Alexis, Alexis, Alexis! More bad press for Arsenal’s volatile star

It almost seems as if Alexis Sanchez is in the news every minute of the day at present, with the latest reports claiming he is due in court for speeding.

The Chilean forward has been in South America on international duty trying to help his country to qualify for the upcoming World Cup next year.

Whilst in his home country, he is said to have been pulled over by police after being clocked driving at 155 kilometers per hour (96 MPH) at least 35 KMH (20 MPH) over the maximum speed limit on the country’s motorways.

His team-mate Arturo Vidal was caught up in a very similar incident back in 2015, and was given a two-year driving ban to go with a fine, but his place in the international squad was unaffected. Alexis is now due to be in court on April 12 for sentencing, where his punishment will be decided.

This is not the first piece of bad press for Alexis however, with his team-mates said to be annoyed with the player’s reaction their loss to Argentina on Thursday night.

The forward was furious following their 1-0 loss, and ignored his team-mates wishes to thank the crowd for their support during the match, leaving his compatriots on the field to storm down the tunnel.

Of course there is already stories circulating regarding his intentions to quit our club this summer, and Bayern Munich are the latest side to be linked with a move to sign him, with manager Carlo Ancelotti supposedly believing he will help them bridge the gap on the Spanish giants.

You cant seem to avoid reading some unwanted news regarding the stroppy star, and I can’t wait for the time when our club can just get back to doing what they do best, and playing football.

Is the Alexis saga just dragging on now? Is he completely losing the plot?

Pat J

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  1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    I’ll be honest and say i thought he ran everywhere

  2. Jansen says:

    Time for the PL to resume because this article can only be the result of utter boredom.

    Are we really going to get in Alexis for a speeding ticket? Do all people who get a speeding ticket “completely lose the plot” as you say?

    He is our best player and with more competitiveness in him than the entire rest of the squad, more goals and assists than Ozil and still gets offered less, he still keeps fighting and caring about winning. And we say he lost the plot???

    Some times, caring about a player is accepting his idiosyncracies. Alexis wants to win and hates losing. So what. Suarez bites people, do you think Barca fans hate having him around?

    Nobody is perfect but on the pitch Sanchez is the closest thing we have to perfect so lets no go after him over a speeding ticket.

    1. bran99 says:

      very well written

  3. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Best part was Vidal getting done for speeding too but keeping his place in the international squad! Shock horror!
    I don’t remember loosing my job when I got caught speeding.

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