Alexis pledges loyalty to Arsenal and wants the Treble!

All Arsenal fans are hoping to see our superstar striker Alexis Sanchez back in the squad to face Chelsea today, and it is looking likely even if he only comes on from the bench. There have been a few dodgy Arsenal rumours saying that the Chilean may be open to moving on in the near future, but Alexis has decided to pledge his loyalty openly to stop the whispers.

“I am very happy at Arsenal and I’m not thinking about leaving,” said Sanchez.“The unity here between fans, club and players is enormous and the supporters have been fantastic. We suffer the defeats and enjoy the ­victories together.

“This campaign we are ­demonstrating that we are serious candidates for the Premier League title. I think there can be no doubt about our credentials to be ­champions this time.”

“It’s true that we have lost important points that could have given us a bigger advantage in the table, but, overall, we are having a very good season.

“The spirit between the players is sensational and, when we do suffer a blow, we are able to overcome it. That’s very important.

“I am always ambitious in football and I still want to win three titles this season – the Premier League, the FA Cup and the Champions League. It will not be easy but we can do it.”

That is a very clear statement from Sanchez, and perfectly timed to give his team-mates a boost ahead of our crucial game against Chelsea today. I love that he has the ambition to win everything and we know he will do his utmost to achieve it too. With him and Petr Cech’s desire to win everything, and Ozil’s desire to be the best in the world we cannot help to believe that this team can achieve great things….

Onwards and Upwards!

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    1. our chile pepper could cause shockwaves….’under the bridge’
      get it?
      cos there grounds stamford bridge an the red hot ch….ahhh whatever.

      im going yo sushi….up the gooners

  1. looks decent..and still on his prime: Dynamo Kiev winger Yarmolenko, 26
    ARSENAL are prepared to pay £25million up front to beat Everton..would give us some grit on the EPL.what do you think fellow gooners? MUST WIN TODAY..let’s pressure them as we did Man UTD earlier and score in first 20-30 mins..slow the tempo..hit them again..and bring El neny to close it down..

  2. Sachet needs to play today from the get go simple as, Wenger needs to show some bottle for once in his life and drop his “favourites” and Yes I’m on about Walcott & Ramsey both have done jack all this season and no where near justified their places in team. We have players back now so throw in sanchez,Elneny and obviously ozil a given, flamini has justified his place playing with pure passion and grit in every game and done a decent job considering he is 31 now and doesn’t have the legs he once had.

    Bellerby, Mert,kosc, mon
    Flam, elneny
    Campbell, ozil, sanchez

    Walcott is a impact player always has been always will be everyone barring fickle arsenal fans can see that, ox Iv given up on iwobi ahead of him in my opinion and Ramsey well the lad needs to eradicate the selfishness in his game and do some ******** defensive work also rather then always exposing our midfield until then drop him.

    Will Wenger do it will he Hell the bottle job

    1. No, it’s Giroud who’s an impact player. He scores regularly coming off the bench. I’ll start Walcott for this one. He and Alexis have a great understanding.

      1. unfortunately Walcott, ox , chamberlain seem to be always struggling. Something common among them?
        hope Welbeck does not join them.
        with just a few matches joel is so much improved and has confidence now.
        Walcott will always be an impact player…good in the last 20 mts…otherwise he breaks the play many times and looses the ball …

    2. Stop kidding yourself, Flamini is the liability not Ramsey, and Sanchez just got back from injury you can’t expect him to play 100% after 2 months out.

  3. Just hope wenger starts him Campbell and elmeny … Despite their position need our strongest side out … 3 points from last 9 would be a very poor haul for an aspiring champion … Would leave us 3 above spurs who are way better than people on this sight want to credit and still only 8 points above one of the most haplessly managed man utd sides in a long time …. Still want to see a quality attacker in during last 7 days .. On a more positive note hoping bravo will be in goal when we face barca … The guy is a liability for them

  4. I think he has to stick with Campbell, Campbell is the first winger (for some time) Ive seen who can play a killer ball behind defence every now and then, the first one besides Alexis and Ramsey. Campbell is more comfortable on the ball too, but if its a one on one with keeper well then Id want Walcott on the end of it.

  5. Alexis, Ozil, Cech, Koscielny and Cazorla are all WC

    Other players who are excellent with the ability and time to become WC are Bellerin, Coquelin, Wilshere (injuries permitting and Ramsey.

    In terms of our academy I really like Zelalem

  6. Campbell should be the first name on Wenger’s list of attackers for this game. The guy has done more than all the england players we have in arsenal for a short time he’s played in the team.

  7. Oh Sanchez. I hope Wenger will select players at the same wavelength with you to destroy Chelsea. Wenger, don’t be a coward. Throw in Elneny along with Sanchez, Campbell and Gabriel to rattle Chelsea. These guys are power horse and almost of the same street football background and are fearless. Gamble man, it can workout.

  8. Will the Boss starts the likely less than 100% fit Alexis for this big game? If I see Sanchez starts, I’ll assume he’s fully fit to start. Otherwise, let the Boss reserve him for the Saints starts.

    This big game and local derby is not for the learner boys to start. But for the big men to start it and win it. All the startable learner boys should rather start the Burnley game.

    My starts and bench for Chelsea: Cech; BellerinRhino’KoscielnyMonreal; RamseyFlamini; WalcottOzilCampbell; Giroud. Yes! These are our now familiar big men Premier League game starters. The Boss should stick to them to deliver the goods. And they certainly will deliver. OspinaDebuchyDeAberuGibbsChambersSanchezOxlade. Alexis should be given a last10 minutes of game run out to use it as a training exercise for his upcoming start against the Saints. I hope the Boss will agree with me. Final Score-Line @Full-Time: AFC 3-0 CFC.

  9. Most teams in EPl has given their new recruits starting in the first XI in the first game..why we do not do the same? the way to destroy chelsea today is to do the same 20 minutes we did against Man Utd…pace and intensity form the word go..not passivity as I believe wenger will starts my words..If he fail today..we are not gonna have a chance ..we already lost many points where we should not.MUST WIN TODAY..NOT A POINT..A WIN .

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