Alexis agent talk allowing Arsenal to block Man City transfer

According to some reports in the football media this week, Arsene Wenger has not yet given up the attempt to persuade the Arsenal and Chile international star Alexis Sanchez to sign a bumper new contract with the Gunners. If that does not happen, the next big thing for Arsenal is to ensure that our star striker does not go to strengthen one of our major rivals in the English Premier League.

He probably did not mean to, but Alexis himself has significantly strengthened our position in that respect with his comments to the Chilean press on the possible transfer that were reported by the Evening Standard.

The 28-year old Gunner said, “I’m looking at what my agent is doing. For now, I’m focused on the Confederations Cup in Russia and trying to do well.

“The truth is that my agent will see to it. He knows and he will sit down with the club to look for the best option for me. I’d like a lot of things but I’m only thinking about the national team.”

The fact that our player has left things with his agent tells us that although he may want a move it is more about the quality of the deal rather than the club he joins. There may well be a stipulation that any club he joins is at least in the Champions League next season but it does not sound any more specific than that.

Add to this the news that the German champions Bayern Munich are interested and you can see why Arsenal now feel that we can block any prospective move to Man City, which Metro is reporting as the club’s steadfast position. This could make it a straight choice between Arsenal and Bayern and if Wenger gets his finger out and makes a few big signings, could that see Alexis playing for us again next season?



  1. IF and i say IF Arsenal decides to sell PLEASE sell abroad. Alexis would rip up the PL with better players around him.

    1. Metro reported nothing, stop using that sh!t newspaper here. They indeed quoted other sources. Alexis stays or he joins Bayern period. No one is going to City anymore. They think they can get our best players every year. They are no Madrid nor Barcelona nor Bayern

      1. Metro reported nothing, stop using that s*!t newspaper here. They indeed quoted other sources. Alexis stays or he joins Bayern period. No one is going to City anymore. They think they can get our best players every year. They are no Madrid nor Barcelona nor Bayern

      2. You’re in for a surprise.
        The club is on it’s way to a very long levitation between 10th and 5th.
        Premier league money is insane, you don’t have to be a champion in order to make sh***tloads of money as a club. You don’t even have to compete for the championship, you don’t even have to qualify for the CL, you’ll still be a stupidly rich football club.
        I don’t see us ever winning anything under kroenke, and especially under kroneke and Wenger. Also, I don’t see a single top player joining us anytime soon.
        I’ve been saying this for years, we’re slowly turning into an Everton. Season 2017/18 will the final metamorphosis stage of Arsenal’s Evertonisation.
        RIP Arsenal.

        1. Arsenal may be overtaken by Everton in the future as Usmanov now has a stake in the club. If he fails to gain a say in Arsenal’s progress he may shift his football interest and considerable wealth to Everton.

      1. He’ll make a good January transfer for a team still in the Champions League after the group stage. Can’t see Wenger paying for the players he wants as he would baulk at the fee and wages of any top player and Stan won’t want to lose him on a free.

  2. Fixture list is out for next season, we kick off at home against Leicester City ?

    1. If we buy all the good players from Leicester on the last day of transfer window them not having enough time to buy new players then and only then we might stand a chance of wining our first game of the season for years 🙂

  3. OT:

    Premier League fixtures:

    1. Saturday 12th August
    Arsenal vs Leicester City

    2. Saturday 19th August
    Stoke City vs Arsenal

    3. Saturday 26th August
    Liverpool vs Arsenal

    4. Saturday 9th September
    Arsenal vs Bournemouth

    5. Saturday 16th September
    Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Interesting first five games. If Arsene doesn’t find a way of keeping Alexis and bring in atleast 2 new exciting players the banners might be out by game 6.

    1. Haha it doesn’t look good, does it? ?? we could be in the bottom 5 after the first 5 games, our title challenge could be over.

      1. Arsene will be too busy in the end of window sales to be focusing on the games then

      1. The FA fixed it for the WengerOut brigade lol, getting it following nice an early ?? we also have away games straight after our Europa league games, 5 out of the first 6 EL games we play away in EPL.

  4. I’m not bothered about Sanchez moving to Man city, I know that he’ll end up sulking like a bitch there when Pep subs him off in a game where he keeps giving the ball away lol .. Take the £50 million and run.

  5. This is childish. Bayern will not be interested in a 28 year when there are younger, better alternatives. When it comes to spending money they are tighter than the proverbial ducks bottom. A bit like Arsenal.

  6. It is time for Wenger to make arsenal a big club again and not a selling club .why are we being intimated by other clubs ,Wenger think!!!!!!!!!!.stop letting us down !. we should be in position to buy any expensive player in the world ,money should not be a problem and if kroenke is broke , please sell the club to usmanov we want to compete with real Madrid and not Tottenham!!!!¡!!!!¡!!!!

  7. What is all these give everything and anything to Sanchez. I can’t understand our obsession with Sanchez.270k is enough for him. Does want us to add Emirate stadium to his deal. It is not like he has a girl he is spending his money on. All i see him with in the picture are dogs. He is not Messi or Ronaldo.

    1. Ease up turbo Messing just signed a deal for £450,000 pounds a week with a £400million pound buy out clause Ronaldo is on almost the same money.

  8. In this modern day, its not the club who has the power , its the players and their agents who decides if the player leaves or stays, so even if the club offers money to a player it is left to what the player wants. I really do not subscribe to letting a player run down his contract, now if i was going to sell him i would inform the buyers that although his contract says 50 million, i need at least 70 -80 million to replace him, this must also be past on to Sanchez’s agent, because good finishers cost money.

    Sanchez is a quality player, but if he is not getting what he wants negative vibes begin to develop in the squad, we do not want that at the start of the season, because that will be detrimental to any hopes of winning anything and i think it also cost arsenal a top four finish, so all the contract rebels i would sell for the highest price i can get and move urgently for replacement.

    Loyalty is a trait so few players have these days, loyalty to club is only observed by die hearted fans, but not many players, SO IF A PLAYER DOES NOT WANT TO PLAY FOR THE CLUB MOVE ON and do not believe in the myth that because you have sold your best players you will go down in the table, that has been a myth which we have seen over the years

  9. Sanchez can leave! We lost more prolific players and yet never went below 4th. We have Sanchez and the best we get as Thursday night football! For all his hard work, I say he can go. We want system of a team where every part is inter dependent, inter-operable and believes in the idea of collective responsibility. That is the type of team we’ve always had. That’s the team we had before Sanchez joined. Not when one fool will think he is all!

    Needless to say, the team he joined won the FA cup and finished within the champions league position.

    1. I totally agree with your sentiments, the team must work as a team and not base on the moods of individual players. Ozil and Sanchez moods have affected our teams performance, I think this shows the weakness of our players mental capacity, when we should be focus as a team we focus on individuals.

  10. Sanchez is an undoubtedly a good player. Can we play him alone and win matches?. Our preparation for next season should be more about the team, the club and not on a single player. Majority of the fans want him to stay. If he stay it is massive. If he leave, it is an opportunity to be creative and find another ‘sanchez’ . Our concern as a club is to move forward as a team. Look at what Leicester did 2015/2016 season winning the league as a team . COYG

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