is talking about the likes of Chelsea Mount and United James but the truth is we have better players than them but if our own fans cannot appreciate them how do you want the other club fans and media to appreciate them.

  9. I am sure many clubs could be interested in Laca, he is a great forward. I think he could have scored many more goals for us, if he hadn’t been substituted so much by both Wenger and Emery.
    But the problem is, or rather the luxury problem is, we have both Laca and Auba, and for both of them their best position is in the center. Martinelli is coming through and he looks a great prospect in the center as well. Finally, Nketiah is also best in the center. So soon we may have 4 players for the same spot, whereas we only have one RW. I think it will be adressed.

    1. Lets wait and see how much playing time he gets when he returns from injury. I have no doubt that Emery will substitute him in a good number of matches regardless of how he is performing. Although AUBA is considered by many as Arsenal best player I think he goes missing on occasions, where in my opinion Lacca does not. If his playing time is restricted I think, regardless of this release clause nonsense, he might be tempted to leave if a big club came in for him.

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