Alexis Sanchez keen to sign new Arsenal contract?

Arsenal had been growing in concern that after having gotten away from Barcelona’s watchful eye over Hector Bellerin, that we’d have no more concerns surrounding our big players being considered for transfer, by other top European clubs. However it seemed as if Arsenal’s next opponent was going to be Juventus, who were hanging around Alexis Sanchez, with the Old Lady waiting to propose an offer to the Gunners.

Good news however is that today’s Metro claims that Juventus’ interest has been rebuffed by Arsenal (no surprise there) but also by Alexis Sanchez, who is rumoured to now be in discussions with the club over a new extension to his current contract, with Arsenal hoping to tie him down until the end of 2020 at the very least. Alexis’ new deal will also see an increase in his wages, to roughly £160,000 per week, which will put him on tally with our current highest paid player Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal will be keen to tie Alexis up to a new deal because although Juventus may have been rebuffed in their approach for the Chilean, who has just returned to England following on from his impressive campaign with his national side in the Copa America, there are still concerns surrounding Alexis’ long term commitment to the club. Alexis has a real passion to be playing at the top of his game all the time and so with Arsenal failing to really challenge on the highest stage last year, there were supposedly growing concerns that the 27 year old was not entirely happy in North London.

However if Arsenal’s star was to sign a new contract, then it would surely put all rumours to bed and fans will be able to wait for the upcoming season in peace, knowing that our star players are fully committed towards achieving major honours with the Gunners next season. After Alexis, Arsenal will need to then begin working on a new deal for Ozil as well, who despite having concerns earlier in the summer that he was considering his future with Arsenal, now seems to have fully committed himself to the club, for the near future at least.



  1. Alexis needs rest even after his injuries heal up
    Another reason we should have tried for Mkhitaryan, but there are other wingers out there like Mahrez, Gotze, Draxler, Rodriguez, Aubameyang, etc

    1. I really wish we would get Mahrez. I think he would make a name for himself with us… If we rush Alexis back when we could easily get him would be foolish I think. I picture Alexis and Mahrez dominating the flanks all season long.

      1. He won’t come this year, probably wants to see how Leicester does again. Maybe next year

  2. I was praying for Ozil not to miss the PK. Then I wondered why the manager picked him but credit to Ozil for stepping up. He hit it well but the woodwork was against him.. .

    Congrats to Germany. We could see ozil Vs Giroud and Kos then we also have Ramsey.

    I am not writing off the underdog Iceland.. .Looking forward to tomorrows game between France and Iceland….

    1. @uzi ozil
      Iceland is my “upset team”…They know how to play everybody. France look like they’re ready to buckle. And Iceland can see that.
      Iceland and Wales for the final. Iceland to rule the roost.

  3. Arsene please sign someone who’s a set piece specialist ala payer, hopefully they can take penalties as well not like xhaka and ozil! On sanchez was not giving him #7 enough? 🙂

  4. that penalty where the Italian Player was jogging slowly to the ball was funny. It took ages lol

  5. Alexis shouldn’t sign yet.. he and Ozil should wait till Wenger gets a reliable striker before they sign.

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