Alexis returns: Will he bring negativity to the Arsenal squad?

Alexis Sanchez is confirmed to be joining up with the Arsenal squad on Sunday, but will he be in the right state of mind?
There has been much speculation surrounding the Chilean midfielder’s future since the end of the season, with many claims that he was keen on an exit, with Champions League football a must.

Despite the claims, many potential suitors for his signature have pulled out of the race to sign him, leaving possibly Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus as his only realistic options outside England.

Arsene Wenger has remained adamant that his star player will not be leaving the club, with him even repeating that statement last week while claiming the club have no need to sell for financial reasons, and he has now revealed that Alexis will join up with the squad for training on Sunday.

This will leave him, and Shkodran Mustafi, only one week to try and prepare themselves for the Community Shield encounter with Chelsea on August 6 at Wembley, with the pair having returned late to pre-season due to their obligations for Germany and Chile at the Confederations Cup.

Last week, Wenger not only claimed that Sanchez was going to stay, but that he had not asked to leave the club, and should have no problem returning to the club for the new campaign, but the French boss is hard to read at the best of times.

It will be a big deal to see the 29 year-old back in training at the weekend, and his manner at London Colney will of course be studied by many, with the press bound to be keeping a close eye on his attitude

I would expect him to return with a professional head on his shoulders regardless of his intentions to stay or go, but if he has has his head turned by Manchester City, then there is a chance that he could try and cause trouble in order to persuade the club to allow him to move on.

Will Alexis be professional on his return? Will Sanchez be at the club on September 1? Does he want to leave this summer?

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  1. WengerBooi says:

    it shouldn’t, they’re all professionals

  2. Keagan Clayton. says:

    Should have “been professional” when throwing his gloves off at bournemouth.

    Should have “been professional” when he sat sulking on the bench with his hood down after being subbed whilst we were 4-0 up against Swansea.

    Should have “been professional” when pictured laughing and joking when we had conceded at Anfield.

    Should have “been professional” when questioned on his prospects of leaving ,
    whats wrong with saying”no comment until further notice”?

    lol dont evn want to elaborate on that” im sick” saga , sanchez got too much time for antics recently.

    Great player No Doubt , but i support s Great Football Team.

    I respect his Ambition and appreciate him understanding we probably aint where we supposed to be based on who we are or whatever we had promised him when he had signed the contract.

    but that’s sums it up to me ,a contract was signed , get on with your job bro

    1. Vlad says:

      Well said

  3. LL_cool_gunner says:

    Chelsea are in for Renato Sanchez, what are we actually doing in this transfer window? Tottenham hasn’t sign any player, because they already have a good first 11, they just need squad players, we need to upgrade our first 11, if elexis wants out let him go, and get replacement asap, for the first time in over 15 years we are out of the top four, I thought that will make us ruthless this summer, but wenger is so relaxed because kroenke is a looser like him, I hope things change before August 15, if not am sorry, but we are gradually turning into, Europa league team…

    1. Kostafi says:

      Muppet. Spurs are selling and not spending because they are building a stadium. No first team is beyond improvement. Renato cost Bayern £50m and they’d be lucky to get half of that after a poor season.

      1. LL_cool_gunner says:

        Fool. Are they selling any first team player apartment from Walker? No, their first team is already good they just need good squad players, and you don’t think Renato Sanchez will improve our mieldfield? listen! What am saying is Chelsea won the league and are still improving, getting very good players..

  4. ruelando says:

    I have said it before, Sanchez must be sold as early as possible because he will become a negative influence on the team (AGAIN).

    Suddenly after all the time he spent on the beach and flying around, he is now suddenly ill when it is time to return to Arsenal.

    For all the fans who have said he is going to be professional if we keep him, there is a perfect example of PROFESSIONALISM

  5. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Sanchez has pulled a Sicky lol
    (I couldn’t find a Lego man, but he’ll do?? ??)

    ???” Alo! Mr Wenger,Boss, Me not feeling very well, me have bout of CityJumptivitis”… “I need Pep talks”

    1. Abel says:

      I thumbed you up for your incredible wit @fatboy gunner. However, it’s unfair to bash Sanchez simply because he uploaded a picture implying that he may have flu or a minor illness.
      He would still be in London on Saturday and train on Sunday. So there is no need to be up in arms.
      You have my permission to crucify him if for some reason he is suddenly unfit to start against Leicester on Friday 11th August. That would mean an agreement to sell him has been reached and he doesn’t want to get injured before his move so as not to scuttle his Medical.

  6. kev says:

    JUST IN:News coming in is that Arsenal are not willing to sell this season at any price this window and is very very much intent on keeping him.They’re not going to let him move abroad or to a rival this window.They’re still hoping he’ll sign the new contract they’ll be offering him either this week or next.I’ll confirm the salary for you later.I’m told Chamberlain ,Ozil and Ramsey will soon sign despite all the rumours from media which are untrue.
    On Lemar,one of his replacements called Diakhaby is set to sign today or tomorrow.Media especially L’equipe are trying to say the 3rd bid is rejected which is untrue.The deal is on and he’ll be an Arsenal player.As I reported expect everything to fall into place next week.Still no bid for Jean Michael Seri and Jakub Janko another CM likes Arsenal and wants a premier league move

    1. kev says:

      The only team in for Sanchez now is Man City as he has no intentions of moving abroad and has probably rejected all offers .

      1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

        If he goes to city.
        His dogs are getting shipped to China

    2. Keagan Clayton. says:

      lol the way you just came out all mysterious and sht some how makes me want to , kinda,almost believe you…

      got a bryan swanson/drug dealer vibe to you ,quick firing information at us during such a vulnerable time for Gunner supporters.

      let’s be friends bro.

      i need a daily dose.

      1. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

        I read kev’s post.. and I had this feeling.. I can’t explain it. But I like it!

    3. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

      Yeah… and who are you?
      Thanks BTW.

      1. Abel says:

        Kev is resource. Haven’t you figured it out already? Same info, same manner of writing, same reference to previous statements made by resource.

        1. Valentine says:

          He isn’t Resource. Resource has that “copyright” to the LacaLemar stuff, at least, he said it when we all thought it was all media speculation. His boldness to say all that he said testifies to his “inside source” claim. If the Lemar deal comes thru, I honestly will reserve kudos for him. He stuck with the LacaLemar hint even when Aulas (remember him? Lyon president! ?) was giving us that “feverish feeling” with his loquacious nature. Well, still keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. Pablo Picasso says:

    Just sale him already and bring in both Lemar and Mahrez.

    Keeping an unhappy player, and not just any player but your star player will disrupt our dressing room. I can only imagine how the other players are feeling knowing Sanchez thinks there all sh!t and wants out. Wenger is too old and soft to be breaking up fights, even though his brought in his German Shepard now it might be too tasking to control Sanchez since clearly he wants out so the Boss cant force him to follow his instructions.

    Players come and go, Arsenal still stands

  8. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

    I don’t know what to say of Alexis Sanchez.. I almost do not know what to think of him at the moment too.
    But I believe -for so many reasons- that we absolutely need to keep him for next season atleast.

    1. Keeping Alexis will help spare Lacazette too much (negative) attention if he doesn’t hit the ground running pretty quickly.
    2. One more (major) thing for the fans to moan about (or protest) if we aren’t winning games and Alexis is no where around the Emirates.
    3. He really is a better goal-scorer than most of the other players we’ve been linked with this summer.
    And I can go on and on.. but y’all know the drill.

    I hope Arsenal and Arsene knows and does what’s best for the club in this situation.

  9. slimboy gooner says:

    I guess he is sick of returning to arsenal @ Alexis Twitter post. we need a replacement asap. Wenger get this in your head n ship him to China fr huge returns.

  10. Tubby says:

    Arsenal fans in March: i feel sorry for alexis. He deserves better. Wouldnt blame him if he left to achieve his ambition

    Arsenal fans after Alexis says he wants to leave: Traitor! We saved him from Barcelona and made him a star. He is bad for team spirit

    So which is it??

    1. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

      So true!!!

  11. Ronny says:

    Simply put yes of course he would, # ego
    He’s sick now yes? Bollo**s!
    He’s doing a tevez!
    I’d get a car to collect him and make him sit with the sqaud and be part of it even if he’s so say too ill to train. I’d then invite some of the u19 players and introduce him to them and say this is who you’ll be training with for a while.
    Then at some point when you’ve made it as uncomfortable as possible for him and late in the window sell to whoever for as much as we can.

  12. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

    As things are, and if there are no further changes to the squad. My preferred first 11 in the 3-4-3 formation will be:


    At middle CB, I’d still prefer the faster Kosc to Mert.
    Kolasinac is better fit physically at LCB than Monreal… Monreal is better in attack and (a little bit) in possession than Kolasinac.
    According to stats, Coq is our best CM in defense, tackling and interceptions. He is not the worst in possession or attack. Unless Ramsey starts defending and tackling again (he is very much capable) and consistently, I’d be weary of playing him alongside Xhaka every time and especially in the big games.

    1. Dalinho says:

      Unfortunately that’s the best first 11 we have ⬆️

  13. waal2waal says:

    most of us vision a future of arsenal having success its a picture that (emotions aside) clearly has alexis sanchez featuring in it. He has a manager either he can be ‘managed’ or he cannot at afc. It ain’t easy to find players of his calibre so we must do our best. Surely its others need to be shown the door and not alexis?

  14. Dianjuh says:

    There are two ways of showing your fans, and other clubs that you are a big club.

    1. Make a player run down his contract and refuse to bend to the pressure to sell him.
    2. Treat him as a nobody – Sell him immediately, get his replacement (Mahrez and Lemar) forget about him.

    Sanchez is a top player, but he needs to stop pretending he is irreplaceable. Mahrez is dying to join us, literally. Lemar will soon be ours.
    Add Seri to that and we can win the title without Sanchez.

    And once we get back to the Champions league, I hope we meet with whichever team he will be in and ensure he loses a good one on our account, with Mahrez scoring a hattrick.

    I hate cry babies!!!

  15. Ronny says:

    I have no idea how you profess to know what you know or whether it’s correct.
    But I like how you report the information so I’ll go with and hope what you say is correct.

    On Seri and janko,(young guy from city) you said no bids yet. Does this mean:
    1 we will be going all out to get lemar and a midfielder?
    2. Do we intend to bid for seri and/or Janko?

    1. kev says:

      Arsenal hold a genuine interest in both Seri and Janko but have not made any bids yet.However,if we were to ever bid it’ll be for one of them as they are both CM’s.The young guy from city is 17 year old Jadon Sancho who has verbally agreed to join but has not yet signed.IDortmund still not giving up but likely he’ll join us.l’ll update you on that.
      The Lemar deal is still on as AS Monaco are set to sign Diakhaby who’s one of his replacements.Everything will fall into place by next week.I know Arsenal are making strides with Lemar but as for CM’s there’s been nothing concrete like a bid.

      1. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

        Kev, now I’m absolutely sure you’re possessed by the spirit of of Ornsteinnnnnnnnnnn!
        Thank you man.

        1. Emmanuel Ogundeji says:

          Kev may be right, though. The Sun have been continually insisting for 1week now that the Lemar’s deal is on against all what others are reporting, despite one of monaco director’s “la Aulas” stunt. It seems to be true that Lemar would join just before the community shield, esp as they have failed to convince Mbappe and Mendy to stay. Wenger seems to have truly make his mind up about Sanchez, despite personal talks between them not going well as oppose what Wenger reported, Guardiola feels confident because Sanchez gave him his words already. But one thing is sure, Sanchez would die if he doesn’t play football, so if he is still around after august 31, he would surely play and help the team, so Wenger is sure a strike would not happen, and he would insist on keeping him against all odds, even if he walks for free next summer. As for Seri, it’s either Wenger already agreed a deal in private and confident he would just do the simple job of making the agreement formal when he’s done all the hard works on ground, or he’s skeptical about his ability and that there may be better options for what Nice want for him (35m pounds) or could get Cazorla fit as soon as possible; but one sure thing is Arsenal already enquired about him, and we v been told 35m flat, we ll just have to wait until after we announce Lemar and different departures that are to follow, before we can say if Seri would be our one footed Cazorla or not.

  16. jonestown says:

    Just out of interest can anyone direct me to one quote attributable to AS regarding this whole fiasco. I heard a rough translation of a comment from him during the Confed Cup – words to the effect that he had made his mind up but wouldn’t elaborate. He was asked the question, he didn’t offer it up without prompting. There is undoubtedly a problem with his contract situation (same as Ozil but all quiet there) but 99% of the s**t storm has been stirred up by “unnamed sources”, tabloid hacks, click-bait bloggers, dodgy agents, liberties taken with translation etc, etc. That 3 sec video of two geezers in sunglasses exiting a Paris hotel was hilarious – “here is the proof that AS has signed for PSG”… what a crock.

    I won’t go too hard on him until I’ve seen and heard his first hand account in context. I’m hoping the fans don’t jump the gun here and boo him at the weekend.

    1. stubill says:

      He won’t come out and say he wants to leave, as that would jeopardise any bonuses he’s due.

      He’s being a right slimy little grease ball, stick him with the U19s and let him rot, whilst watching the likes of Lacazette, Ozil and other earning up to double what he’s on.

      If he really wants to go, make him put in a transfer request and do it with some integrity and decency. Until that point he’s a scum sucking toad, and a money grabbing coward.

    2. ruelando says:

      So base on what you have said he has not heard anything that is been said about him and he has no clue, while media is with him every day, even the use of instagram and i am he has a twitter account. AND HE HAS NO CLUE

    3. Anko says:

      I think he is contributing to the media noise, he is still contracted to a club that does not have his loyalty. Even if he wants to move to another club he should be dignified and show respect to his present club. Why go about saying he wants everything his present club do not have. The guy has become really annoying.

  17. John0711 says:

    Il take Lenard, Mahrez and Seri and Sanchez can go imo that would make us better all round than last year

  18. sniper says:

    Sanchez has refused to travel for training as indicated by Wenger ,he has posted a photo holding his dog sleeping with a caption ‘sick’

  19. desire to excel says:

    Holding Alexis to his contract will be a landmark statement by this club. We can not falter on this. This will finally put to rest the ghosts of “the selling club”

  20. Coldzero says:

    Get rid of him and don’t let his sulky ways mess with the team vibe.

  21. amb98 says:

    If PSG offer £50m then let him go or get Draxler and £10m in a swap deal. Must not sell him to a PL rival.

  22. ade says:

    Wenger , maintain ur stand, don’t sell Sanchez, we need his contribution this season. Those who say u should let him go will Blame u later.

  23. Anko says:

    The guy is beginning to really annoy me, he is contracted to a club and it is the prerogative of the club to either sell him or not. It is this kind of stupid attitude that made Chelsea refuse to work with Coasta anymore. What is his problem. I still think Wenger should sell him and let Arsenal move on. No one is greater than the club

  24. Peter santi. Sumo says:

    Wenger should try to sell the Alex man to PSG or make exchange him with Man city Kun Agueo and use the money to get another player Alex is not the only player in the World of Sport

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