Alexis is staying? Why delay his Arsenal return and head to Paris then?

Arsene Wenger has insisted that Alexis Sanchez is staying this summer, claiming his one year remaining on his contract means nothing as per his future, but reports claim he is jetting into Paris as we speak…

The former Barcelona star is flying from Chile to Paris with his agent, before moving onto London supposedly, but the coincidence seems too strong to completely overlook.

The Chilean international has failed to agree a new deal with the Gunners, despite having opened talks over 12 months ago, and he looks certain to leave the club in the next 12 months.

The player’s indications are that he has no wish to stay for the coming campaign however, insisting that his intention is to play in the Champions League, with a team who has the potential to win it.

Paris Saint-Germain have been most strongly linked with a move in recent times, with Bayern Munich having ruled themselves out of the chase, and with the Gunners boss claiming that they would be unwilling to negotiate with any Premier League rivals.

PSG are now claimed to be lining up a measly £35 Million bid to try and tempt us into selling, which will surely come way under the mark, but they are usually more than happy to spend on top players where necessary.

One potential flaw in their bid for Alexis however, is that they are supposedly pursuing a monster offer deal to bring Neymar in from Barcelona, and have already been warned against such a deal due to UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations, and they will be forced to sell in order to counteract that transfer, so buying our superstar also would surely put them in big trouble.

Has Wenger just been trying to raise Alexis’ price tag? Could we really turn down a decent offer for a player in his final year of his contract?

Pat J

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  1. Burton says:

    Alexis, Alexis, Alexis… Everyday it’s Alexis, as much as he has made our thoughts to be about him, how about we take a break of talking about him. Man it’s too much of Alexis…

    1. Ogunjimi Marcus says:

      Great!!! I said something similar to this in one of our publications sometimes last week. Let’s talk on something more important. Players go and players come, the club remains for ever. Talking about a player time and time again makes people sick and bored.

      1. Verstellung says:

        I appreciate the work to give articles for us to comment on, but FFS

        What is the source of AS in Paris? “Reports” ?

        How about an article on tactics or the weather or something…
        Something besides shear and utter 5 generation hearsay.

        Is this site just ?


        1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

          Sanchez was in Paris to renew his visa ??

  2. COYG_CA says:

    OMG! How many discussions have to be about the same player/situation? I know many people are sick of this topic! I am one of them. If he stays, we will still have game day one to play, as well as an entire season. If he stays, we’ll still have game day one to play and an entire season.

    He could also stay and get injured and miss a lot of the season, and . . . . let’s move on, please.

  3. chinaka1 says:

    I still maintain that alexis can leave if his mind is made up already…we can only miss him for a season that’s all!

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    I think everyone has talked about as much as possible about Sanchez, and I guess it’ll continue until whilst the uncertainty remains.

    What’s so frustrating, but not surprising in the slightest, is that yet again, the club is in a complete mess as we’re heading into a new season. We haven’t done enough in terms of players in, and out. No one really knows what’s going to happen with our best player. Half the squad is the final year of their contracts, which our delusional manager describes as “an idea situation”!! Pre season has been a joke with the amount of travelling, and using players in the wrong positions. Still have the same disgrace of an owner, and we’re still waiting for a top manager as well. Add to that, we still have a big split in the fan base, which will most probably lead to infighting as early as the Community Shield.

    As I’ve already said, the mess is typical, and not a surprise, but I just wish for once, I could be optimistic going into a new season.

    1. COYG_CA says:

      Unfortunately, I do not believe I could disagree with your statements. I made similar comments on another thread; it really seems to be a mess with the season fast approaching, unprepared, I agree.

  5. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    Once upon a time there was a grime artist (i.e. me btw). When he couldn’t go to sleep he would count east London emcees (i.e. the sheep btw).

    And then summer 2017 came. And when this grime artist would have trouble going to sleep he would just read another Sanchez article because it helped him fall asleep.

  6. Trevor says:

    What a lot of hot air. Coming from Santiago he would almost certainly be having to stop off somewhere Madrid, Paris. Given that he made a last minute change because of illness it is hardly suspicious his route is taking him via Paris, is it?

  7. Kachope Patrick says:

    the other day you spotted him in a hotel in France. is he back again to the same place? interesting

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I still believe that if we lose Alexis we not only need to get Lemar or Mahrez but we need to replace Alexis also. Two attacking Midfielders/wingers will be needed.

    If Alexis stays we just need Lemar/Mahrez and we can worry about replacing Alexis with a world class player next summer

    1. sol says:

      ….and cazorlaaaaaaaaaaa…….

  9. Jack reacher says:

    Looks like Stan likes to kill animals ah wat money does to people they just get bored and cum up with stupid tv prog go kill animals makes me mad and sad and to think our club is ran by this man no wonder we are we’re we are besides putting cash into tv, Stan get ur cash and give ozil and Sanchez and ox the money they want if doesn’t do it go get bale that’s wat real owner does and if Sanchez refuses da offer get the guys killing animals on ur programme to go hunting Sanchez sick being put down like how are spurs ahead of us there building now we’re passed that we should be in champions league semis at least I don’t no if it’s wenger or da owner but at Highbury when mr drink was around we had 13 world class players and Highbury now emirates we have maybe 3 or 4 or 5 tops, world class players and guess wat we can’t even keep them oh my dear friends it don’t feel rite I find myself losing my arsenal my life I can not believe spurs are above us and how we use tear them to shreds our kids use ta, who cares if Sanchez goes we will not win da league with Stan there he just wants pump cash in to shooting poor animals well to me ur the animal and ur taking a sleeping giant in to the jungle ?

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      I read that too. Like we need aby more reasons to hate him

      Anyone who kills bears and dear for fun has a screw loose.

      Also read about Rick Ellis who committed suicide and blamed Stan for taking his home.

      Can’t stand Kroenke as a business man, Arsenal owner and human being

      1. gmv8 says:

        Weird that people have thumbed this down. I feel uneasy that I am supporting Arsenal now, and that any of my money goes into supporting blood sports and animal cruelty. Maybe a protest at the stadium to try and use Arsenal Football Club to support the right and humane view, as I have felt Arsenal and it’s supporters always have. This guy does not fit into the club or the Arsenal way, and I feel even more disgusted with him than I ever have, he just needs to go.

  10. waal2waal says:

    I believe it’s still time for talking and appealing to whatever remains of his affection for this club. There’s a host of reasons why alexis may feel it necessary to go to paris before heading here. Forgiveness, is a quality that is sometimes found lacking – but its worthwhile having especially if it results in this player having a change of mind and returning to the quality-performer we know he can be. Why not allow him to get his head straight be that in paris or here in london. UK’s media is infamously intrusive with chilean sanchez the sacrificial lamb used for their spin, whispers and lies.

  11. Sajoh Mpk says:

    Enough Is Enough Let Him Leave. He Was In Barca No Regular Start For Him, So Wenger Don Make Him Among The Best In World. Now He’s Doing Shakara For Wenger..

  12. Marty says:

    Stopped thinking about whether Sanchez stays or goes. I’m more concerned that our manager thinks that having players stay in the last year of their contract when we could then have to let them leave for nothing is a good thing !!

  13. Johnny Y says:

    Not sure if this is true but I read somewhere that he had to fly through Paris for a visa issue before he flys to London… just stating something I read

  14. Ronny says:

    Work permit extension they say.
    I’d prefer he was there to sort a transfer.
    Alexis used to be one of my all time favourite players now I actually want us to move him on.
    All the drama last year surrounded him now through the off season as well. Let’s get him gone so we can talk about something else!

  15. James says:

    It’s all about Alexis because he scores and creates most of the goals. We’re rubbish with him, without him we’re mid-table drivel.

  16. John says:

    Just sign Diego Costa…..if Wenger can handle Alexis…..he can handle Costa…..

  17. Ack77 says:

    could be a coincidence as many players go to paris to renew their work permit and have read somewhere that alexis has too. would explain the lawyer being present since player dont need a lawyer to hand in a transfer request.

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