Alexis makes it clear to Arsenal that he wants to be appeciated

The ongoing saga surrounding Alexis Sanchez’s contract situation at Arsenal is something that the Arsenal fans have sadly got used to. In previous years the Gunners have found themselves in exactly the same situation, with a star player getting close to entering the final year of their current contract. It makes it a tense affair for the fans of Arsenal, with everyone keen for the club to offer our star player a deal that will keep them committed to the playing at the Emirates.

The situation surrounding Alexis Sanchez is that he reportedly wants to have a new bumper wage package in his new deal, that will see his weekly pay rise to over £250,000. Those figures would put him amongst some of the very best paid players in the league and across the footballing world. Arsenal however, rather understandably from my perspective, are rather reluctant to offer such a high wage, with the club taking pride in its current wage structure.

This means that both Alexis and Arsenal seem to have been left in a stand-off position, with both the club and the player wanting to come to an agreement, but with little movement actually taking place. Alexis has today told reporters in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports, that he is happy at Arsenal and is willing to commit his future to the club, but that the Gunners do need to make the first move soon.

When asked about how he felt about the current contractual saga, Alexis said: “I’m focused more on winning football matches – I’m staying concentrated on that. It really doesn’t depend on me – if they want to show confidence in me. I’m very happy at the club. I love all the staff. I’m very grateful for everybody here. It depends on Arsenal.”

“I enjoy the relationship with the fans. I want to achieve more for them. I want to win the Premier League and the Champions League.”

Alexis seems to be happy at the club and despite reservations that may have been made about him in regards to desiring more from the club, you can’t blame him for wanting Arsenal to show a bit more ambition in terms of both financially in the transfer market and competitively on the pitch. Alexis has grown into becoming a real star for the Gunners and his form this season alone shows the club just how important he is and how important he will be to the future success of this team. It’s vital that the Gunners get a move on in offering him a suitable deal, along with fellow Gunners superstar Mesut Ozil as well.

Will Arsenal soon offer Alexis the deal he desires? Or is he just fishing for more money?



  1. Incarnate says:

    His tax saga was brought up in an earlier article brings a reality to the fore, he has financial issues that need to go away, soccer his how he makes a living, how else should he raise the cash to get the taxman of his back?

  2. Jansen says:

    Football is a professional sport. Why would he not want to get paid what he thinks he can earn? Why would he simply accept less money, simply because Arsenal prefer to pay less?

    To me, this is a defining moment in the history of the club. If we concede we can not pay him what he is worth and thus he leaves, we concede we are no longer competing for top trophies.

    Rooney has been paid more for years as has Aguero and wages will continue to go up. Now Pogba and Ibra earn more than Rooney and neither contribute as much to their clubs as Sanchez.

    In football, more often than not the clubs with the highest wages bills are the ones that compete for the trophies. You either compete on that front and pay your world class players or you accept you become a feeder club who won’t be able to hold on to any players that you might develop into world class players, because you won’t be able to buy world class players if you don’t want to or can not pay them, and the ones you develop will leave.

    The Leicester city cases are rare.

  3. Alexis the Great says:

    Its a fact that his wages will have to go up, but the money they are talking about earning for going to China is ridiculous.

  4. The12thMan says:

    I very much doubt Sanchez will go to china. Right now he is one of the top 5 forwards in the world. What this comes down to is whether we can offer him something he is happy with that is also out of our comfort zone.

    I think this will be one of the biggest eye openers we will get. Keeping your best players is the top priority of ambitious teams. If we let him go that will say a lot about the ambitions of the club. Because let’s face it every player who peaks at Sanchez level will want the money to suit. If we want the. If we want the best team in the league and in Europe we have to give our best players what they deserve

  5. Arsenal goonz says:

    In my opinion, a wage of bitween 250k to 270k should be good enough to tie him up for another four years and I do think he’s worth more in today’s inflated market.why not sign up draxler while at it with a 140k contract…

  6. mark says:

    I think football has lost the plot. Players demanding more in wages per week than many will earn in decades..

    It’s a great game, but it’s not that great.

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