Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal’s superstar or super problem?

Arsenal are enduring their toughest time as a football club in decades, and much of the blame is being placed on their manager Arsene Wenger.

The Frenchman has been the subject of protests in recent seasons,  and a section of the fans even moved to crowdfund a plane to fly over the match against West Bromwich Albion at the weekend in order to voice their clear wish for him to quit the club.

Our campaign did not start as badly as it has turned out however, and the clearest difference between the then and now, is the attitude, confidence and fight on show from our players.

Some could say the opening half of the term were one of our best of the last decade, with Alexis Sanchez starring in a newfound central striking role, Mesut Ozil finding his goalscoring boots, and with us winning our Champions League group for only the second time since 2010.

The ongoing contract sagas involving both key men Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez have been going on since the previous campaign, and earlier in the year, were believed to have been nearing their ends.

Amidst our dreadful midseason however, reports have claimed that the Chilean star has told his team-mates that he will be leaving this summer, raising further doubts over Ozil’s future, as well as many speculating further to hint that Hector Bellerin and others could also push for an exit.

The drama doesn’t stop with the speculation however, and in recent matches we have seen a distinct problem plastered over the face of our top goalscorer, while the German playmaker has been missing from action in recent weeks with various excuses.

It seems to me that Sanchez is disrupting the whole dressing room, leaving our club to fall out of the title race, and are now on course to miss out on a top four finish for the first time since 1995.

Yes the former Barcelona man is our leading goalscorer, and has been key in our positive start to the year, but it seems as if he believes he is bigger than the club, and his disregard for his fitness in playing regardless of injury for his country, is pure disrespèct.

Is Alexis deliberately pulling our club down? Is it Wenger’s fault that the Chilean wants to leave or does he get bored after so long with each club?

Pat J

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  1. Ramterta says:

    you know people should stop talking about sanchez and ozil sagas.
    They are well appreciated here and I don’t think they would want to find themselves in situations they were in their previous clubs.they would not be appreciated anywhere else as they are here.They all want to stay and their poor performances are down to maybe how the team is setup.I’m sure they want to stay, they are good guys and their contracts depend on arsenal.
    Fake news media is trying to flirt with arsenal fans.

    1. G-Rude says:

      I don’t think this is fake news at all! If you check out Alexis career, you will find that he has never stayed with a club for more that three years, in fact that is his normal time at a club before moving on. He probably only has one big contract left in his career so why would we be surprised if he is looking for one last big payday from whoever will match his ambitions?

      1. lugdush says:

        And a a big payday contract is what alexis deserve…we should pay what he want because he is one of the best in the world…this topic was a completly waste of time written by a wengers lover…alexis is one of a few that is showing hungwr today and wants to win…how can he be part of the problem?? The only ones who think he could be a problem is wenger, his fans and the mediocrity player who follow him in his medicrity plans

  2. upp says:

    well maybe if our club behaved like a big club, players wouldn’t feel bigger than it

  3. davidnz says:

    Top 4. Titles
    Man Utd 22 13
    Arsenal 21 3
    Chelsea 14 4
    Liverpool 12 0
    Man City 7 2
    Spurs 3 0

  4. Twig says:

    “with Alexis Sanchez starring in a newfound central striking role”

    Alexis has not really impressed me as a central striker to be honest. Yes he scored many goals but he often left us without bodies in the box.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Messi was like that, he was considered worlds best. I think you cannot argue with results. Unless you’re trying to say he would score more if he was in the box more, but we tried that and Alexis didn’t know how to hold his runs or wait for the ball to come, he needs to be involved maybe it makes his confidence grow during the game. Ozil I’d argue should have been in the box allot more, esp when Cazorla played.

      1. Twig says:

        Sanchez will score goals in all attacking positions. In my opinion, he’s best behind a striker or on the RW (like he played in some games last season)

  5. Break-on-through says:

    Yes there has been problems with Alexis of late and I hope it’s not on purpose to force a transfer with one season remaining, he’s in a great position move and contract wise so I’d hate to think a player of his talents would act anything other than professional. If this had of been ten years or more back it would have been a bigger deal than now. At the same time he can get away with it from people because they look at the other players commitment and say well they deserve no respect. It’s a team game and we all love to see great camaradarie, that unity of a team, it’s what helped make the first ten years of Arsene’s reign so special.

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