Alexis injury latest gives Arsenal Champions League hope

Despite some reports in the football media yesterday suggesting that the hamstring strain, if that is what it was, picked up by the Arsenal and Chile international forward Alexis Sanchez during the Premier League away game with Norwich City would mean three weeks on the sidelines, there is still no definite timescale.

In fact, as reported by the Evening Standard, the club do not know how bad the injury is and are still waiting for the results of the scans that Alexis has had. The report claims that we will not know the extent of the problem and so the length of time the striker will miss, until then.

So there is still a certain amount of hope at Arsenal that the Chilean will be able to make a quick return and perhaps even be back in time to help the Gunners in that crucial final Champions League game away to Olympiacos, a game that we need to win by two goals or while scoring at least three goals.

The injury situation with our Spanish international midfielder Santi Cazorla is the same apparently, with the club waiting for the medical results before knowing whether he can feature at the weekend against Sunderland or in Greece the following Wednesday.

And while there is still hope that these two Gunners will be back very soon, it appears that Koscielny will definitely be available to play again this weekend. So have Arsenal dodged a bullet?

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  1. If he’s out then he’s out, play Oxlade and get him to whip in balls for Giroud like he tried against Norwich.

    1. since when does the OX whip in balls?


      Who whips in more balls than ozil has done and since when does Giroud make use of all the whipped in balls?

      1 in 10 chances…….

  2. So Alexis is out


    He underwent a scan


    The results aren’t out yet to determine the extent of the injury

    Yet we give ourselves hope……hope in the unknown…

    And now we possibly think he’d make it to Athens



    But don’t forget Alexis plays for ARSENAL….. Yea, a Arsenal close pal to physioroom

    1. There is no doubt that Wenger is at fault for Alexis’s injury. Why can not give him rest when he is in red zone.
      Now some one has to pick up. Its hard for Ozil also as he has formed good partner ship with Alexis and Walcot and now both are not playing.
      Now ln positive not, we can see the best of Ramsey in central position and also you guys are right. Ox has produced two great crosses when he came on.
      So cambell on left and OX on right to get more crosses in the box.
      need to change something. We are already 3 points behind where as at this stage I thought we woul be 3 to 5 points clear at the top.
      We dropped 7 points in november

  3. You can forget about Sanchez and Cazorla playing against Olympiacos.

    Cazorla has suspected knee ligament damage,
    which was made worse by playing on.
    He could be out for months

    Sanchez is out for a minimum 3-4 weeks,
    But that could be months too, if it turns out to be the worse kind of hamstring injury.

    As for Walcott… he hasn’t even started training properly yet!
    The last thing we need is for him to be rushed back.

    Our season could be over by January, all hopes rests on our youth players shoulders.

    1. According to physio room. ….

      Sanchez out for 3 weeks

      No return date for Cazorla

      Walcott and Jack Back in 2 weeks

        1. Passwords? ?
          I have trouble remembering my own name!

          I have no idea what you’re talking about matey!

  4. Damn it were is Welbeck, was he shot or something, can’t believe this is December and no talk of a comeback.

    1. That’s Arsenal for you, players will be out for 6 months and return just in time for Wenger to not buy any players

  5. Wow

    First time in a long time we are without Alexis, Cazorla, Koscielny, Walcott, Arteta, Welbeck, Wilshere, Coquelin

    Thank the heavens Oxlade and Ramsey are back.

    I would go for


    I’m not sure if we should play Chambers or Flamini against Olympiakos

    1. it has to be Flamimi he has the experience,
      don’t forget we are the underdogs ( understatement ) going in to this game
      lets not forget we still have a game Saturday with Sunderland who are fighting to stay above relegation spot its going to be hard game they must be thinking they will win because of our injury situation and they will come hard the only consolation is that we are playing home

      1. Totally agree, the Flame has pretty much dome every thing you could ask as our back-up CDM, and knows and is happy to accept that Coq is our no1.

    2. Wow, our wings are practically ineffective, Campbell isn’t used to LW and Ox is far from good enough, Ramsey and Ozil are the only ones capable of producing goals in these games

  6. Sadly not matter what happens I can’t help but think that both Alexis and Santi need a good rub down with the Sporting Times and a week or two in the sunshine. Let’s be truthful Wenger knows it we know it they are in “the red zone” andeven if not badly injured now they will be if they are continued to be played at the same pace as they have been. After X Mas I’m pretty sure Ozil will start looking a little jaded because he is and has neen doing the lion share of work for us up front.

  7. Even shad forsyth cant sort this one out. Alright wenger saying we dont need to sign players thats fine unless a high perpercentage of the first teamers arent injury prone. Should habe sold some of them and replaced with more robust players. It will be ozil next and then we may be playing the u21 team!

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