Alexis and Giroud praised by Arsenal boss whilst hailing strong performance

Arsene Wenger has moved to praise his attacking players Alexis Sanchez and Olivier Giroud following their win over Southampton last night, before defending his players character following a tough few months.

The Gunners beat the Saints 2-0 yesterday, keeping their hopes of finishing inside the top four of the Premier League alive, as they close the gap between themselves and Liverpool and Man City to four and three respectively, whilst having played a match less than the Reds.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has now moved to talk up Alexis Sanchez, who opened the scoring yesterday.

“That’s Alexis, you know. He’s a player who never gives up, and he’s always tricky to stop. He’s very good in short space, and in the box. Once he has the ball in the box, he’s dangerous,” Wenger told Sky Sports. “Alexis, he always grows during the game. He’s always a bit of a slow starter, and gets stronger and stronger.”

The Gunners boss also moved to praise the performance of Olivier Giroud, who has been amazing considering he has had to spend much of the campaign on the sidelines.

“He has been amazing for us,” Wenger said. “It’s difficult for me at the moment, it’s between Welbeck and Giroud. And both of them have played well, and both of them have a great team spirit as well. So I’m always harsh with the one who doesn’t play.”

Pundits and fans alike have slammed the club in recent months, with some inciting mental weaknesses in the Arsenal players, but Wenger has moved to defend his stars.

“I never questioned the character of my side,” he said. “We went through a bad patch. It’s a good opportunity to show your character, how you come back and how you recover.

“Maybe the City game gave us confidence. Let’s not go too quickly to conclusions, and focus and give everything at Stoke on Saturday.We know we can only win our games, and we had a strong performance on Sunday. A strong performance today. So let’s just continue.”

Can our side push on and put the pressure on our rivals? Does Giroud deserve extra credit for his efforts this term?

Pat J

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  1. ThirdManJW says:

    Alexis is doing what we know he can, and Giroud has proved once again, he’s a better option from the bench.

    What’s interesting of late, is that we’ve won all, but one game, including two wins against top teams, since changing formation. I’m not saying our sudden upturn in results is purely down to this factor, but it’s certainly been decisive. So what have we learnt as fans? Change is nothing to be scared of! In most cases, change will often be a positive thing, and even if things do not improve at first, at the very least, life at Arsenal will be a little more interesting. Amongst my many emotions in relation to Arsenal, and more specifically, Wenger, boredom is key one. Same thing every season! I don’t get angry, or sad anymore, just bored of the predictability of it all.

    I know you AKBs love Wenger whatever happens, but aren’t you just a little bored? Have you not enjoyed the change in formation like the rest of us?

    1. Break-on-through says:

      If we done a Bayern Munich to this league would you eventually get bored of that.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Of course of would, but I never mentioned that. I only mentioned about change, and I even went as far to say that change doesn’t guarantee improvement (although it will in Arsenal’s case because Wenger is that bad).

        All I am asking for is a mixture of success and failure, just like any other top team in the Premiership. Surely you’d prefer that to consistent failure? Makes me laugh all the fans having a pop at Mourinho, and Chelsea for what happened last season, despite the fact they won the league the year before, and will win it again this season. I’d prefer that, to consistently finishing in the top four, but never actually getting anywhere near winning the league.

    2. Fatboy Gooney says:

      @TurdmanJW… Oops! ?? but you have to admit, it does have a nice ring to it. ??

      The change of formation is just an allusion,mate.The real reason for our good performances/results of late, is purely down to the Wenger Trophy ?= ??????? and when it’s in doubt, you can be sure that the Bottlers will stand up and be counted.
      I can already visualise our muppets wildly celebrating finishing 4th, at the end of the Everton game. ??

      1. Yossarian says:

        It’s all part of the same thing. Wenger changed formation because 4th place was at stake. If it wasn’t, then nothing would have changed.

        Personally I like the new formation and think it suits us better, and is a major reason why the results have been better lately.

        The problem is that if the Wenger trophy looks assured next season, and more changes are required to challenge for top honours, they won’t be made. That’s what’s annoying.

  2. gooner4life says:

    I will never get bored Winning that’s what it is all about!

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I wish Wenger could figure out Giroud is more effective from the bench. He scores off the bench more often than when he starts.

    If Alexis is injured then i understand Giroud starting but Alexis should ideally start up front with fast paced players

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Maybe next time they can show their character before we start losing games, hopefully before a huge pts gap opens up ahead of us.

    I like the formation I must say. The old one, it felt like all of our wide players were going forward leaving two badly positioned CB’s.

    But now we have three CB’s, but it feels we have something out wide most of the time, as Oxlade and the other, are always pushing themselves to be back there. We’re seeing plenty more commitment from Oxlade and Monreal, they know how important the roles are and seem to be thriving with it. It’s good the way a CB can step out and help the two lads in central midfield, Alexis other side can do the same by dropping back in. And the argument for who should play behind the striker with some freedom, he gave it to Ozil and Alexis, freedom to create, freedom to operate out wide, and slip in up front. Yes, I’m really liking this formation change.
    Also ..Cech has looked lately like the player we thought we were getting when we first purchased him, nice one!. Would have liked it all to happen sooner, but at-least we can be a little more hopeful going into next season, I’ll just pray that the window is kind to us.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Fans getting caught up in the old delusional offside trap ??
      Our old formation with our CB’s and one DM sitting back deep would have the same effect as this new formation… It’s all an illusion, just another master stroke to win over the protesters.

      There’s nothing new with seeing our Bottlers turning up for the seasonal run in, The Wenger trophy ?=?????? is about the only thing that they will fight for.

  5. Bur says:

    It took Wenger long enough to change his tactics, Let me see now , 10 years or so!!! In saying that I don’t know if this formation is an improvement or not as I haven’t watched a game in 4 weeks now as I was getting so depressed when viewing them. Part of me is really delighted when we get results and last night was a good one as they thrashed us in the corresponding fixture last season. Long beat us on his own in that 4 nil defeat. And part of me says if we win all remaining games and get top 4 it gives the board an excuse to keep HIM. I still hope he is put out to pasture.

  6. Disturbance says:

    We need change.. More than ever. Even if we reach the top 4 it’d be just papering over the cracks.

  7. ArseOverTit says:

    Yes please leave Wenger with a top four and an f.a cup in hand. Or even empty handed, please leave.

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