Alexis going to Man United is not Wenger’s fault – There is simply no loyalty any more

Alexis, Arsenal, Loyalty and Transfers by Uche

Yeah this is yet another article on Alexis Sanchez. Sorry. In as much as we all want to get this transfer over with, it is not done yet and a whole lot depends on it going through. So reluctantly, we will keep talking about the elephant in the room, until that elephant leaves the room.

I am writing this article in response to numerous articles and opinions blaming Wenger and Arsenal for not renewing his contract. I am not Wenger’s biggest fan, yet I know that such criticism is easy to dish out when you are not the manager of a club. Sport is an emotional subject so it often gets in the way of objectivity and logic. If a player leaves for free, you get blamed for not cashing in. If you sell him, you get blamed for selling your best player.
Either way, you cannot win.

Renewing a player’s contract does not depend entirely on the club. This cannot be said enough. Sanchez was offered a ton of money to stay. But he had long decided that he will have better success playing elsewhere. Does he have a point? Of course. Many of us would want the same if we found ourselves in his shoes. So why wouldn’t he leave Arsenal? To all those who insist we could have gotten him to sign a new contract, I have a question for you. How exactly would you have done that? By strapping him to a chair and waterboarding him until he signs? The relationship between a player and a club is a bit like that between a man and his wife. If she decides tomorrow to leave you for another man who is richer and more ambitious, there is a limit to what you can do.

I have also read a lot about players lacking loyalty in sports. Again that is all emotional talk. Sportsmen and sports managers are employees in their various clubs just like many of us. They get paid a salary just like many of us. They are often on the lookout for better paying jobs, just like many of us, and when that opportunity finally comes, they try to grab it, just like we all do. This is business and in business, there is no such thing as loyalty. There is good business and there is better business. There is also bad business. But there is nothing like loyalty business.

Loyalty as a gesture is an emotional commitment and it thrives in an environment where money does not interfere or influence our decisions. For instance, you can talk about loyalty to family or friendships. This has nothing to do with money. You can talk about loyalty to your religion or favourite brand. Again, this has nothing to do with money. Sports fans are loyal. They are the only ones in the sporting world who can afford to be loyal. Why? We don’t get paid. Our loyalty to our club is an emotional commitment not a monetary one. I love Arsenal. We do not play the best football anymore. Bayern, Barcelona and Man City all do it better than Arsenal. Yet I cannot bring myself to support these other clubs. That is loyalty and sometimes, I am pissed off because it isn’t always rewarding. But I cannot help it. We don’t choose the club we love. It chooses us.

Henrik Mkhitaryan and Pierre Emerrick Aubameyang are top players. If we get them, it beats the hell out of losing Sanchez. From all indications, we are nearly there. Well, almost. The window is still open. For that reason, I choose to keep an open mind. Peace.

Uche Edochie

Lagos – Nigeria


  1. COYG_CA says:

    Re Mkhitaryan & Aubameyang, let us not forget we have a direct pipeline to Dortmund players, especially the ones that Sven Mislintat recruited . . . some people seem to forget or poo-poo the connection. Do you think the possibility of 2 Dortmund players coming to AFC is just a coincidence?

    1. JJPawn says:

      This is true.

      BVB’s attacking style will also influence them in trying to take on Pep, likely modified with Arsene’s possession strategy. So the transition from defense to attack is key, while having dedicated attack and speed. Mkhitaryan & Aubameyang fit this plan.

      Go with Ramsay against sides that park the bus, and go with Elneny against sides like Chelsea with Elneny able to mark Hazard or act as the extra man to stop the break.

      3-3-3-1 (offers flexibility in attack and defense while cloging the middle and forcing counter-attacks wide to give time for the mid-field to defenders adjusting from attack to defense. With Lucas Moura coming in, there are rich options…






      Ozil can have complete freedom to only attack. There is no point in wasting his skills and health to defend. Also, it forces the other-side to worry about his creativity. Both Ramsay and Mikhi will feed Ozil, dribble for the final pass, or shoot. Thus other sides cannot simply shut only Ozil down as Ramsay and Mikhi are potent on their own.

      So to the BVB connection remove Alexis and offers better balance to the mid-field. Alexis unbalanced the side, but now it is better balanced, especially with Ox and Theo gone. Elneny is excellent as DMF, to be also used against the top play maker on the other side.

      This team might just go on a run once they have two or three games together. I fear though that the attempt to sign Wilshere on a long term deal before selling him, might get in the way, but I think not, as Wenger’s back is against the wall. Besides, there is Europa cup football for the fringe players until it gets to the point were the best team has to be on the field.

      1. ismail dauda says:

        you are missing the most important ingredient in arsenal team “wilshere” the team is not complete without him, and why on earth am i seeing elneny?

      2. Maks says:

        I am repeating my post from the other article but you ll see why….
        Whats the conection between topic of this article (loyalty) and your tactics and formtions?
        ANd whats more boring, posting the same tactics/formations on different articles with their topics far way from your tactics/formations (and if they are beyond playing manager on FIFA it would be ok to read them, but this level is really childish)… but then o.k. post it one time but please not over and over.

        1. JJPawn says:

          FIFA manager? Or Wenger trying to sign some players? (Who want to play in the EPL.) Your call.

          What Wenger is looking at is getting the interest of two very good player from BVB. That is what is attractive for them, as players like to have some familiarity with each others.

          It is also wise to think how to land a player like Moura on the right wing.

          If you do not like my posts, please do not waste your time to even respond!

          1. GunnerJack says:

            @JJPawn – Anyone who includes Xhaka and/or Elneny in a team while also leaving out Jack cannot be of sound mind. Please do not make the transition to metal cutlery.

      3. Maks says:

        And your dislike of Wilshere is proportional to you love for Ramsey, in a way that both of your feelings are on the level of superhero movies you obviously like.
        Problem is that when you watch football and superhero movies as the part of the same spectacle you can not draw out the best conclusions.

        1. JJPawn says:

          Actually, I hope Wenger can sell Ramsay too. His lack of defensive awareness is what led to some of the early losses. But, we need home grown players…

          (Loyalty is an odd topic when they key to keep the team together is winning, and that means getting the right players at the time, unless you can buy a whole new team.)

          1. COYG_CA says:

            I don’t think this is Wenger at work, getting these these Dortmund players, that’s the new guys. Wenger would never go after these 2 players on his own. Never.

          2. Maks says:

            COYG_CA I agree with you, and I am happy cos that means Wenger will be out soon.
            JJPawn, I am happy that you would sell Ramsey too, and for the right reason. Just please, next game, spot how Wilshere is bringing stability to our midfield, how he is calm under any threat and his thru balls are superb.
            Give chance to Jack.

      4. Iceman10 says:

        a) why would you put Bellerin in the back 3? His defense is not great, all he really contributes tot he team is joining the attack. Putting him as one of the CBs is just trying too hard to shove him into the lineup.
        b) Where is Wilshere? I’ll admit I hadn’t been convinced by him before he started playing this season, but he’s arguably one of the most in-form players on the roster at the moment. You calling him a fringe player still is strange.

  2. Kroenke Out says:

    Uche, loyalty exists only as far as success and monetary renumeration matches the quality of the player. Sanchez would have stayed if we had won a PL or two during his stay. He is leaving not just for money but for a perceived lack of ambition from Wenger and the board. Arsenal is stagnating at best, more likely going backwards. You may or may not like Ox but he took a pay cut to leave, it had nothing to do with money but more like trying to get out of a rut that has become Arsenal. We need new blood and new ideas at management level. I think bringing in Misletat and the negotiator from Barcelona are definitely the right moves and will help bring in the right players. With a new manager, I think we can start rebuilding this team next year.

    1. bran911 says:

      Good analysis, with a new manager, coz Wenger is the poison to be removed

  3. Sims says:

    Last year I left my former employer because I found out that the company isn’t gonna take me to where I am going. Before I joined the company, the owner talked so much about how he has planned to do all sorts to take the company to the next level and how he is going to employ the best hands to work with me. What did I see when I joined? I found myself in a situation where I had to do my Job and do other people’s job, yet they get paid. The actions of the owner became the exact opposite of what he said before I joined. I was frustrated as hell, so I left. So I can understand where Alexis is coming from. We can lie to our selves all we want but, Arsenal is going down the hill before our very eyes and the manager and the Mr Stan don’t care. Arsenal situation hurts me so deep. Alexjs didn’t want to sink with this ship, I blame him not.

    1. Kroenke Out says:

      Well said – and perfect example.

      1. Phil says:

        Totally agree.The very best players know they will earn top wages from all the big clubs but it is the desire to compete at the very top level that also drives their ambition.Arsenal have not shown the desire to progress and compete at the top table.

    2. Arsenal007 says:

      I agree with you @Sims

      @Uche, Who else should take responsibility for this? Is it my fault that Alexis left for Man U? Wenger is the manager, and before now, has been the one in charge of transfers…etc. Of course, it’s his fault. He should take responsibility.
      3 of our 1st team players are in the last couple of months in their contract. Alexis left, and people want to ‘hate’ on him. Our Arsenal contract negotiations have been a shambles. We shouldn’t lie to ourselves. Ramsey and a few others are entering into the last 18 months of their contracts in the summer.

  4. GB says:

    I hope we get Auba and think we will but is anyone concerned that he is not eligible to play in the Europa league?

    1. McLov says:

      He’s not? Why? He has only played in CL. So Sanchez can’t play for United either?

      1. Elliot says:

        I think dortmund fell down to europa didnt they?

    2. Sims says:

      Getting him won’t solve Arsenal’s problems. As long as the managerial attitude of the wenger doesn’t change, bringing ronaldo won’t make no difference. As difficult as it might seem, we ve to accept the fact that wenger has no business with modern day footbal anymore. Its time to say “Thank you sir for the glory days, the dance steps has changed from what you are used to” and save this club before it falls to the level where it cannot be redeemed anymore

  5. Trudeau says:

    Let’s assume we sign Aubayemang for £60m and Danchez Mhkitaryan is a straight swap. Here’s my question – which option would you choose a) Out – Sanchez to Manchester City. In – Lemar. Net spend £30m. b) Out – Sanchez to ManU. In – Mhkitaryan and Aubayemang. Net spend £60m.

    B isn’t a bad haul and both players are more proven then Lemar but I think I’d still have preferred option A as we wouldn’t have endured five months of turmoil and wouldn’t have sold to ManU

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      option B as you get 2 players….

      unlike in Fifa18, lemar will get injured, experience burned out,. and other unforseen circumstances

  6. AWout says:

    Another one bites the dust…this time at Watford. How they all wish for a job at Ars…a job for life with mega salary package!
    Alexis another one with big ambitions like lot of gooners out there but unfortunately his and others face didn’t fit in the with parsimonious & the avaricious owner.

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    Whilst I agree that loyalty is rare in football these days, and Wenger cannot actually force Sanchez to sign a contract, he still has to take the blame for this one, and for costing us so much money!

    One of the factors why Sanchez is leaving, is because of how poor we’ve become under Wenger. He’s got a very strong mentality, and wants to win, whereas Wenger’s ONLY target EVERY season is to finish 4th. It must be so hard working for a manager who has zero ambition.

    Now money does play a big part as well (as it does with EVERY player). Even if we were doing well, Sanchez would probably still leave if we were not willing to pay him on par with the other top players in the world. What’s interesting, is that many times when Wenger has been asked in press conferences about Sanchez staying, he has mentioned about the money aspect. As if to say, if we offer Sanchez enough, he’ll stay. It’s as if Wenger was hinting at the board for not offering enough. Not taking responsibility yet again! But we already had one of the highest wage bills in the world, despite having a squad with hardly any top quality, mostly bang average players, and we were not even paying the top wages. So clearly we had so many poor players earning ridiculous money…and who’s fault was that? Yes Wenger! We really needed to sell first.

    His reluctance to really sell over a five period, whilst at the same time, dishing out ridiculous pay raises, to awful players, had left us in a tough spot. Obviously the board should have stepped in earlier to stop this, and it looks like they are finally starting to take some control away from Wenger, but the damage had already been done.

    Lastly, Wenger should have sold Sanchez with 2 years left on his contract. We were offered £60 million with 1 year left, so I think we would have got £100 million minimum if we’d sold him in the summer of 2016. You should NEVER let any high valued players get into their final year of contract. At a valuation of just £30 million now, Wenger has cost us a minimum of £70 million with the departure of Sanchez, that’s including the swap valuation, and I’ve not even mentioned how much we’re losing on Ozil if he leaves for nothing, when he should have also been sold in 2016.

    Look how much Liverpool got for Coutinho. That’s because they were organised, and it was planned to perfection. Whereas Wenger is just winging it all of the time. Just think how much Liverpool have received after selling their two best players in recent years (Coutinho, and Suarez), compared to what we’re getting for Ozil, and Sanchez. £210 million vs a swap deal of one player. WOW!

    1. John0711 says:

      Agreed 3rd man someof these fans will have you believe wenger is god and cannot do any wrong, the Sanchez BS has be n happening for years now it could have been dealt with better. Just because we beat palace everything is forgiven! No sorry the club has a lot to explain we have funds we just choose not to spend them
      We are desperate for a DM and a CB but can we get one no

  8. Sue says:

    Sorry but I’m sick of hearing/reading about Sanchez!! Seeing that clip of him boarding the plane with that rocky song playing ?
    I just hope we get micky & pea. I know we still need a cb, gk & dm but it’s a start… & the way Ozil has been playing lately I’m really excited to see him, Lacca, pea & micky!

    1. bran911 says:

      True, that front 4 will make every defense in the league to think twice on how to face them.. speed and precision written all over it

  9. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    It is really odd that people always try to make sense in the wake of another Arsenal disaster and try to rationalise the situation.

    The reality is that it doesn’t matter what Sanchez wants. That situation should have been dealt with ages ago. Instead Wenger has turned Arsenal into a circus for virtually a whole year revolving around this issue and let’s face it that’s sanchez hasn’t even performed this season.

    The situation should’ve been managed.

    1. Sue says:

      I’m used to arsenal disasters… thanks Arsene & the board!

  10. Me says:

    Trouble with Wenger is that he is reactive rather than proactive.
    He failed to build a competitive side, instead relying on journeymen like Coquelin, Walcott, Oxlade Chamberlain and many others.
    When you are a top class player like Sanchez that does not make you want to stay at Arsenal.
    Even now – with the aubameyang deal looming that looks like a reaction – you cannot tell me that he was on Arsenal’s radar after forking out £45 million for lacazette.
    And the fact that he allowed contract negotiations to drag on.
    Wenger is completely to blame.
    And I don’t buy this aubameyang story either – stinks of a typical wenger panic buy

    1. Trudeau says:

      I dont think Kopp would have spent 40m if Ox was a journeyman.

    2. Garrett says:

      Show me how many players get benched for scoring 19 goals in walcotts position and call them a journyman lol ignorance is obviously your strong suit

  11. So this is just the reality for gunners to lost alexis leavin for free in the summer this is real busines and we support mr wenger for this up gooners,

  12. John0711 says:

    WOuld prefer Lucas mora to pea
    Miki. Ozil Mora

    Wilshere top Dm
    Mon. mustafi. Kos Belerin

    Top GK

  13. DANDY GUNNER says:

    Sorry it is Wengers Fault he is paid to manage Arsenal Football club he knew Alexis contract was near up and he sat on his cheque Book. So please don’t try and tell me it’s not Wengers fault.
    This was down to bad Management on Wengers Part.

  14. Ray says:

    We should have shipped out Sanchez a long time ago! With 2 years left you sign or go!!!!

    In defence, I’m pretty sure Sanchez was given the “spiel” about how Arsenal were going to be built around him bla, bla, bla..

    Both parties are to blame though in a way. Sanchez for being a bit greedy and, Arsene and Gazisis for the lies and deceit about how Arsenal were going to compete at the highest level!

  15. John Ibrahim says:

    Gazadis, Fuhmy and Mislintat appeared to be in Dortmund cutting a deal….

    wonder if Gazadis would close it?

    in the past Dein would likely will…

  16. deleny says:

    smbody pls bring back our thumps up and dwn. life is so boring without those

    1. John0711 says:

      Yea the sites not the same

      1. Maks says:

        Why? Thumbs are so missed?
        And “Boring”? then read an article in full, read all comments in full… and it wont be boring if you are interested in this website in the first place.
        In meantime, before Admin returns the thums, spend more time on facebook, and enjoy likes. cos thats what you are mostly there for.
        And this is what they want!

  17. Garrett says:

    Loyalty walked out the Door with Theo Walcott. He gives arsenal 19 goals in just under a full season, and gets benched for it. That’s how you treat loyalty? you bench anyone how scores 19 goals for you it better be for someone amazing and returns more. Instead when you get benched for Bellerin, Iwobi, Welbz whom haven’t nor will ever give you that kind of return your coach is no longer under the same fate of loyalty but pure lost the plot mentality. Theo will realize he actually got the better deal, decent money and in return a better loyal fan base and a chance to not be benched if he doesn’t score in 1 game. He will end up finishing with more goals than most at arsenal this season.

  18. Brian says:

    Sanchez is leaving because Wenger has failed to add class to the squad and Sanchez saw this. He has about 4 good years left as hes just about 29. Hes doing what RVP done leaving because its the same crap every year. No ambition. We are forever replacing world class players. We are never adding and thats the problem.

  19. killamch89 says:

    Gazidis has overruled Wenger and has given Mislintat room to work his magic without interference. I’ve been saying this for a while now but even gazidis has realized that Wenger’s way will leave the club in ruins. I finally pieced everything together now and it was the Alexis saga that made me realize what was happening. Here’s my take – Wenger was getting the minimum top four every season so Gazidis let Wenger have his way but once we lost out of top four it looks like his eyes had opened. They started making a lot of changes that have somewhat made me cautiously optimistic. New recruiter, Director of Football, New contract negotiator, new scouting system and that is all gazidis work. Little by little they are replacing Wenger and i do believe p.e.a is brought in as competition to Lacazette and i believe we will be seeing the back of Welbeck and Giroud very soon (THANK GOD!!!). Lucas Moura will likely come to us on loan as our new starting rw. It means that in the summer we will see people like akpom, perez, welbeck , debuchy etc. get sold off. I’m pretty sure all this transfer activity is Gazidis stepping in and overruling wenger so for once i’m a tad more optimistic.

  20. ruelando says:

    I believe none of the deals that have been happening has anything to do with Wenger, but more with the new peeps at the club, Wenger’s control over the club has slowly been diminishing. The young Greek defender (although cheap), Mik and Aub are just not Wenger’s types of buys.

    Wenger has a strong belief in his players, even protecting their position in the team by not buying quality and tends to believe that all his players will be loyal, but loyalty in football has long gone, this i fear has been Wenger’s greatest downfall. This started when Wenger started to indulge a young Spanish midfielder by the name of Cesc Fabregas, it was the beginning of a star but also the deterioration of arsenal. Arsenal was no longer a team built around several players, but just one or two, which we have seen the repeat of over and over again, ask yourself why we look lost without Ozil or Sanchez playing because majority of our passes tends to go through both players.

    Sanchez is a good player and i will not begrudge him the last big payday, because football players have a very short time to really be at the top of their profession, so i will wish him the best in his endeavours and arsenal continue to move forward

  21. kelleson says:

    The reason why Sanchez is leaving is not purely money but ambition. Arsenal was once known to be an ambition club who aspire for trophy(s) but later graduated to a TOP four team because of the inability for Wenger to change to the new trends of things be introduce in football. When u are in a good club that mean business for trophy players dont like leaving such clubs except those ones that are not good enough for that club. If there were competition for players in the club no player would like to go. When Fabrigas was at Arsenal his wages was higher compare to when he was at Barca. The blame is purely on Wenger and the Board……

  22. gmv8 says:

    It is entirely Wenger’s fault. Mismanagement is the key. Mismanagement of defensive signings, including the midfield, which would’ve improved results and persuaded Sanchez to stay, leading to us failing to qualify for the UCL, mismanagement of the team and dithering, mismanagement of Sanchez – if he hadn’t signed a new contract, he should’ve been sold abroad, NOT again rubbing loyal fans noses in the Manure, who pay DOUBLE the ticket costs of Manure fans as Manure AGAIN show their financial superiority swiping our best player, and wheeling out Alex Ferguson. NOT ACCEPTABLE under any circumstances. Given the mess Wenger has landed us in through dithering, it is only thanks to the new recruiter signings, that we have managed to rescue anything. Here’s hoping Sanchez will soon tire of Manure and Manurinho and start throwing some strops.

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