Lacazette hat-trick highlights Arsenal’s need for a top striker

As much as Arsenal fans love our Chile international star, Alexis Sanchez, I think we can all agree after the home defeat by Liverpool yesterday that he is not the answer for Arsenal in the central striking role. We would have been better off with Theo Walcott through the middle in my opinion, even though I do not think he is the answer either.

There is a reason why Alexis does not play there for Chile and did not do so for Barcelona, although I understand the desperate situation with no Olivier Giroud available led Arsene Wenger to try him there. So it seems as clear as day that the Gunners still need another centre forward, something that most people seem to have known for years.

Going by the Arsenal transfer rumours it appears that Wenger actually agrees with this, but whether due to price, suitability or availability we have not signed one. Well if our manager wanted any more encouragement to use the last bit of the transfer window and the struggles of Sanchez were not enough, perhaps the fact that reported transfer target Alexandre Lacazette hit a hat-trick for Lyon yesterday might just do the trick.

Yes he will be expensive and probably even more so after giving his side an opening day win, but can Wenger really afford to dither any longer?


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  1. He may be the answer to saving the season.
    He would be happy to come
    Its a gamble but he is a proven goal scorer
    And I don’t see us getting a better striker like Lewandowski, Greizmann, Aubemeyang, Reus

    Getting Lacazette, a quality CB could save our season, ideally add Mahrez too

      1. I agree with you @ Arsenal Girl.

        Sad to say…but Lyon could even raise that price, knowing that Arsenal REALLY need a striker (Desperate).
        I wonder why we have to be penny pinching all the time. Arsenal think they’re saving cost, but in retrospect, it’s always been a loss.
        We haggled for Higuain…got snatched up by Napoli.
        We haggled for Suarez…got snatched up by Barcelona.
        I’m not saying Lacazette is worth that amount…but we’ll never know if we don’t sign him.
        However, if my opinion counts, I’ll say pay the freaking £60m and get your man. Mahrez £35-40m. Mustafi £25m.
        But if we still don’t win the BPL, at least we showed intent.
        However, we’ll never know if we don’t try.
        By the way, someone has been lying to Arsenal Fans. It’s either Wenger, or Gazidis, or the Board, or all of them combined.

        1. transfer update..

          arsenal horse has confirmed the medical booked for early this week has been cancelled.

          player has pulled out of deal….my guess…mustafi

          1. @Muffdiver,
            I hope not. I really hope not.
            Transfer update on S K Y sports say:


            Arsenal appear to be very much in the market to buy players, with the signing of Valencia defender Shkodran Mustafi edging closer.
            The Gunners require defensive reinforcements having started with Rob Holding and Callum Chambers in central defence against Liverpool yesterday.
            The fee for Mustafi is understood be in the region of £28m.

            1. If it happens I would be a bit shocked because I never thought Wenger would pay nearly £30 million for a defensive player

              He prefers to get someone much cheaper or on loan

            2. Arsenal should have bought the players needed at least a couple of weeks before the season starts so they can get som practise with the rest of the team. I do not understand why they are so slow. Maybe they hoped for a good start so they did not have to spend any cash?

    1. If we had griezmann, wenger wouldn’t have played him yesterday because he played a couple of football matches in July!!

  2. Holding did ok but Chambers was very cocky how many miss passes in dangerous areas did he miss place why didn’t he booted the ball way down the field and take the pressure off at the first half the commentator spook of the inexperience of the defense and that liverpool didnt put enough pressure klopp rectified that straight away bang bang bang with runners and no protection while wenger face went all red with nothing to say the only thing that saved us really was the injuries for the game to take a change MR wenger is far to slow to fix things what is wrong with him he most not be in good health or something personnel worrying him cause after all he is the manager his got to have a fast thinking brain smell danger and act fast not seat and debate the issue with bold

    1. @summerbeeze.
      His got to have a fast thinking brain
      smell danger and act fast not
      seat and debate the issue with bold”
      Exactly 🙂

  3. dont care whos bought.
    a analog manager in a digital world.

    i wish us the very best an hope he ends his time with us with success of some form.

    1. Exactly – I wish we had a more animated manager (like Klopp that gives out instructions while the game is on), rather than a frustrated old man that cant figure out his zipper,kicks water bottles and looks for someone/something to blame.

  4. I really want to see Theo and Alexis play on either side of Olivier. If those 3 stay healthy then we have a really good attack. Injuries happened last year so those 3 never really had the time, but all 3 are 20 goal a season players.

  5. I miss the Highbury days! I will never buy the whole “move to a bigger stadium to expand the club” nonsense. It was done only to pursue Arsenal as a brand. Nothing else. As long as we have the same management and directors I would advise everyone to not expect a shingle of happiness from this sorry club.

    We have become a global joke!

    1. Agreed but surely our “Brand is falling by the wayside as other clubs over take us with both trophies and top tier one players??
      the club either has no money in wich case AW should come out and say so OR it does in wich case AW should spend it.
      Its really as simple as that.y

      1. Lol!

        The brand is not falling by the wayside, far from it. It continues to grow from strength to strength. You only to go on a pre season tour to see that man u aside, arsenal are the biggest global club from England. In the last few years I have been to USA, Singapore, China and indonesia watching arsenal, those fans don’t care if arsene wenger spends, don’t spend, stays or goes.

  6. Even if Sanchez scored a double hatrick playing there yesterday I’d not be convinced for o ne second that’s he’s the answer ever.Moving on to Lacazette ,I think he’s good but not as good as people are making him out to be but a s usual people will read into his stats and decide to barely watch him play.It’s a shame he’ll have to come here before we realize this.Having said that I do think with some more effort he will be world class and he’s showing maturity hence I think Wenger should rather go for him than all those mentioned by Arsenal Girl.I don’t want to see Me. Forever Average leading the line this season and I blame him and some past average arsenal strikers for not winning the league at times.

  7. If we had any real “ambition” we would have broken the bank for the likes of Lewendowski or someone who is top tier.
    as it is we dont and so we are in the running (or supposedly) for Lacazetta who in my honest opinion IS better than Giroud but NOT top tier.
    as it stands I really dont see us getting in any new strikers and this has been exacerbated by the need for a CB
    Wenger wanted Giroud to lead the line and thats what he’ll have, despite th entire world knowing that the lampost is NOT good enough. dont expect any miracles before the end of the window and dont expect Wenger to pay 60 million for Lacazetta cos he’s not going to spend anywhere near that much.
    Henry was right top players are not interested in us any more as we have showed NO ambition of ver the last few years and this will lead to an exit from Sanchez and Ozil in the next year. they are after all arguably our ONLY top tier one players and why on earth would they want to stay when we are clearly aiming only for the Wengerr Cup each year ???

  8. Is it me or did Walcott have a great first half? Mind the awful penalty. Then he kind of disappeared.

    IMO Sanchez, Elneny and Ramsey were our worst players. It’s not a coincidence Santi got 2 assists in 15 mins coming on. OX looked good as well although he’s little too eager at times (which leads to bad passes or first touch).

    Whatever the case, lets give support to our young lads Chambera and Holding who were thrown under the bus by Wenger. Calum made 2 fudging starts last year while Holding played Championship. Our average age in defense was 22.5 years. Remember when Wenger did the same with Bellerin? Threw him in against Dortmund at Westfalen. Horrible managing.

    Also I think our midfield was overrun. Too much space on the wings and midle.

    1. @Juhislihis McLovin
      You say “our midfield was over run
      and Wenger threw Holding
      and Chambera under the bus”.
      They got it easy.
      In my day we were horse whipped to within an inch of our lives before training.
      Then we got battered with a heavy mallet for half an hour.
      After that the manager ran us through a band saw 50 times.
      I miss those days 🙂

  9. So ,what? ?
    Lacazette scores a Hat-trick against a mickey mouse team, in a mickey mouse league that’s no better than the Dutch or even the Scottish league and furthermore he definitely isn’t worth 60 million ? ? Hey! Even Giroud scores Hat-trick’s … Villa and one away at Olympiakos ?

    What’s done is done! And there’s no point in wasting the money on panic buying now,especially while Wenger is still in charge, so we may aswell save the money for the next man ,who will replace him, next season.
    Anyways, Mr Wenger wouldn’t know what to do with a quality striker, he would probably play him out on the wing!
    or even worse, keep him on the bench ?

    The warnings were there! From last season and its officially here… ‘Pole shift’ .. We are now in the Spuds shadow and we can’t blame climate change for that! ?
    The Only cure is a Wenger change! ?

  10. Everyone needs to go look at the goals again, MONREAL was in fact partly at fault for every goal outside of the free-kick. Second goal he is badly positioned and because of it leaves 2-3 players free to the left, the third goal he lets in the cross from Clyne which basically gives Countinho a tap in if he can reach it, and the fourth goal after Mane beats Chambers he lets him come inside to shoot and score instead of at least pushing him outside to cross.

    The fact is our worst defender on the day was the most experienced so experience really isn’t everything. Having said that I’m not trying to make Monreal a scapegoat, he was one of our most consistent performers last season. Part of the blame probably goes to Walcott for usual lack of backtracking (But he was very lively the first half).

    1. It’s also clear Sanchez can’t be the striker and without that focal point the rest of the team can’t ease the pressure when a team like Liverpool presses nonstop. He is also sorely missed as winger as a result.

      1. Sanchez looked physically and mentally …. tired ? but worse than that, if you catch my drift! ? ? And I would not be surprised if he drops a bombshell before the window slams shut!

        As for our defence, wenger has been in the game long enough to know better!
        Gibbs is alot quicker than Monreal and he should have played him as LB and Monreal alongside Either Chambers or Holding. At least Gibbs would have kept up with the pace of the likes of Mane, to apply some pressure.
        The Ox should have started the game instead of Ramsey! As he has shown some improvements in his attacking and finishing ability, aswell as Hunger and determination.
        Also, wengers choice of starting Ramsey contradicts his stance in resting player’s who took part in the Euro’s.?
        And why didn’t Sanchez take that penalty kick?
        If you look at the stats, you will find that a fouled player who gets up and takes a Penalty kick, misses more often than most! ? But then again, you could say “would Walcott have scored the goal that he did, if he didn’t miss that penalty? …. I doubt it.

  11. I just made the mistake of Google no arsenal transfer news thinking something may actually be happening after yesterday. I know the press live to wind us up and it’s all rumours but read mustafa deal is stalling as we won’t put in a higher bid and Jeremy mathieu is injured. Should have tried for Ashley Williams arsene. I know it’s not his style but I’d love Wenger to come out and actually passify the fans in some way by giving us something tangible to believe in, just a snippet!!

    1. Only a mentally ill person would keep on making the same mistakes, without acknowledging it! ?
      Surely, There’s no other explanation for it? ?

  12. OK, Lacazette scored a hat trick yesterday but he is French and has had all summer to rest and then prepare himself for the start of the season.

    If he is of the quality we require he should have had a busy summer and have played in the euros final so should have had a late rest and now be working his way back to match fitness. However it is giroud who is in that position.

    he may add depth to the squad bet I am not sopure about quality.

  13. Wenger is on his last season, as long as he doesn’t renew i have no issues with it. He must leave for us to win a title next yr (2017-2018)

  14. So apparently Mustafi deal has broken down. I’m okay with this. Numb to disappointment at this stage.

  15. Off topic has anyone else seen the photo on caught offside of poldi and rvp squaring up in Turkey? Love it, hit him poldi hit him! 🙂

    1. I miss Poldi
      He is as much of an Arsenal fan now as he was when he was with us
      Im glad he left after holding a trophy with us

  16. TBH i am not sure about Lcazzette is he better than gird, I’m not sure, he just he worth 40m no anything higher is silly money.
    i don’t want enter to spend as I’m not confident in him getting the right players. Lets get a new manager and start again.

  17. You no what enough of this yesterday AW face said a 1000 things and I think he has told Arsenal who he wanted but they never or couldn’t get them and he is that loyal he just won’t say. It’s tbe only reason because AW is a very intelgent man and knows what we need. The yank needs to go and our 2nd major share holder to put his Money in to the club like he wants to do but Arsenal bourd have said publicly that he’s not our kind of person??? Wtf is that all about

  18. The problem as I see it is arsenal do not communicate with their fans in a meaningful understandable way.

    In the media we get
    A. arsenal have over £200m to spend on player transfers
    B. Graeme Souness on tv at the end of last season saying “wenger may as well spend the £200m or the next manager will”
    C. Stadium debt is paid off
    D. Arsenal is the fifth most valuable club in the world.

    Add in the fact that we have been told that building the new stadium was pain now gain later, it was to enable us to compete. Every transfer window seems to be a nightmare for us fans.

    We need more information from the club, i have had to go in to the financial reports to find out the situation about stadium debt. We need gazidis or wenger ar better still Kroenke to say the following
    1. Stadium debt currently stands at £233m but repayments are manageable from current income.
    2. Our cash reserves are £228m and these are required to cover ?.. We therefore have ???? to spend from cash reserves on player transfers.
    3. It is the clubs policy not to borrow money to fund the purchase of new players. Such loans have to be paid off and incure high interest charges and would damage the long term future of the club.
    4. It is the owners policy that the club should be self financing. He is not willing to loan his own money to the club. ( as abramavich has done, note loan not give)
    5. The owner does not take money out of the club in the form of share dividends. ( compare to glaziers)
    6. The owner has not bought the club by borrowing money and using the club as security for the loans (as glaziers have done),
    7. The aim of the club is to winPL? Win CL? Top 4 in PL? Always finish above tottenham? Do the double over maureen? What is it, because us fans do not know.

    Fans listen to the media and statements A to D above, listen to media hype and rubbish and after initial signing of xhaka then nothing. First game we lose to liverpool and the weeks of expectation and frustration comes out. No doubt this will have a negative effect on the players.

    Basically fans pay some of the highest ticket prices in the world and feel ripped off. Wenger gets the blame but kroenke sets the policy.

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