Alexandre Lacazette reveals how Mikel Arteta inspired them to win over Leeds United.

Alexandre Lacazette admits that Mikel Arteta ripped into the players at half time against Leeds United.

Arsenal defeated Leeds in their FA Cup game on Monday but it took a second-half response from the Gunners to grind out the win.

Leeds controlled the game in the first half and only their lack of precision in front of goal made them go into the break without scoring.

Having watched the game from the touchline, Mikel Arteta was less than impressed with what he saw and he rallied his players in the second half.

Arsenal was much the better side in the second half and Lacazette has revealed how Mikel Arteta managed to get them to improve their performance.

According to the Frenchman, Arteta was angry at their performance and raised his voice to show them his displeasure at what he was watching.

“He shouted a lot! He was not happy because we knew they were going to play like this and we didn’t respect what he said,” Lacazette told BBC Sport per FourFourTwo. “The second half was better and thank you, Reiss, for the goal!

“Emotions are very high. They played very well in the first half and of course Leeds are a great team, I think they pressed us and we didn’t expect it. We got the final goal in the end and that’s the most important thing.

“I think [shouting a lot] is good – as a coach you always need to have the aggressive side and obviously the side where he’s loving as well,”.

“In training he’s always asking us to press with passion and play with purpose. Sometimes we played out wide, sometimes we played down the middle and it’s all paying off.

“It gives us confidence to go forward on the [Crystal] Palace game [on Saturday], we want to go there and we want to do well. Getting two wins at the Emirates is good and we’re just going to carry on going forward.”

You have to love the positivity coming from the players even when not all has gone as well as it could of do0ne.

These are the sort of comments that make you excited for the next game. That is called a turnaround.


  1. It’s not as if they came out individually to start talking, did they?
    All these were after the Leeds game.
    Post match interview with Nelson and Lacazette.
    They were asked questions and they answered.
    Since then they’ve been quiet haven’t they?
    How is it they talk too much because Admin posted their responses on different days?

      1. How much is much ? Should they keep quiet and just go back home without participating in interviews after games?

  2. I never thought Arteta to be a tough guy. Even when he played for us and as a captain. Thank God am proved wrong.

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