Alexis ALWAYS wants to win!

Alexis Sanchez has won Arsenal’s Player-of-the-Season in his first year at the club, and it is obvious to everyone who has watched him play that he has endless energy and enthusiasm to play football. The Chilean recently said that he was ‘disappointed’ that the Gunners did not win the League or reach the Champions League Final, which just shows how much he hates losing!

Mesut Ozil has been describing Alexis’ personality on the official website: “He’s the type of player who is very ambitious, who always wants to win and that takes him forward,” the German international said. “You can see in training that he wants to score lots of goals and in matches he has lots of efforts on goal too. This year things have worked really well for him.

“He’s scored a lot of goals – and some very important ones – for the team and we’re pleased to have him in our side.”

“His particular strengths are one on ones,” Ozil concluded. “He’s agile, quick and dangerous in front of goal. He’s scored a lot of goals for us this season, so I take my hat off to him.”

No-one can knock Alexis’ approach to the game and I can only hope that his ambition and enthusiasm motivates all the other Arsenal players to try and emulate his passion for winning. Wojciech Szczesny thinks that he is already infuencing the others in training. “He’s a great finisher,” Szczesny said. “He does like to hold on to the ball for a while but when he gets a chance, you fully expect him to put it away and he’s one of the best I’ve ever come across. He’s a great player.

“I think his workrate is something different. It should be a given and everyone should be giving 110 per cent but sometimes you see those players who try a little bit harder.

“He always makes a difference on the pitch because he inspires people to go and give more. He’s had a massive impact on everybody.”

It’s a real blow that Wenger will force him to take a month’s rest at the beginning of next season. We really need him to galvanise the squad straight from the kickoff in the first game of the season. We really need to get a fast start next season…..

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Alexis is just disappointed he wasn’t at barca this year to win everything, big clubs all around the world have seasons without winning anything. Just look at teams like real Madrid, Dortmund, manure, man shiittty and napoli.these are big clubs who haven’t won anything this season, I think Mr Sanchez should take that into count and remember he has already won two trophies in a year at the club.we just need two or three stars and we are good to go the distance

    1. Cech/kondogbia/Martinez alexis please tell Wenger to sign these players or else you would be thinking of leaving, cuz obviously without these players we won’t have a chance to fight it with the big dogs this season

      1. It’s okay. We have Sanogo for top striker and Flamini as top DM. We will be fine 😉

      2. Yes only Those 3 players and those 3 players only will win us the league.

        Slaves to what the media tell you. Seriously a slowly every evolving target list that people suggest is the exact players the media are currently saying we are looking to buy. We could sign anyone there are loads of players who could potentially be available in every position. Have an opinion of your own.

        Also I can guarantee 90% of the people who list these player have never even watched the players they list. But they sure know these are the exact players we need. Until the ever evolving list changes as to what ever the media are reporting.

        Theirs also applies to people going on about how all the other clubs are going to spend and we won’t. Get a grip.

        1. u lecture on here everyday..

          plz tell me your a lecturer by trade…would make my inner rainbow gleam over wonderland

          1. Just trying to draw a fresh opinion out of people. People buy into what there told. Just an observation but some can’t think outside of the information there given.

            It’s a fact we could sign anyone the players we sign only usually get mentioned as targets a few days before they sign when we’re actually close to signing them. Personally not sure about some of the names being mentioned at the moment.

            No I’m not a lecturer nor I’m I your inner rainbow.

            1. Don’t think the media is solely to blame for people identifying 3 (and in some cases 4) players as to being necessary if we want to be ‘serious’ contenders for top silverware next season.

              I mean the pundits, ex and neutral managers, ex players, and most importantly ‘fans’ who watch the games also have some thoughts on why it is we fell down again and what we could do with in order to better our chances. Don’t you think?

              Or should we all just shut up and wait without expressing our opinions to see who we do or do not sign? Thought this was a blog where fans were free to give their opinions even if it should call into question Our ‘leaders’ action/in-action..

        2. Actually, you are right. Filling the right positions is key. Identifying specific names to the exclusion of all others is dangerous and foolish. There are many great players world wide – getting the EXACT players you want is unlikely in the extreme.

    2. I’m pretty sure Sanchez is happy with his decision to join Arsenal. He had his best ever season and is the star man of the team and one of the top players in the league. At Barca he would have been a back up because no matter how good he would have played there is no way Neymar or Suarez would have been benched looking at how much they spent on them. So say what you want but I’m sure Sanchez knows that he made the right decision. He is just ambitious and knows the this team can reach even more.

    3. You said that Alexis was “just disappointed” on the last story, too. But of course he would be naturally a little disappointed to not have been on a squad that won the treble when he was on that same squad last year. But, I’m not convinced that’s why he said he was disappointed, per se. I think he’s being himself and naturally wanting to push for the top awards. Even if Barca hadn’t done what they did, Alexis still makes the same statement. And Arsenal are lucky to have someone that hungry and good leading the charge. COYG!!!

      1. Exactly, that is the prosaic and neutral interpretation of some fairly understandable and straightforward sentiments. Some people will always want to project their own agenda or spin on to any mundane statement. Easy game to play but easier to spot.

        1. @Jonestownon1
          “Exactly, that is the prosaic
          and neutral interpretation
          of some fairly understandable
          and straightforward sentiments”.
          Damn why did I not think of that.
          Muff will be jealous too.
          You get that off google quotes Jonesy 🙂

          1. Nah, muff don’t do jealous. I can’t do daveynz style – clipped, left-field and random and I leave the wit and the hip with the muff.

  2. Seriously, I saw the huge grin on Alexis’s face when he held aloft the FA Cup trophy (that’s my mobile wallpaper :-)). It was good that we won something. Ozil has won two major trophies since coming here (two FA Cups). It’s a good start to our recovery from nine years in the trophyless wilderness

    Since 2014 We are a financial success, awesome stadium, awesome players (ie Alexis, Koscielny, Ozil, Cazorla, Coquelin), two major trophies and one community shield.

    Now all we need is a complete team, a team that can compete against the top teams for CL and PL.

    We can do that by getting
    1. Cech
    2. Top striker (Martinez, Lacazette, Reus, Ibrahimovic, Greizmann)
    3. Top DM (Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, etc)

    Alexis and Ozil etc will hopefully want to stay when they are winning trophies, making money and have adoring fans.

    1. Martinez seems to be off to Milan. Lacazette is possible. Reus possible aswell but to costy. Ibra has no desire anymore. Greizman is a player we should have bought earlier, now its to late.

      If not for them, my wish list is this.


      1. u rate draxler for 40 mill buy out clause?
        casillas is past it k…why u think hes being booted out

    2. My wife’s always on about Alexis’s grin (and his torso).

      If we are to get a top striker I hope the decision makers have a clear idea as to the type of striker they are after – couldn’t get 5 more different “strikers” than you have listed Fred.

  3. Sanchez is such a warrior. Wenger needs to sign more south american players as they play the best.

  4. No one on the present
    squad has experienced
    Arsenal win any thing
    3rd/4th place Champions is all they know.
    The Arsenal loser mentality has to change.
    that applies to Owner’s, CEO, Manager,players and fans.
    Clear the dead wood buy quality.
    Win the league or your all fired.

  5. Damn England u21 can’t beat Belarus @ home. I’m not too optimistic about our future

      1. They musta heard you Fred 🙂
        Channeling the power
        again huh Fred 🙂
        Arsenal need you to
        fire up the squad 🙂

  6. Anyone notice the conspicuous lack of any credit to Wenger in signing Alexis – our 25 goal world class forward (cue the “winger” brigade). I seem to recall the loud and persistent Wenger on the beach jibes for about a month before we signed him.

    1. Yes that’s true. Also Wenger got Alexis quite early in the Summer transfer window too

      1. Yes unusually early for us. I think some of the folk on here could do with an early signing just to stop them climbing the walls and hyper-ventilating. It can’t be good for your health.

    1. Copa America is being broadcast by BEIN sports. They often broadcast in English and Spanish but I don’t know if it is available in UK. It is widely available in U.S.

  7. Alexis knows he was coming to Arsenal to BUILD toward a championship – this was to be his opportunity to set himself apart as an elite player (instead one of the pack in Barca) and he has done that. It is not as difficult (or rewarding) to go with the flow of great players in Barca as it is to lead another team back to greatness. He knows all of this of course.

    Now it is up to Wenger to assemble the final pieces that could present these players the opportunity to find glory. From there, it is up to the players and a bit of good fortune to make it happen.

  8. Liverpool have rejected 30 m bid for Sterling from Man City. Liverpool want close to 60 m lol.

  9. Acc to Agent Edward twitter Cech has officially told he wants to leave Chelsea. Arsenal bid incoming.

  10. I think alexis would stil has chosen arsenal all over again even if he knew barca wud win d trebel,for sanchez its about playing then laurels,he wants to play,his hunger fo d game is like dat of a vampire,similar to suares,so for him I think he wud rather win a cup like fa cup nd b d main player than to sit on d bench nd win d trebel @ barca. So I think is satisfied wit his progress dis ,he’s just been ambitious which is gud fo us

  11. I just want wenger to sign a. Big top top player to reduce d pressure nd high expectatn on alexis next, although I think he can manage it bt remember aw d signin of alexis took d pressure of ozil nd nw we r beginin to njoy ozil. A very top nd deadly Striker is wot we need

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