Alexis could improve Man City but Arsenal can’t afford to sell

There have been an incredible amount of rumours regarding whether Arsenal will cash in on Alexis Sanchez by selling him to Man City in January, rather than letting him leave for free in the summer.

And now that De Bruyne and Gabriel got injured this weekend it is possible that Pep Guardiola may push the Gunners to release Alexis as soon as possible, but could Arsenal afford to lose his quality before the end of the season?

But Man City are already miles ahead in the Premier League and already has an amazing squad so why should Pep try and improve things right now? This is what the ex-Dutch international George Boateng turned pundit, who played in England for over ten years, thinks about the situation. “Can you find a player that’s better than what you’ve got? It’s really difficult but Alexis Sanchez is the one that can probably come in and give a new fresh inspiration to the squad.”

“I think Arsenal have got no choice, they have to keep him,” Boateng continued. “He’s the only one that’s causing threats for Arsenal when they play – he scores goals and he creates.

“Arsenal have done quite well to keep him until now. He’s got six months left, what’s the point of selling him now? They’d rather take the points that he can give Arsenal than to take the money.”

So do you think Arsenal will win more points with Alexis in the team? Yes he has started scoring goals again in the last month or so, but he was definitely a liability before that. Is there a possibilty he may sulk again if Wenger makes him stay yet again or will he carry on improving. It’s a tough one….



  1. sfgunner says:

    disagree, w the injuries, city are motivated to buy, get the money, reinvest. otherwise lose him for free.

  2. Jan 1st 2018-Wenger: “Inorder to sell a player I will first have to buy a player inorder to not leave us short in the squad.”
    Us: “Ok, Wenger.”
    Jan 31st 2018-Wenger: “Inorder to buy a player I will first have to sell a player inorder to create space in the squad for the new player.”
    Us: ?

  3. Mikejohn says:

    If 30m sell him and get his replacement, I don’t trust Wenger with his words, I hope we sign someone this Jan.

  4. gotanidea says:

    If Sanchez is still unwilling to extend and there is a good offer for him in January, I would say just sell him, to get extra transfer funds. Boateng is right about Sanchez’s capabilities, but he already rejected Arsenal offer (which was supposedly can give him much more money than what City can give).

    He is very creative, skillful and unpredictable, but he would be useless without good motivation. I think he would finally extend, but let us see the new player Arsenal would bring in first.

    1. chris says:

      Wenger should have done so last summer but of course could not decide until too late. Ditto Ozil. The two would have raised (say) £100m for reinvestment. How much are they worth now ? (much less) and how much next summer ? (SFA.) Kroenke might just about understand those numbers.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Ozil plays at a nice pace lately, I didn’t realize he was so quick with the ball at his feet, he’s almost as quick as without the ball. And he does return then gets challenges in, why isn’t he always this way.

  5. atuzy says:

    This January you will see

    Jan 2 Arsenal close to an agreement with Mahrez

    Jan 18 Arsenal all set to sign Zaha as Mahrez deal falls through

    Jan 28 Arsenal in advanced talks with Barkley in a late swoop

    Jan 31 OFFICIAL: Arsenal sign Robert Omotoyosi on a 5 year deal


  6. Alphie_Izzett says:

    Guardiola was probably more than happy to wait until the summer and get a freebiie but in the light of Jesus’s injury leaving him with only one striker would probably pay decent money to get him now and by now I don’t mean January 31st!

    If Arsene does the usual lemon sucking act and tries to extract too much cash he will get nothing in July and I doubt Guardiola will be too upset about that. If £20m is on the table and Sanchez won’t consider a move anywhere else Wenger would be a fool not to take it.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    Alexis is the only match winner we have right now. We may be able to get somewhere between 30-50m for him. It depends on who we can bring in and has he got a habit of finding the net easily. I reckon we’re gonna keep Alexis because we might have a better chance at getting the fourth spot with him v without him. Liv have a few match winners, Tott have two arguably one. Manu don’t have one they have a match saving defence. Manu would love to get Alexis. I see us keeping him

  8. Ignasi says:

    Despite Sanchez having a ‘poor’ and ‘distracting’ season for Arsenal, he still remains our best and most productive player. Go figure.

    Sanchez provides us with work rate and accomplishes a ‘pass-shoot on goal, usually in the corner away from the goalkeeper’ sequence. Without Sanchez, it is ‘pass-pass-pass-pass-pass-pass-pass-pass-pass-shoot at goal, usually directly towards the goalkeeper making the goalie look world class’.

    Losing Sanchez in January will be a disaster and threaten our chances of finishing in the top 8.

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