Alexis for Benzema? What would swap deal mean for Arsenal?

Arsenal are supposedly eyeing a swap deal with Real Madrid for Alexis Sanchez and Karim Benzema.

As overused as the link is, we are STILL supposedly interesting in signing the French striker from the Champions League holders, despite having already brought Alexandre Lacazette in from Lyon.

The strangest part of this idea however is that following the departure of Alvaro Morata to Chelsea, Real now only have Karim as a senior striker option at the club, although both Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale are not unknown to filing the role.

The Spanish giants are believed to still be pursuing a monster deal to bring Kylian Mbappe to the Bernabeu, with the wonderkid having emerged as the next world class star during last season, and a fee of around €200 Million has been speculated for the Monaco ace.

Zinedine Zidane was last week said to be keen on bringing Alexis Sanchez to the club to replace the departed Morata, but the Chilean is not an out-and-out striker, and couldn’t fill the holes left by both Morata and Benzema, so this deal would likely have to follow a deal for Mbappe, which may still not happen.

Paris Saint-Germain have also been touted as his next club, although having already splashed out a monster €222 Million to sign Neymar from Barcelona, UEFA and their Financial Fair Play Regulations may have a large problem with that.

A Benzema swap deal, as unlikely as it sounds at present, would leave us with three quality strikers in our ranks, and I could see two of those having to play heavily. This could potentially force us to change our system once again to accommodate two strikers, and Lacazette and Benzema would be an exciting prospect to play alongside each other. Giroud would also pose as a great option to play alongside either.

Could we seriously be looking at signing Benzema to replace Alexis? Would we be forced to change system if we did?

Pat J


    1. kev says:

      As stated by Wenger several times Sanchez won’t leave.An offer of £330,000 a week is on the table for him which he’s yet to accept or reject.All this is media lies.A swap between Benzema and Alexis Sanchez makes no sense for both Real Madrid and Arsenal.Look at both teams clearly and you’ll know what I mean.This is just lies.It won’t happen in a million years.

      1. ZA_Gunner says:

        Madrid is definitely interested in Mbappe and I believe they would eventually get him. In order to get him they will need to sell Benzema to recuperate funds and to relieve a spot for Mbappe. Trading him with Alexis will not help in recuperating funds hence I highly doubt this is true. There is no way Alexis is playing as a striker with the availability of Ronaldo and possible incoming of Mbappe and even less likely he will operate from the wings with Bale, Asensio and Lucas playing well in those positions. Only possibility is that they may plan on selling also one of their midfielders which they have in abundance in quality, someone like Kovacic.

    2. Ranjan Das says:

      ADMIN – this is pure crap – plz dont write articles for the sake of it – where will benzema play – in the wings?

  1. A middle east Gooner says:

    absolutely rubbish or rubbish rubbish

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, rubbish story from trashy journalism. There is no way Real Madrid would trade Benzema for an old Sanchez. They had better chase Dembele, Kane or Coutinho.

  2. John0711 says:

    How stupid would we have to be to buy another striker who’s got no past his best and allow our best player to leave

  3. Richard says:

    Could be a great 3-5-2 formation. But it ist not gonna happen!
    If Arsene sells Alexis we will sign one more player (Lemar or Asensio)
    Arsenal Line up after deadline day could be…
    Holding Mustafi Koscielny
    Bellerin Ramsey Xhaka Kolasinac
    Ozil Welbeck

    Giroud, Elneny, Coquelin, Iwobi, Monreal, Walcott, Mertesacker

    Chamberlain, Perez, Debuchy and Chambers may all leave
    Don`t be surprised

    1. Sir Muda says:

      Chamberlain is the most suitable player in our new 343 formation, he can play in both flanks and even through the middle (his favorite) . so he should be the last man to leave arsenal. more especially considering his age and brits as an added advantage.

    2. Quantic Dream says:

      True that is the team we will start the season with. I am an Arsenal fan but I struggle to believe that team can win the epl or champions league.

  4. Lugdush says:

    Impossible. Wenger said he dont like two players competing when they are competing for their countries too. He goes for laca besides, but now benzema? It would be ridiculous and completly unnecessary. We could se another madrid player.

    OT: if se have to choose from bellerin and Ox, i prefer we retain the ox with new improve contract. He is better wingback, he has a nice distance shot that gave us a new dimension (ozil doesnt know what is the the goal). The Ox is englishman so he could be loyal to us, in the other hand, bellerin will go to barcelona, this time on another

  5. Ggs says:

    For bale yes…for benzema no!

  6. Troy says:

    To : Arsene
    Hello ,
    My name is Roy from Indonesia. Arsenal is my favourite football club since i know about football. Below i would like to share some opinion about arsenal team which i propose this for a better future of arsenal.
    According my opinion, at now arsenal’s weakness is on holding midfielder area and on enemy defender.
    I thinks Sanchez suitable striker, he have skill to break through enemy defender area. If Sanchez have to leave Arsenal then Arsene should buy similiar player which have that skill such as K. Mbappe.
    Oziel is a good playmaker but he not compatible with Arsenal’s style. He is not so agresive and disposed to waiting opportunity. Better if any chance, Wenger prefer to let him go for other club.
    Arsenal need to have more challenging player for DM area as according to me this area was Arsenal is weakness from time to time.
    Since Patrick Viera leave Arsenal, still there is no compatible player for this position. Therefore, in any Arsenal’s event, the DM area was so brittle. Eventhough Wenger have good CB player like VAN DIJK if there is no compatible player on defender area, Arsenal will be still loose. At now Arsenal’s CB player already strong enough (koscielny-mustafi-holding) for this season.
    At forward area, i hope Arsenal able to get K. MBAPPE combination of MBAPPE-GIROUD-LACAZETTE will give good support for end finishing, which so far i think not so productive.
    That all my opinion for Arsenal. Hope on this year Arsenal able to get title on premiere league….

  7. Kilted Gooner says:

    Eh no!

  8. Mick says:

    This whole Sanchez situation is getting so tedious and boring.Whether its whose trying to sign him or what cologne he wears,its never out of the headlines.This saga needs sorting pronto!

  9. jacob says:

    we need a defensive midfielder n a centre back

  10. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Benzema primarily plays CF, BUT he can also play behind the main striker or on the wing.
    So it’s not impossible
    Benzema can play in Alexis position behind Lacazette.

    I’d prefer someone else though like Draxler, Reus, Aubemeyang, Moura, Shwarry, Lemar etc

  11. Sir Muda says:

    And with which eye are we gonna watch Giroud?

  12. john says:

    Why would real Madrid swap Benzema For Sanchez, it just not logical, the Alexis Sanchez saga gone on to long now, though Benzema would be a good signing.

  13. Twig says:

    Benzema no
    Asensio yes

  14. Troy says:

    Benzena no……
    Sanchez – Oziel leave
    Mbappe n Nzonzi to Arsenal

    1. Twig says:

      Mbappe to Arsenal?
      Or maybe you meant Mboma?

  15. Victor victory says:

    If this transfer window ends with just Laca and Kolasinac addition, I will be most disappointed. Disappointed not on their quality but on the ground that the addition is not enough for a team that missed out on top four last season. To be honest, I thought for once that Wenger will see that coupled with the fans vocal revolt as a synergy to spur him to proper team reinforcement, like what mourinho is doing at Man United . Well Wenger have two weeks to make me a happy gunner.

  16. GB says:

    No Twig I’m sure he meant Arsenal ?

  17. Troy says:

    Sell oziel n sanchez ( contrack exp) swap mbappe
    Sell wilkshire, perez, gibbs, jenkinson N get nzonzi – 30

  18. Viera Lyn says:

    Although it will be incredibly difficult to ever match his contributions on the pitch, it’s vitally important for a former club legend, like Henry, to publicly address his concerns regarding the direction of this club…regardless of those who still feel that Henry has some sort of agenda due to the backlash he received following earlier comments he made on air regarding Arsenal, he has an intimate understanding of the game, he knows the fans are being hosed and he feels some sense of obligation, both professionally and personally, to tell it like he sees it…much like I’ve continually expressed over the last couple months, this team isn’t evolving under this current ownership/management team…instead we are currently experiencing a “stagnant” phase in our club’s storied history…a fact that can’t be hidden by simply changing the formation or bringing in one or two individuals…this team needs fundamental change in the way it conducts business both on and off the pitch or it will continue to slowly devolve into a second tier club…regardless of the euphoria surrounding our escape act on Friday evening, as it stands, this club is more likely to be fighting for a Europa League spot for the foreseeable future than a top 4 finish…we can’t hope for the failures of others to secure our place in the top 4, we need to be the manufacturers of our own success by doing whatever is necessary to evolve as an organization…if Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke can’t take the necessary steps following the debacle they manufactured last season, their removal is imperative for our future success…unfortunately, I strongly believe that either they don’t know how to proceed in the present economic climate or they are unwilling to do whatever it takes to turn this ship around…just look at the current state of our squad, none of our world class players are under contract beyond this season, we have a ridiculous wage bill considering the results, we can’t sell our deadwood because we’ve mismanaged our personnel decisions and contractual obligations, we haven’t properly cultivated our younger talent and we might have become one of the worst clubs ever when it comes to way we handle our transfer business, which under Dein was one of our greatest assets…it’s time to get things right!!!

  19. GB says:

    Sorry off topic but if you need cheering up take a look at the wonder goal Reiss Nelson scored in the 3-2 win against Derby yesterday.

    1. GB says:

      It’s on twitter @ArsenesChilean or on Le Grove

  20. Weng + Kroen = failure says:

    Well this is a situation i tag dumb & dumber

  21. Towers says:

    The transfer season wouldn’t end without Benzema Link to Arsenal!

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      In other word, benzema’s rumor is a must bs, like unwanted pop up advertising.

  22. mark says:

    Jeez, it wouldn’t be a transfer window without the yearly Benzema link…

  23. gmv8 says:

    I heard that Toulouse were after Sanchez, offering Sanago in exchange ….

  24. BlaZing gunZ says:

    Wouldn’t feel like a proper transfer window without benzema name being linked with our mighty AFC. ://

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