Alexis playing games to force transfer to Arsenal’s EPL rivals?

Almost every Arsenal fan will be hoping that Arsene Wenger can somehow persuade the Chile international star to change his mind about leaving Arsenal this summer and instead to decide to pledge his long term future to the Gunners by signing a new contract, but in reality most of us do not believe that Alexis Sanchez will be playing his home club matches at the Emirates Stadium next season.

If that is going to be the case, though, it would be a lot better for Arsenal if the striker was not playing against the Gunners and that may well happen if he signs for an English Premier League rival, with both Chelsea and Man City having been strongly linked through various Arsenal transfer rumours in the media.

Thankfully for us it was also being reported that a very attractive transfer fee and pay package was being offered by the German champions Bayern Munich but according to The Mirror this may not be enough. They are reporting that the Chilean is demanding much more from Bayern than he would accept from one of our EPL rivals, over £400,000 a week.

The Bundesliga champions fear that Alexis is deliberately pricing himself out of joining them to force a transfer back to his old boss Pep Guardiola. So what should Wenger and Arsenal do?



  1. I hope he lives long enough to spend it. Too much money and too much greed in the EPL . The monster is out of control and the supporters are only secondry now ,but I don’t suppose there will be any empty grounds?

  2. Sign top quality players and increase his wages. Dude is twice the player Theo is so he should make way way more than theo.

    Otherwise Arsenal have had couple years to surround Alexis with talent yet chose no to. Why not 1 big big signing each summer, and mix in a Holding (2 million) and a couple young players for depth and the future?

    Giroud, Ramsey, Wilshire, Theo, the list grows every year regarding under performing players. They all have had years to prove themselves yet they remain with ever increasing wage packets.

    Sanchez worth 300k per week? Absolutely in my opinion. Is Theo worth his wages? No way. Stop paying top salaries to average players, and start paying top salaries to top players. Also wish Wenger’s new contract was performance based. Pay him a commission based on results. Wonder if he would have still signed.

    Forget about trophies, it’s all about balance sheets and bank accounts with Stan. If they handed out financial trophies The Arsenal would rule.

  3. Exactly Van parse situation……..

    Alexis is Manchester bound……

    look at what they have there…..
    a world class coach and and have made impressive statement in the transfer window currently. who wouldn’t what to play there.

    besides Alexis dogs love England…. you know much his dogs means to him….

  4. I’m still hoping that Alexis will accept £280,000 to £30,000 but I’m going to accept the worse case scenario as I don’t trust Wenger

    I really believe though that if Wenger bought Top players like Aubemeyang or Lacazette or Rodriguez, then Alexis would stay

    I think Alexis wants a high salary and to win trophies

    That is completely reasonable. Why wouldn’t a world class player want to play for a team with Ambition

    1. good comment, If Wenger was willing to buy the French kid for more than 100m, why not splash a little less than 100m to bring in Aubemeyang, or any other super strikers? he’ll dilly dally till the window closes then settle with what we have, OG, who I wish could just go to West Ham

      splash the cash then pay Alexis, build a winning team not a 4th trophy squad like we’ve always done.

  5. There is a lot of “rumours” going around about Sanchez like pricing himself out of a move to Bayern to stay in England..

    The one thing I will say is.. IF and it’s a big IF.. arsenal i.e Wenger is stupid enough to sell him to a EPL rival it better be for decent money.. surely we want between 55-70mil for him.. who cares he only has one year left..

    BUT.. we need to pay him the 300k or whatever he wants.. we also need to sign prooven top quality stars.. ready to go straight into 1st 11.. convince him to stay..

    Worse case scenario if he doesn’t sign we will need to sell him.. end of this summer.. can we risk him not signing a new deal and getting to January where he can sign on wiv whoever he likes?? Then move for free and really starft up the a$$

  6. Wenger is selling the season tickets first then he will announce Jack as a new signing and say Ramsey welcant welbroke are all ready to compete

    1. Yes. Almost exactly 1 year
      His contract runs out 30.06.18

      source: transfermarket website

  7. Admittedly, a top class player should be paid top dollar. The stubbornness of Wenger staying loyal to non performing players isn’t encouraging to players like Sanchez who’re so driven to win. Getting rid of players like Giroud, Walcott and Ramsey, and bringing in world class players will show Arsenal have ambition, and may help change Sanchez’s mind. 300k, pay the man. The silly game of haggling from a weak position that Arsenal does is useless. Not in Champions League, so we need to up our offers to get/keep people

  8. If I could be bothered i would go back a year and look at all the links and players we didnt end up signing, this time were gonna lose alexis and you cant blame him for wanting to go, best player in the prem last season. Should be competing for the big titles!

    1. I agree he was the best
      Kane got 5 more goals and Lukaku got one more goal BUT they were up front every match, Alexis wasn’t AND Alexis got more assists than Lukaku, Costa, Ibrahimovich, Kane

      Alexis got 24 goals and 10 assists
      So he had a part to play in 34 goals
      That shows how good and valuable he is to us

  9. Sometimes I wonder if this is the site for plastic arsenal fans. Because if Alexis isn’t willing to help the club will leaving at the same time. Then he should be treated with the same respect, that he is giving arsenal. Which is none if he is trying to go to an epl rival. And Alexis is not worth 300k. Only messi and ronaldo deserve that type of money. Club over one man. No man is bigger than the crest. Tighten up fellow gunners.

    1. we let him go and his replacement is Onyekuru or any other Wenger signings, what would you prefer? If we have Alexis and other top strikers and wingers, what will be the outcome? or selling Alexis then settle with OG and another panic buys, hope you put your mind into it. selling Alexis is a gr8 loss

    2. Would you say the same thing about Wenger? No!
      Wenger doesn’t respect us fans yet everybody’s demanding us to respect him?

      Without Sanchez we wouldn’t have been 5th. Do you know that Alexis gets the same amount of wages as Walcott, ****** Walcott?!!

  10. Tighten up?? I bet there is far more players on more than 300k a week than just Ronaldo and Messi..

    We gotta get with the times guys!! We want top drawer players we gotta pay the money!!

    I’m sure the club has the cash.. so let’s use it.. or we risk falling behind.. Wenger has to deliver or we are screwed

    1. it’s true, and Wenger will never be screwed by any outcome, his salary is enough to erase any pain, we are the ones who gets heart attacks, some guys even kill themselves. never heard a manager or player hang himself coz they were relegated.. so this pain is only ours (fans), we need to force our happiness or we’ll end up like this as long as the the clueless one is in charge

  11. This situation compares to the RvP saga. I said then and I say now, Alexis is under contract. What is he worth to the club if he can help get us back into Europe next year? Keep him and let him play out his contract. If he then wants to move, let him. The difference between what we get for him and what we have to pay for a replacement of similar quality is surely worth it. Remember, if we had kept RvP under similar circumstances, we could well have won the PL that year, and Man Utd would most certainly not have. Le Prof should exercise his financial acumen correctly for a change.

  12. Why would he want to stay?
    Would you want to work for a company who was not a market leader and who paid far less than others you claimed were competitors?
    If I was Sanchez I would be forcing a move to City or Chelsea right now knowing they will compete.
    Arsenal will just stagnate, rewarding garbage like Wilshere, Walcott and Giroud with new contracts.
    The situation at Arsenal is beyond despair now – its a cynical snipe at paying fans who expect the club to show ambition
    Its Wenger deliberately sitting on his hands doing nothing knowing that if he does well or poorly he will still have a job.
    As long as he is in post Arsenal are FINISHED.

  13. Maybe Arsenal want to sell him Wenger himself said he cant stop the guy playing.
    We dont seem to let any bad players contract run down just the 1s who bring the big bucks.
    So is Wenger getting him out cause of his eagerness to play and knowing this is probably the most money we could get before he starts to decrease?
    Either way its not looking good as we were told things would be done asap but still waiting.

  14. Even fans are tired 15 years without winning any important trophies? Small clubs are coming frombehind and very soon numbers789 will be our position

  15. If the transfer window proves to be a farce which it slowly becomes, I hope that WOB destroys Wenger on each and every game. 90 minutes of GET OUT OF OUR CLUB during each and every game that Arsenal plays.

  16. Force him to sign. If he refuses put him on the bench for the entire season. Does he really want to risk not playing any matches for an entire season leading up to the WC? Wenger needs to show these greedy players that Arsenal will not be bullied into selling their top players to rivals or for amounts less than market value.

  17. Alexis will sign. Everyone needs to calm down. Nobody will pay him more than Arsenal. He wants support in the quality of the squad and he will get that. We will sign either Lacazette or Auba along with a box to box midfielder to replace Ramsey. Things are not as bad as “they” want us to think. Arsenal has never had a problem scoring goals. The problem was a midfield that was too fragile to play with a back 4. Ramsey was too weak defensively and kept going out of position, and Coq/Moh not creative enough going forward. If we add a decent box to box MF with Santi coming back as support. Then I see us doing very well next season.

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