Alexis IS amazing but needs more Arsenal stars to step up

I am still pretty impressed with all the business that Arsenal did during the summer transfer window. I will leave the argument about whether Arsene Wenger should be strung up by his toes for failing to sign a powerful central midfielder or another dfender for another time.

But Calum Chambers has done well at both right back and in the centre of defence, especially for a 19-year old new to a big club like Arsenal. Mathgieu Debuchy was starting to look good until his early career as a Gunner was unluckily brought to a halt with his ankle injury and the same could be said of our Colombian keeper David Ospina.

Also we have already seen that Danny Welbeck has great potential in his new role as a central striker with Arsenal, including the first hat-trick of his football career. But the 23-year old has not been quite as influential in the last two games away to Anderlecht and Sunderland and we have had to rely on Alexis Sanchez, by far the best signing that Wenger made this summer.

So it’s no surprise that there has been plenty of praise for the Chile international from his team mates on, from Welbeck, from the Ox and from the captain Mikel Arteta.

Welbeck said, “It’s a pleasure to play with Alexis. He’s persistent, he keeps going and they are [the attributes of] somebody I like to play alongside.”

Chamberlain said, “He’s a world-class player – everyone saw that at the World Cup. He’s proved that and he’s played for Barcelona where we’ve all seen what he’s done.

“He’s an unbelievable player and part of his game is his character and his hard work – that’s where he’s got both his goals from today.

“He reminds me of Luis Suarez when he chases everything down and he makes nothing into something. He’s done that for us twice today and he’s scored goals at important times for us.”

And Arteta said, “We wanted to give a bit more freedom to Alexis, playing a bit behind Danny [Welbeck], more like a 4-4-2, which we haven’t played for a while. It worked – I think Alexis did very well today so we’re happy for him.

“His confidence is high. Physically he’s better, you can see that by the runs he was making in the 93rd minute, [when he] chased the keeper and kept going. That’s all about him – he wants to keep going, he wants to improve and he’s doing very well.”

But as well as appreciating Alexis and helping him to play to his strengths, I think it is vital that the other players do not just assume that he will win the game for us. We need the other Gunners to step up to his level as much as possible. But will they?

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  1. We need to show these overpaid average players in the team by selling or dropping them ……

    for starters Wenger has to go!!!!

    1. Yess sir he have to otherwise southampton will become a better club than us in the near feature & all these high price players iz not working #EXCEPT #17

        1. I’d like to try Sanchez as striker and then buy another left winger like Reus or El shaawary for next summer.


          WOuld be incredibl

          1. @Henry12, permit me to tell u what I’d like.

            I’d like to have the Emirates named after my mom!!! Just like every other mom out there, she’s really been damn great.

            Now I’m in tears…. #GodBlessOurMothers

    2. Wellbeck has a lot of potential but he must learn to position himself and make runs without the ball.Watch him during a game,he s rarelly in position where he can makes run, someone has to teach him that as he is new at this role.I wish Henry would come back as assistant striking coach to teachr the next generation.
      Is Bould has any voice in Arsenal decision,he looks to me as a passenger close to Wenger ,no criticism intented as I don t know the behind of the scene.
      Can someone in Arsenal impose to Wenger to buy a true DM and a new CB in January and makes him rotate the team, don t play players out of position and give up the wish of praise for nurturing young(averages)british players.
      I like Wilshere and Chambers and Chamberlain but do you think honestly that they would be playing first team for England if they were not playing for Arsenal.
      sad to say that but Wenger and Hogson share some traits together,age and results.I like them both and have a great respect for them if only they could reinvent themselves.

    3. Just but a few Arsenal fans are honest most are bunch of Wenger wagons….4th he aim again losers….Wenger out

    4. Yes sir, in less than 3 years he will be gone but for now business has to go on at Asernal along side some good results. In the current set up I think the most likely player to raise to the occasion and strongly assist Sanchez is Aaron Ramsey. Ramsey has proven me wrong when I doubted him. when the chips where down he kept his head low and worked really hard to become what he is today. He never allowed bad publicist keep him down, he simply dusted himself and got back up to fight again. Today I would like to say it to you all I am totally behind him to raise again and be the bomber and nemesis of every opposing club. I am looking forward to that day when he would carefully study and time Sanchez’s movements to make them count time & time again.

    5. @Hafiz
      Arsene have to go now ? I bet u don’t know what you are saying. Going by your thoughts on this forum all your comets has been nothing but negatives. Arsene is not as bad as you thought. One thing I know is that when he finally leave you will tend to appreciate him better all the behind sence issue will surlly surface

  2. Alexis sanchez is simply just pure “class”! He has been carrying arsenal on his back, for the last couple of games. Its time the rest of the team step up and repay “alexis” by showing more fight, heart, and commitment on the field as he does for the arsenal cause! Coyg!

  3. INTRODUCTING: Theo Walcott!!! I think he’s the perfect complimentary partner to the work horse that Walcott is, the two of them will spread teams wide and walcott loves to get behind the defense which is something we’re lacking. I want to add that young welbeck looks tired, we need to rotate him with Podolski or even Campbell but i think Podolski has a better chance getting a CF call.

    Ramsay is back but our defense man, i’ve never seen a more vulnerable defense than ours. I mean we can get anyone right now and they would do a better job than having monreal or the aging mertersaker.

    1. Vulnerable is an understatement for our defence right now. Apparently Koscielny is out for a month. That means we’ll have a back four of Bellerin, Chambers, Mertesacker and Monreal to face Falcao Rooney RVP and Di Maria when United visit in a couple weeks.. Our defence is even worse than theirs! And our attack isn’t as good… Can’t afford to drop points to United.

    1. @Arsenalkid, that must have stung some A*Bz_____truth hurts.

      The Truth Must Prevail.



    1. It’s amazing what one top class player with guts can do for our squad. As soon as he learns English the first thing he should do is sh*t all over this spineless Arsenal team. I wanna see a proper thrashing of Burnley this weekend.

  4. We need Bon Jovi to perform as an opener before our matches. “Living on a prayer” has been our theme song this season.

  5. I will repeat what I said weeks ago.Lengthen Sanchez ‘s contract and shorten Wengers.
    Realistically Wenger ‘s won’t be till the end of this fruitless season,I can wait, but Sanchez contract improvement NOW.

    1. the only thing he’s getting from Arsenal besides the money is playing time. In the long run, I don’t think that’ll be enough.

  6. I was watching that QPR v Aston Villa match yesterday, laughing about how crappy they were playing. And then I had to stop laughing because I realized Arsenal would probably struggle to beat them now.

    If we could pair the 2013-14 heart-filled, fighting Arsenal with Sanchez this season, we would be unstoppable. But besides Sanchez, our team is playing like a bunch of gutless mediocre garbage. There’s no heart. There’s no passion. And with that there’s no hope.

    1. “2013-2014 heart filled fighting Arsenal”
      What team were you watcbing; the one that lost 6-0, 6-3, 4-1 or 5-1?
      We had a lot of very nervous last 10 minute games last season to hold onto a lead.
      Also our formation, 4-2-3-1 was flawed and oI ly worked against lower table teams, top teams exploited it.
      Only reason you are seeing that season with rose coloured glasses is that w
      Wenger is playing an even worse formation thus year and even more players out of position!

      1. true true true true true. but we still played with a lot more heart than we are playing now especially in the first half of last season. The Napoli match. The BVB match. Even the MCFC match at the Emirates was decent. Were we tying the lower teams like we are now? Nuh, bruh. We were winning.

  7. Realistically, Against sunderland was the second time arsenal will pick up full points while other top teams pick a draw or lose. Our team is not very good now but at least we know our weaknesses. Alexis performance is having positive influence on the team and I am sure other players with the love of the club in their heart will emulate him. But wenger should fix compatibility where needed. COYG

  8. Wenger’ s own pseudo philosophizing has past it’s sell buy date… should just set basic targets like if we loose ball we should recover it in 6 secs throw ins should take no longer than 5 secs etc…. The idea that Walcott will revive our fortunes is wishful thinking unless the guy has learnt some basic football skills whilst on sidelines…. Could get a Ramsey type boost but more likely to reproduce kind of foRm we are currently see from Ramsey which is woeful…. If we are in top 6 by Xmas it’s best we can hope for with a couple of signings in January giving hope to 4th place junkies…. But if that means wenger hanging around for another 2 years it’s just too high a price to pay

  9. The work rate of Alexis should be an ideal for our players. The problem with Arsene is that all first 11 are guarentee to start in every single game and not based on their performances. My worry is that even a player like Alexis will be tired to work so hard while others giving little on the pitch. Hopefully all players can learn from him. Good luck gonners

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