Alexis Sanchez has no issues, ‘It’s Arsenal’s problem’ now

Craig Burley has claimed that Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez is more than happy to sit tight and wait for his move to Manchester City.

The Chilean is currently into the final six months of his contract, and is being targeted for a move this month by both Manchester United and Man City.

The Citizens are supposedly willing to pay £20 Million to acquire the forward this month, while United are offering  £30 Million to snide their rivals, but Craig Burley claims that Sanchez is more than happy to run down his contract in order to seal his move to his desired club.

“It’s not a problem, it’s not a problem,” the former Scotland international said.

“The player decides. It’s not a problem, not an issue. It’s Arsenal’s problem now.

“Alexis Sanchez is well within his rights, as we know as players with contracts that are coming up or whatever, to sit tight.

“He sits tight until the summer and he gets the move he wants, as long as City still want him.

“One hundred per cent (I can understand why he would want to join City over United), 100 per cent.

“And I can also understand why, supposedly, Manchester City would put two fingers up at Arsenal for not selling him back in the summer when they wanted and now playing hard ball.

“So they are quite prepared to say we’ll wait until the summer even with an injured (Gabriel) Jesus.”

Arsenal appear keen to offload the Chilean this month as they look to raise funds for an overhaul of the squad, but the player seems set on joining Pep Guardiola, so Burley may just be right.

Do Arsenal have to consider accepting the lowly £20 Million or sacrifice losing him for free in the summer?

Pat J

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  1. Alphie_Izzett says:

    Wenger – please don’t ever take up playing poker.
    You would be an embarrassment .

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    “These guys (Ozil & Sanchez) want to win, and they want to make money as well”.
    “So they want a combination of the two, which big clubs can give them. Incidentally he (Sanchez) won trophies with us. So he wants to fight as well for the Premiership. That’s normal when you’re at that level.”

    Just read the Context of English Wenger used here.
    “so HE wants to fight for the Premiership ”…

    Sanchez is the only one stubborn enough about winning the league we all know, he’s always shown his frustrations.
    Are you guys seeing how clear Wenger made it that it’s “Sanchez” that wants to win trophies and fight the EPL.
    WTF!! this shows you how Wenger sees his job, the club and us fans.
    Why not we want to win trophies and fight for the EPL??
    Why Sanchez n Ozil?
    Only gullible fans won’t see how clear it is.
    Wenger doesn’t care and never will.

    OT: I was wondering if there could be a way we organise for fans and supporters to urge Usmanov to buy out Kroenke.
    Lift up placards and signs and banners telling him it’s him we want, he should offer more that Kroenke will find too tempting to turn down. I reckon it’ll push him and he’ll be happy to know we really are ready to support him

  3. Muff diver says:

    Craig burley is such a tool .
    Seen him an that room of tools talking post game .so anti arsenal it’s unreal

    He’s like Micheal Owens bell end

    1. RSH says:

      haha, hes not anti-Arsenal. He predicted us winning the league last season even.

  4. GB says:

    £20 mil now or nowt in a few months time.
    Take it now and let’s just all move on.
    Getting boring now, very boring.

  5. martin says:

    get rid of the rotten egg he’s nothing but trouble ungreateful bastard go to manchester and root in hell

    1. chris says:

      Nonsense. He carried Wenger’s Arsenal for 2 seasons. He was promised the club would be buying better players and of course Wenger didn’t. We could have told him that. He wants to win medals while he is still young enough and he knows that he cant if playing for Wenger. Sadly, most fans agree with him !!

      1. Buddie says:

        Who promised him the club will be buying players? Were you there during the meeting?

  6. Maks says:

    He should be sold for 20 mil. What dif to Kronkea does it make? 20 or 30 for him it s not very important… but Im afraid Wenger likes to play and this is one of his lasts so maybe he will keep him until the end (summer)… and buy nobody cos he thinks everybody are too expensive.
    Even if he buys somebody it wont be enough. We can forget top 4, although I dnt care if we finish 6th and have a fresh start with new manager next season.

    1. Maks says:

      but not to ManUtd.
      Frack them!

  7. Ivan says:

    It’s like I said in an earlier post Wenger took a big gamble in the summer in keeping Ozil and Sanchez to try to get the Wenger 4th place trophy. Also in his deluded mind he saw himself able to convince Sanchez and Ozil over the season.
    Unfortunately for us Wenger’s gamble is quite obviously going to fail. My gut reaction is that the Board have suddenly realised that £130 mil (inc Ozil) is going to walk out the door in the summer and are going to claw some money back no matter what Wenger may say.
    All indications are Sanchez wants to join City. Forget about Arsenal’s BS about wanting £35 mil. When you’re dealing with a player who can go for free in June, you really don’t have a strong hand when it comes to bargaining over a fee now. City don’t desperately need him, they can just wait and sign him on a Bosman in the summer.
    Clearly Sanchez wants to go to City now and I think he sees himself getting in 10 appearances for them and collecting an EPL winners medal. If we don’t sell now in June Sanchez then pockets the £20-30 mil that would have come our way now. So either way he wins.
    If we don’t sell we keep an unhappy player who is only giving 75% and have no money to put towards any transfers.
    BTW Ozil will be going for free too. He is a mercinary and will go to the highest bidder in any of the big 4 leagues. So unless Arsenal offer him ridiculously massive wages £350-400k pw + then he will quietly go to the highest bidder.
    When you look at how weak our squad is in all areas anyway unless we hire a young hungry manager who can get players play above themselves (like Pochetino) then Wenger will need to spend £3-400 mil just to try to compete for the Wenger trophy.

  8. sfgunner says:

    stupidist move i ever seen keeping him in september, now he has all the power, you will get nothing but a door slammed and the embarrassment of this… terrible, lost the very little respect i had for wenger,

    1. Abel says:

      Wenger can’t win with you guys.
      If he had sold Sanchez, in the summer like you allude to, you would still come on here and blame him for selling sanchez to a direct rival and helping them to win the league. You’d also blame the sale of Sanchez in the summer for our poor league position and performance.
      Hindsight, they say is 20-20. Would you hold the same opinion on selling Sanchez to City now if he had scored 15 goals and 10 assists for us this season and we were 2nd on the log three points behind City?
      Not selling Sanchez was a gamble that did not pay off but I’m glad Wenger was bold enough to take that gamble. If it had paid off, he’d be called a genius.

      1. Ivan says:

        But he hasn’t scored 15 goals or 10 assists has he?
        It was obvious the gamble would not work and I called it at the time as did others.
        Why was it a bad idea? Two reasons:
        1) Keeping an unhappy player means unhappiness in the dressing room which we have seen. Obvious really. How would you feel if you were not allowed to leave your current employer for a better job?
        2) For Ozil and Sanchez we have lost £130 mil which is going to walk out the door at the end of the season. Kroenke is not going to dig deep in to his pockets to replace the £130 mil is he? This means our squad worth for next season has had a big reduction.
        I know some, probably like yourself, did not see the problem with forcing players to stay against their will but all thinking people did.

        1. Abel says:

          Recently, Philip coutinho was forced to stay even after he handed a transfer request. Were his performances not still very good? Was liverpool’s dressing room unhappy? He has been sold this January, but he was a thorough professional and gave 100% to the team even though he had his heart set on Barcelona.
          Well, ‘thinking’ people like myself can give you more examples.;
          Cristiano Ronaldo, was prevented from going to real for a season by Fergie and in that season, he gave his all and won accolades instead of sulking.
          David De gea’s move to real was blocked on deadline day by United when he was in the exact same contractual state as Sanchez (had one year left) yet he gave his all and eventually signed a new contract.
          So Mr thinking man, there is enough precedence to the gamble that Wenger took.

          1. Ivan says:

            Coutinho was not at the end of his contract and Liverpool had the whip hand. Now he has been sold for £130 mil.
            It was public knowledge that Ronaldo had come to an agreement with Ferguson to do one more season and then Utd would sell him at the end of that season.
            De Gea had a few years left on his contract.
            How are you wrong on everything you say?

      2. Maks says:

        18 months before the end of Ozil’s and Alexis’s contract every normal manager or club would sit with players and their agents and talk about future. If for any reason players decline new contracts you have a whole summer to sell them and buy new players. Arsenal and Wenger didnt do that and made a huge mistake who is now fracking us all!
        …and you still has something to say in their defence?! Funny.

        1. Ivan says:

          Spot on Maks.

          1. Abel says:

            I bet if he had done just that, you’d still come on here and castigate him for not being able to keep his key players and Arsenal being a selling club.
            Try to remember your reaction to Van persie’s sale!

      3. sfgunner says:

        wrong abel, i wanted him gone last yr, once he wanted the leave, this only had one way to go, i wrote of it often

        1. Abel says:

          You wanted him gone but admired how Klopp and Liverpool were able to keep hold of their best player despite all the money Barcelona threw at them.
          Or how United were able to keep De gea from Madrid and got him to sign a new contract after he was denied a deadline day move despite having one year left on his contract.

          1. Ivan says:

            De Gea had something like 4 years left on his contract.
            Liverpool have just sold Coutinho who had several years left on his contract haven’t they?

  9. RSH says:

    If United offer either Miki or Martial, we should take it. If not, sell him to City, and get it done with. If Sanchez goes for free, It’ll be even more embarrassing than it already is with us missing out on 60mill. Arsenal fans even want this Sanchez stuff over with. It’s tiring, and I’d rather see the club move on completely from him ASAP.

  10. georgie b says:

    It’s not really funny, but i wonder if Kronke even knows who Sanchez is. (sarcasm)?

  11. Innit says:

    It’s sad. We could have built a marvelous team around Alexis, Ozil. But we only got a top striker this past summer. We should have got one years ago. Also Lacazette has played less minutes per game than Kane, Aguero, Lukaku, Firmino and Morata. We didnt start him when we lost 4-0 to Liverpool. Actually both Lacazette and Giroud were on the bench. Lacazette must have been confused that day like “what did i do wrong Boss?”.

    I’m only concerned about Alexis’ and Ozil’s replacements.

    I don’t know much about Malcolm other than he plays for Bordeaux and doesn’t score a lot of goals. If we get him, i hope he is someone for the future. Hope he is an addition to Alexis’ replacement and that he isn’t his actual replacement.

    As for a replacement for Ozil, we need a top creative #10/CAM, ideally someone who works harder on the pitch and is more consistent.

    Not to mention at least another top central midfielder and centre back. We need quite a few players innit.

    1. Ivan says:

      Malcom is a promising 20 year old. He might be good for the future but it will be unfair to expect a 20 year old to be a as good as Sanchez was straight away. He is not a Ronaldo or Messi. He is a few steps behind them.

      1. Tun Ad says:

        Aw old is neymar?

        1. Ivan says:

          He is nowhere near as good as Neymar at the same age.

          1. Arnold says:

            No, Ivan i have to disagree with you on Malcom, he is the best thing we could have ever now he is a talented footballer sanchez and Ozil are 30yrs plus and i gurantee you if we dont get him we will regret the biggest problem at Arsenal is wenger he tried to have his way on this like always he thinks he knows everything

          2. Ivan says:

            Arnold don’t mistake me. I want him at Arsenal it is just that I don’t see him as being a wonder player and think that a 20 year old will need some time to adjust to the EPL which is very different to anything he has seen.

        2. Maks says:

          I would never have Ronaldo or Neymar in the team. They both has a mind of a 14 year old, and they think they are movie stars. Frack them and any talk about them.

  12. osmn says:

    why he ddnt accept 60 milion last transfer? no way geting top 4 with this guys we can be arsenal without all of this guys

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