Alexis in, Wenger out, all day long……..

Do players really trust Arsene like Per says? by Konstantin Mitov

Hello guys and welcome to possibly the last Champions League game we’ll play in a long time! This is because I firmly think we’ll drop out of the top 4, because of Arsene, but hey I’ll let the results speak about that and instead I’ll focus on whether players actually trust the manager.

Per mentioned the fact it’s a little tense in the dressing room and I recall Lauren saying after the Chelsea game we picked some players in front of others and you can see by the Sanchez story not all is rosy. Another thing is the fact Ozil will most likely miss tomorrows game because of a flu.

Now, now, if I have a flu as in fact I have right now, I’ll be sick for 3 days and I’ll be up and running and back to work. We had a long break, Ozil missed Liverpool and now I genuinely believe if we want to play him, the med stuff can get some special treatment so he is up for the game.

My thought is that Arsene is preparing for the departure of our two star players. And I thoroughly agree with them and I think they will leave not because they don’t like the club, but because we don’t have a desire to win. I think that if we announce Arsene is leaving because he can’t take us to the winning ways we want, and we announce a name like Allegri, Sanchez and Ozil might reconsider.

But that is not the case, in fact I hear that his 2 year contract is all but signed. Pathetic really, but this is the reality indeed. Wenger hates characters, thats why he can’t handle Ozil and Sanchez properly! He can’t fire them up and he cannot compete because he’s a thing of the past.

Wengers title winning squads inherited characters. They were not built by Arsene. He had more than 12 years to build another title winning squad and he never has. Not that we didn’t have great players, we did! In fact they went elsewhere and won titles, just like Alexis and Ozil will now!

Arsenal is a joke at the moment and every top footballer knows he won’t win anything here, that’s why this summer will be the ultimate downfall of us. We’ll first miss on the top 4, then we won’t sign anyone and it will become even worse.

The players don’t trust Arsene’s tactics, because they don’t work, yet no one rebels, because they have it easy here and most of our players won’t get any better than this, so they accept things as they are. I’ll go back to Leicester again, because even if the players did go to the board to ask for the manager to be sacked it worked.

After all this is Arsenal Football Club and quite a lot of people have forgotten that! Wenger said “I built this club”. You built nothing Arsene, this club existed over 100 years without you and it will outlive you too. Arsene gets all the credit for anything good happening here, but none of the critique when things don’t go well.

If he signs an extension I’d be broken. I am already, but that would be a new all time low. The atmosphere in the dressing room hasn’t been that bad since I’ve been watching Arsenal. Arsene says that Arsenal will decide the future of his contract, but why don’t Arsenal decide the future of Arsene and he gets to do it? Pathetic! This is ridiculous to be written but it’s the reality. We are a dictatorship. We are a flashy version of a footballing North Korea.

We tell the world it’s all good, but everybody can see that we are a joke that hasn’t moved forward in a decade! Results speak for themselves. Tomorrow it’s a question of whether the “We want Wenger out!” chant or people will again sing “There is only one Devil” once again when the time for him to receive his punishment has come!

No wait, it was almost 10 years ago, but Arsenal fans are patient. Far to patient if you ask me. We gave him enough chances! Enough is enough. We have one warrior in Alexis and we should be building an army around him, not a castle of illusions around Arsene.

Alexis in, Wenger OUT, all day long.



  1. Budd says:

    So in the end it worked. Now the fans are split between Sanchez (which will go whether Wenger stays or not) and Wenger (which is probably going as well). And guys like Konstantin put more petrol on the fire because why not? Arsenal fans can be undone by anything, anyhow, anywhere.
    Congrats, you’re a peach.

    1. Justsoccerfan says:

      No matter how KM peach he will never win Wenger, more than half of arsenal fan are Wenger fans. Our board is the most clever group they know how to use Wenger to earn them money cause of those Wenger fans.

      1. Budd says:

        Meh, the same board that suggested Henry as manager. I am still laughing. Stupid as they are, they are a funny bunch. However, I don’t think there’s much support for Wenger anymore.

      2. Budd says:

        Oh by the way, can we please stop with this inherited stuff from Wenger because is getting boring. OK, Wenger should go but stop spreading lies. There were only two players from the invincibles inherited by Wenger: Bergkamp and Parlour. All the other were brought in by Wenger. It just shows how much Konstantin knows about the Arsenal before Wenger came in. But again, internet gave a speech platform for everyone, including amateurs. Good for entertaining value.

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          You’ve summed up what this whole site has become. One big merrygoround, followtheleader, socialmedia circus…Where bias, confusion, stupidity, fraud and ignorance rule…

          1. Budd says:

            Sheeps. That’s why media is having a blast when it picks on Arsenal fans. Nevermind me. The show is just about to start. Sorry state for the club and even more for its fans. Especially 21st century born fans like Konstantin.
            Can’t believe that at such an important moment in club’s existence where we are looking ahead of years of middle table presence we discuss trivial stuffs like keeping a player who will leave anyway over a manager who’s been allowed to to whatever he wanted at the club. We don’t discuss real issue at the club in which no one, but absolutely no one is held accountable for the bad performance they put in the last 5 years. I would have been fired from my job if I was delivering the quality the club employees delivered. But somehow, many if not most of them are still here. And then we wonder how the fsck we came to this point? How? I tell you how. Look on the street, in the office, on the site, wherever you work and ask yourself. Would I still have a job if I do this half a$$ed work day in, day out? Why is the owner or the director not questioning the work done by the employees they oversee? Is it because they are here to suck every blood vessel dry out of this club? Maybe? You want to run Arsenal as a business? How are you doing this if you don’t have a plan for the future. How would you do that if you don’t have an emergency plan? In 2014 we all assumed this is Wenger’s last contract and the scary stuff is that the board thought this is a joke. That Wenger will keep going and he will give them the next Messiah. Well, guess what, there is no Messiah. You all have to go.
            And yet we discuss Sanchez over Wenger. Fsck, some people are dumb.

            1. bran99 says:

              Stop writing long replies, make it as an article then it will make sense

  2. vinie2000 says:

    1000000000000000000000000% behind you Kostantin! Im up for change. I’ve been patient for 13 years NO MORE..I’m more than happy to be patient with a new manager for short term plan giving him enough resources and bringing another 3 WC players. This is what we need and keep some of the good ones and get rid of the deadwood and over rated ones. City have already planned 120 millions to spend in 3 players ( 1 DM and 2 CB’s ) to go to the next level next season and we are in March. unlike us, summer goes and then we get Sanogo and Debuchy or the swede wonder. this is a manager with ambition and panning ahead so definitely change is refreshing and get behind the New man to lead us to Old glories.

  3. vinie2000 says:

    As Jimmy Floyd said yesterday, Arsenal board has to paid Alexis whatever it takes to keep him and Ozil ( like it or not for many ) and bring 3 WC players to challenge all fronts. otherwise , the rebuilding will be even harder If they go. We the fans have to get this OUT to the board during the game.

    1. Budd says:

      You make no sense. Ozil stays if Wenger stays and Sanchez goes. Ozil pulled yet another sickie when the squad need a result. Any result. Why would you pay double to keep him?

    2. Why do you want us to keep Ozil mate? He is a lazy play who never tackles or puts in any kind of shift defensively. I get that he is an attacking player but what good is a player who creates 1 goal and then because of his defensive incompetence costs us 1 goal? His net contribution is zero. He should just move on to psg or china man the premier league is too brutal for teams that can’t defend.

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    @ Konstantin
    Just in case you never noticed:
    We have been a joke for a lotttt longer than a moment! ??
    Yet, We always manage a top four finish, no matter how much the fan is clogged up with ??.
    You can sure that our history in the last 16 of the champions league will serve up a decent performance from our lads tonight, a typical close but not close enough result… Wait and see, it always the same ??.
    You make it sound as if you want Sanchez to replace Wenger lol ?
    Maybe Wenger should make him captain instead and that might make the couple of sandwiches short of a picnic Chilean stay at Arsenal ??
    And I reckon that ?zil hasn’t got flu, he probably got beat up by Sanchez

  5. Tas says:

    Reading through the lines on AW,s press conformance yesterday, i think he hinted without realizing and said “Arsenal will decide when Sanchez can leave and that he still has 16 months on his contract” this means to me that if Sanchez wants to go to another EPL team they will make him sit on the bench for the whole of the next season,
    my opinion they will be right to do so even if it means losing 25/30 million to prove a point

    1. Tas says:

      reading between the lines* 🙂

    2. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Mmm but Arsenal love money way too much to do that Tas.
      They will more than likely sell him abroad, PSG looks like a safe bet unless Sanchez fancies a return to Italy or Spain?

      1. Tas says:

        yea abroad but not in the EPL otherwise the fans will tear up the Emirates

        1. Tas says:

          Sanchez deservedly is our best player but we the fans made Sanchez bigger then the club

          1. Franko says:

            Yeah just the way we fans made Arsene Wenger bigger than the club.

        2. You mean like we did when the board and Wenger sold Van Persie to Man utd? Lol..looks like they were just testing the waters.. they did the unspeakable and we sat there and did nothing. Come the summer they will sell Sanchez to Chelsea and claim he was a mercenary disrupting the team. Just wait and see.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            I think it’ll be between three teams. Bayern, Juventus, and PSG. I’d love if we could sell him to China for two hundred mil, or somewhere in-between. Then go out and spend it all on fees an wages for two world class players, Verratti and Aubameyang. Then use our own reserves to get one or two new wide players, would also like to see us try and pry those Monaco youngsters away. This would be intent. Instead we’re gonna stick with players who have huffed and puffed, already proven themselves unworthy.

            Ps, my preferred destination out of those three for Alexis, would be Bayern. Then Juventus, because I hate how PSG target similar players to ourselves and is one of the reasons why we don’t get first option in France anymore.

  6. Vlad says:

    Stop it, Konstantin, just stop it. Stop it with your hate, and stop it with your lies. I’m an AKB but I do feel that a change is needed. However, when I read garbage like this I secretly hope that Wenger signs a contract extension just in spite of so-called fans like yourself. “Wenger inherited his winning squad” – did you just become a fan? Have you heard of a guy by the name of Thierry Henry? Or Pires? Or Ljungberg? Or Vieira? I can go on and on… Have you heard of The Invincibles? Your knowledge, or I should say lack thereof is absolutely ridiculous. And I can’t even say whether it’s just ignorance, or absolute stupidity. You also sound like a complete idiot with your conspiracy theories. “Ozil had a flu”… “I have a flu”… “I’ll be back at work in 3 days” … “Ozil is not playing”… THEREFORE Ozil is faking it. Wow! I gave you an advice yesterday, and I’ll repeat myself again – STOP watching Arsenal games until Wenger steps down. You’re only hurting yourself, and you’re hurting everyone here by constantly whining about the same stuff over and over and over again.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I myself still respect Wenger a great deal, I have real feelings for the man, but like you I feel it would be best all round to just try a new approach.

    2. bran99 says:

      Hey stop shouting, you are spitting on people.. Wenger has to go.. period

  7. Break-on-through says:

    I’m beginning to worry about Xhaka. I would still hold final judgement until he gets enough time with the club. Problem is though, his athleticism is very poor, his tackling ability looks worse than Arteta’s. His positioning does not yet look near world class, and because of his weaknesses he really needs to be great with positioning.

    I expect his passing to improve the most of all, and I think we will definitely see that at some stage.

    Intercepting, all the best players with this are either aggressively fast or clever with positioning, or both.

    If Arsene bought him because he felt he could step in when Cazorla was out well then that might make some sense. What about Coquelin though, even at his best a large portion believed we needed a better more rounded DM, and I think they were right. I’d like Arsene to tell us exactly how he imagined this would turn out in his mind.

    Was Xhaka meant as upgrade to Coquelin, which I believe. Or was he meant as some extra insurance on Cazorla. Coquelin moved forward with Xhaka sitting back, does that suggest he is an upgrade for Coq. Or is he just meant as a deep lying Cazorla without the dribble nor freedom. Arsene wouldn’t pay that amount unless he intended on displacing a first team player.

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