Alexis Sanchez a Legend for helping Arsenal secure Vidal transfer

There were various Arsenal transfer rumours linking the club with a possible transfer capture of the Juventus and Chile international star Arturo Vidal during this summer transfer window before he set off with the Gunners’ and the PFA fans’ player of the season Alexis Sanchez for the Copa America tournament.

Nothing was likely to happen until Chile either won the competition on home soil or were knocked out though, and after they got through to the semi-final where they will take on Peru, that will not happen for at least a week. However, this does give Alexis more time to work his magic and convince the very impressive central midfielder that he should abandon Italy and Serie A for London and the Premier League.

And according to a Metro report, that is exactly what our star striker has been doing. The report claims that the Gunners are now ready to make a transfer offer of just over £21 million as they are aware that Alexis has convinced Vidal to join us.

Perhaps that is why that various transfer rumours are today suggesting that Man United are poised to sign Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton, a transfer that I really wanted Arsene Wenger to complete. But after seeing Vidal’s fantastic performances this summer, I would be happy to have him instead of the Frenchman. How about you?

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    1. Vidal is the ultimate midfielder. He is simply great. He has been on fire with juventus in the past 2 years. I don’t think juve would sell him for less than 40 mil.,,with this kind of offers will never happen. We all know vidals worth much more. Not sure how many years he has left on his contract, as I said this many time, Vidal and Sanchez are buddies and Sanchez can become a factor in Vidal’s move to arsenal if we bid a little higher.

        1. Apparently his position defines if he can tackle and mark player out or not.

          No, reality is he is better at everything than everyone’s new found love in Morgan “Flavourofthemonth” Schniederlin.

      1. He’s not the DM we need he’s very similar to Ramsey, plays B2B or AM even LAM and RAM. He’s a great player don’t get me wrong but he desn’t do what Coquelin does in protecting the back 4

        1. He isn’t a DM but he controls the pace of the game and knows when to sit deep or come forward. He is one of the best midfielders in the world so if we get him it will be a massive coup.

    2. Remember when Wilshere and Ramsey would play as the 2 CM’s with Ozil or Cazorla in front. No way is Wilshere better defending than Vidal. Vidal and Ramsey are both B2B but they’re both fantastic defensively.

  1. I have mentioned previously as well that I rate Vidal over Morgan. Both are not true DM and more of b2b but Vidal has experience of playing in CL while Morgan is very well aware of PL and won’t take time to adjust. Overall Vidal is better but both of them are fine with me. It’s upto Wenger to decide.

    In my view Wenger might be interested more in Vidal but recent drunk and drive accident might have changed his mind and that’s why he would have bid so late for Morgan. If Vidal gets in any kind of criminal charges then it will be very difficult for him to play outside Chile.

    1. Aside any criminal charges….. Drinking can’t stop VidaL’s transfer#WengerCanTame#…..smoking haven’t killed wenger’s faith in sczcesny nor wilshire

  2. As much as I do like Vidal, I have some reservations about him. He’s an excellent player nevertheless.
    I’m very optimistic about next season though.

  3. I would have preferred a typical Dm to Vidal. Not that I won’t be happy but i would prefer someone that we could rotate with Coquelin. Call me crazy but vidal is far from bn a DM. may be am blind but in the games I have watch for both Juventus and Chile he is almost playing as a second striker sometimes.
    He is always in the box trying to score goals.

    Don’t get me wrong? I would be happy with Vidal. But a pure DM like Krychiowiak of seville will be a better option for Arsenal.

    1. Disagree entirely mate, Coquelin is the “pure” Dm…..”pure” being fan-speak for ‘offers no more than defensive cover’. Vidal offers everything Coquelin does defensively, but he also contributes to the football a club like Arsenal play, then there’s the immeasurable aspects a player of his ilk brings (experience, leadership, winning mentality etc).

      Simply put Vidal trumps ANY midfielder we could get this window, literally any. Opposition fans must laugh at some of the comments they see on here about how we dissect non-Arsenal players. I was on the Saints forum snooping about murmurs on Schneiderlin and they we’re in fits of laughter at the comments they’d read saying “would Schneiderlin be happy to sit on the bench behind Coquelin”…..

      Now all fans big-up their own, but we gotta use our heads a bit here. Arturo Vidal would be every bit as big a deal as Ozil/Alexis. He’s a world star because of his talent. We agree on a lot Galen but I’m not having this one, Krychowiak is NOT a better option than Vidal mate.

      1. We don’t need another b2b midfielder we need some1 who can compete with Le coq. Why would Vidal come to arsenal and curb his attacking talent to sit in front of the back 4 and why would the want to stop playing further up the pitch when he is a dynamic and dangerous midfielder.

        And kyrchowiak is an amazing player you must not have watched him enough or at all. He is a top class DM, strong, intelligent, fast, good tackler he has it all. He could displace coq (if he slips up)

        1. Why all of us so obsessed with a pure DM? We have one in Coquelin, why do we want another same profile player sitting on the bench or bench him
          Do we always play with formation that requires a pure DM?
          We are looking at Chelsea who has Matic but which other top team has a pure DM in their squad?
          Juventus – Vidal, Pogba, Pirlo
          Man Utd – Carrick?
          Liverpool – Henderson – Gerrard
          Real – Modric – Kroos
          Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely need a pure DM for tough matches – but spending 25M++ for extra depth in that position is really luxury
          Vidal is a versatile all around central midfielder – If we play 4-2-3-1, let him pair with either Ramsey/Carzola and we have a very strong midfield base in both attack and defense. On tough away game, he can pair with Coquelin to form a combative/defensive midfield.
          For 25M++, Wenger would want a world class midfielder who can improve or add something different to the first 11, and allow him to mix and match different tactics – not someone to bench or being benched by one of his top players last season

        2. Vidal would’t curb any part of his game playing for Arsenal as a DM, what you have mistaken is the role of a DM… think it’s a guy that simply stands in front of the defenders and that’s it. It’s 2015 man no top team in Europe can have a player so restricted in his ability/involvement.

          For arguments sake swap Vidal for Coquelin in the same system we currently play. What happens? The defensive solidity is still there because Vidal is a monster, but additionally we have another midfielder capable of making the difference. You’re sitting there telling me about Krychowiak….but he’s not at all better than Vidal defensively, so how’s his ability on the ball? his leadership? his winning mentality? his experience?…right thought so.

          Vidal blows any other target out the water for quality and what he’d offer us. Crazy for some to genuinely think he’s not the right signing because he actually has more to his game than sitting and defending. He does that better than anyone PLUS gets involved with making the team tick.

          To make another comparison, it’s like saying no to a ST that scores 20 and assists 10 more for a guy who only scores 20… really, you don’t want the guy with even more in his locker?

          1. Kyrchowiak was brought up in France and plays in the Spanish league, he has a 81% pass accuracy with 89% foward passes he is cultured on the ball. Kyrchowiak is in the la liga team of the season beating out Busquets who you proclaim is the best DM in the world. Clearly you don’t watch this guy so who are you to claim hat vidal is better defensively? Do you watch vidal play? He plays higher up the pitch than ramsey and a lot of his “defensive contributions” are further up the pitch that’s a lot different than being the lone man on an island screening the back 4.

            Why do you think a we were so bad when song was our ‘DM’ his position was exactly like vidals and we conceded like crazy. Thats exactly what a DM is supposed to do sit in front of the back 4 and protect NOT go forward cause they would NOT be a DM THEN. Regarding the post above you also EVERY top team in Europe has a specialist DM who protects.
            Barca – busquets
            Bayern – martinez/Alonso
            PSG – motta
            Chelsea – matic
            United – Carrick/blind
            Juve – Pirlo (marchisio is his legs)
            City – fernadinho/Fernando
            BVB – bender
            Sevilla – kyrchowiak
            Should I keep going? Did you not see our defensive solidity improve drastically with the introduction of Coquelin a TRUE DM? All the top teams have specialist DM’s.

            1. First of all drop the hard-on for Krychowiak, you probably didn’t know who he was before this season so please don’t act like you’ve had him earmarked for greatness since he was a teen. I’m not suggesting he’s a poor player, but you’re absolutely delusional if you think he’s a better footballer than Arturo Vidal. It’s not even close. Also, I’ve never said Busquets is the best DM in the world, one of the best for sure, but I’ve always said Vidal is probably the best DM on the planet.

              Now this debate over where Vidal has been playing for Juve is getting a bit stupid, Rambo played on the wing for us last season instead of Theo who’s a bonafide winger, but how many here are going to call him a winger now? Marchisio/Pirlo/Vidal/Pogba…..who’s the best fit for being a CAM in Juve’s diamond? Clearly Vidal because he’s so well balanced as a footballer. Does that make him a CAM vs a DM? No…it means he played there for Juve because that’s how he fit into their formation/tactics. At Leverkusen he was a single DM and was a monster. At Juve he was a DM until Pirlo was brought in to be their trequartista. TBH the fact you named Pirlo as a specialist DM voids this conversation pretty much, he couldn’t be further from a defensive midfielder.

              You top it all off asking why we were so bad when Song was our DM……wouldn’t be because he’s just not that good (proven after failing at Barca and being bang average at West Ham)? You chalk up our solidity to Coquelin, but completely ignore the change in team shape and the new discipline our FB’s had to have when we were in possession. I mean how simplistic and frankly ignorant to say we were more solid just because of Coquelin.

              Pointless sitting here and butting heads over this, you want Krychowiak over Vidal and that says plenty to me. Your criteria for a DM is someone who sits in front of the back four all game long which just isn’t realistic in modern football. Let’s leave it there and see who the boss brings in. I’m willing to bet my mortgage it’s someone who doesn’t simply sit idle in front of the CB’s ala Coquelin.

              1. Hard on? You brought up kyrchowiak not me you claimed vidal is better defensively when clearly you don’t watch kyrchowiak but are making claims without having the knowledge to back it up. And it’s also clear you don’t watch vidal either cause he’s ALWAYS played further forward in an advanced position ALWAYS. At Leverkusen he made his name as a dynamic box to box midfielder he was never a DM your credibility is seriously diminishing as we speak. Pirlo is the deepest player at juve and plays as the ‘DM’ marchisio hardly ventures forward cause he does the running for pirlo, pirlo does what he can.

                And because song failed to bench busquets he is now bang average? 11 assists in the prem at 23 years old is not good? While Vidal had 4 in one of the most 1 sided leagues in the world and your nutting over 4? And I forgot if arteta was playing over coq we would’ve had the same results? Ya your dreaming coq is one of the best in his position and him playing made all the difference, HENCE the runner up in player of the season. You have favorites and coq isn’t one of them it’s well documented clearly you’ll say anything to prove your point when your showing me you really don’t watch other teams or leagues

                1. But your right we are just conversing about what we think is best for our club, and what wenger will do is an entirely different manner. I just think we need another specialist DM to compete with and push coq, we have plenty of dynamic midfielders

                2. Your first comment at me you waxed lyrical about Krychowiak….after I argued against Galen that Vidal is much better.

                  We’ve touched the DM role….Let’s not keep flogging a dead horse, Pirlo ain’t a DM by ANY stretch, you’re stating he is simply because he’s the deepest player in their Diamond. Pirlo has never been a DM and never will be. I’m saying no more about Vidal, you didm;t see him at Leverkusen by that assessment.

                  And we’ve come full circle… we are talking how good a player is as a DM and you tell me Song was good why? because of his 11 assists….you don’t see a problem there? *sigh* The fact you think Coquelin, after 5 months football, is one of the best DM’s around is a testament to how you ride the hype wave. Coquelins one of the best around and Krychowiak is better than Vidal….Hmmmm OK.

  4. Vidal shouldnt be our priority, and i dont want to see ramsey or wilshere leaving for more game time in future

    Ramsey is already playing on wing, dont want to loose him for barca or bayern

    1. Coq/ new dm Cazorla/ramsey

      that’s enough quality in midfield realy, rosicky and chamberlain can also play there

      We should focus on getting dm and striker/winger (assuming cech is done deal)

  5. Vidal is not a DM but very good defensively and overall a WC player.

    He is a complete midfielder. He is strong and physical, has pace, can defend and attack, good vision, distribution, distance shots, marking, tackling.

    If we get him, he will only improve us.

  6. I`m not qualified to judge most of the Arsenal `targets` so I don`t get very excited. What I do know is, that as soon as the `hype` starts Wenger goes cold and we end up with a name most of us can`t even pronounce.

  7. Yes Arturo, come to England. You can earn a fortune for playing in a team that comes third and everyone thinks that is still a success including the board. With the money you will earn here you can afford to total your Ferrari every other week And there are loads of pubs here to get drunk in especially near the Emirates to make this possible.

    Dear friend, come join me here and enjoy laughing with me at our teams two legged donkey called Danny as he attempts to control a football with his shins, it is most amusing.

    Tu amigo siempre
    Alexis. x x

  8. if you think Vidal doesn’t suit us as a DM then so is s.morgan..they are both b2b but Vidal is older and better..s.morgan is younger and EPL proven .
    so if you don’t want Vidal you don’t have to want Morgan but look for wanyama(who i have never preferred to arsenal style of play)-but EPL proven.
    the other and only reasonable PURE DM is Krychiowiak who i would personally prefer”in case of a pure DM”.Otherwise get VIDAL or MORGAN as a second option…
    i will never forgive Wenger if he lets Morgan join man utd and fail to sign Vidal.

  9. Arsene wenger knows who His buying in this summer transfer, he would talk about players that he wants to buy but end of the day he will buy the players he never mentioned to the media. I’m sure wenger has chosen his players before the season ended. We all say Ozil was a panic buy for the fans. I think he set his eyes long before the transfer started. Wenger would surprise us fans with one more WC player for sure. Question is who is it?



    1. Exiting match to watch, Ospina made some great saves but he also made Some sloppy attempt too, lucky he wasn’t punished for it, I can’t belive how much talent there is on the pitch specialy Argentina, have to say South American football is so much more exiting football to watch then anywhere else

      1. I’m never going to be upset when England lose on penalty after watching Argentina V Colombia boy some bad shots but the best team go through to the next round Argentina

  11. If Ospina stops penalties and puts Colombia in the semis….and then he leaves…..I will become anti wenger…

      1. Well penalties re 50/50 man….luck also comes out. Look at how many just shot away.
        He still is the motm and all journalist in Latin America are praising him

  12. Madrid won ucl last season without pure DM, Vidal will give us strength in the midfield that arsenal lack for few years back. If i am not mistaken, vidal was Dm in leverkusen

  13. don’t bother what position vidal will play. AW is the one that choose the formation.

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