Alexis rightly dropped amid rumours, but will it come back to bite?

Alexis Sanchez is head-to-head with Arsene Wenger this season, in challenging for the title of ‘who can cause a bigger situation at Arsenal’. For both the player and manager, the dispute surrounds their respective futures, because whilst Arsenal fans want Wenger gone, they also can’t bare to imagine Alexis Sanchez leaving.

It’s created quite a bit of media interest, of which rumours have spiralled out of control. Some news outlets will tell you that Alexis is leaving, whilst others will suggest that he is still happy at the club. I think the general assumption is that Alexis isn’t wholeheartedly committed to Arsenal and is quite likely to leave, unless there are some drastic changes at the club this summer. I think it would be fair to suggest that given the pleas for Sanchez to stay, the Chilean forward currently holds Arsenal by the scruff of the neck. Alexis will be aware of the fact that right now he’s probably in a position to demand whatever he wants knowing that Arsenal are either going to be out of pocket, or lose a world class player.

However Arsene Wenger reminded Alexis at the weekend that there is no player bigger than the club at the end of the day. We saw similar situations when it came to Fabregas and RVP, especially the latter who was also entering his final contracted year; and now the time seemingly strikes again with Alexis Sanchez. Wenger made the call to drop Alexis from the starting line-up against Liverpool, amongst rumours that suggested he had yet another row with his teammates. The first ‘bust-up’ came against Bayern, although it was denied by Wenger. The boss therefore made the decision to drop Alexis from the line-up to show his authority and that Alexis isn’t in the position to do as he likes.

It did kind of backfire for Wenger, who ended up relying on Sanchez to get part of the job done against Liverpool; as the forward came on at half time and changed the spirit of the game. When Alexis came on, he gave Arsenal that spark of energy and provided creativity with his assist. It showed the difference between the players we have at the club, in comparison with Alexis’ skill, ability and determination. Therefore although Wenger made the right call in showing his authority in dropping a player who has reportedly stepped out of line, could it come back to bite Arsenal in the sense that it just evidenced quite how much we need Alexis to put up any kind of fight.



  1. bran99 says:

    “It just evidenced quite how much we need Alexis to put up any kind of fight” very true statement. This has happened for years in this club, a player who works hard and wants to win trophies is the one to be shifted out, but the soft ones who are ok with 4th and their fat salaries don’t give a damn, always saying in the media that we will bounce back only to go and lose again in the next match

    I wonder those players who don’t work hard like Alexis, why don’t they demand for more? Why don’t try quarrel with the manager? Why won’t the manager blame them when we lose? Like each side is protecting the other by covering for them, and see where has that taken us? Branded a laughing stock all over the world, we are obsessed for 4th that even if we lead the league by feb, we’ll just find a way to crawl back to our favorite position

    Alexis will move to a more ambitious club and we’ll remain with our average players to keep fighting for 4th, and next season we’ll witness Alexis winning trophies just like the others with ambition that left us and went on to succeed, and we’ll be here waiting for St. Toteringham day to celebrate like we won the league

  2. Jansen says:

    If you believe Wenger you can not claim he made the right call. Wenger denied any bust up of conflict. This leaves his “tactical” decision which was clearly faulty and back fired.

    Now if you call Wenger a liar and you think there was a bust up then he also made the wrong decision by bringing Sanchez on after 45 minutes.

    Either way Wenger made a mess of it again.

    1. antbadapple says:

      oh my god! will this nightmare ever end! Just doing my head iN

      1. Jansen says:

        Possibly not for another few years. 🙂

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger made a stupid decision that may have cost us the match, 3 points and any tiny hope of Alexis staying

    Alexis is not bigger than the club but he is Arsenal at the moment. By far our best quality, most consistent, hard working player. To lose him will be a bigger blow than losing Henry because we did win the PL twice with Henry. We could have won the PL last season if it wasn’t for Wenger bungling in summer transfer.

    Wenger out

  4. antiwenger says:

    Anyone blaming Sanchez has a short memory, what is happening now at Arsenal isn’t new.It has happened before with the likes of rvp,fab and nasri.It is a culture created and nurtured by Wenger whereby anyone who dares question him is vilified and hounded out of the club while the yes men are guaranteed a starting spot despite poor form week in week out.Players who actually merit being in the first eleven are kept out by under par players who have nothing to show for their guaranteed 90 mins every game.Guys like Podolski and Campbell were pushed out in favor of sanogo and akpom.Perez will be next to go because Iwobi is Wenger’s new love’s quite clear that for you to have long career at Arsenal, never question Wenger and as one pundit put it ….’You know you are in trouble when Gibbs is your captain in a knockout UCL fixture’

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