Alexis Sanchez injury – Chile won’t risk him tonight

Arsenal's Alexis Sanchez looking very unhappyThere have many times in the last couple of years when Arsenal and Chile have fallen out after the South American team have lined up with Alexis Sanchez in the starting line-up, despite our club insisting that he shouldn’t be risked.

Yet again Alexis has suffered an ankle injury in training with his Chilean team-mates, coach Juan Antonio Pizzi said yesterday: “[We’re] optimistic from the images we’ve seen.

“But we understand and know that the player still feels pain, and that’s why we’ll wait until tomorrow to decide if he plays.

“We don’t risk any player who is not in condition to play and who could aggravate an injury.

“We’re very careful with the health of our players, and because of that we always act with the responsibility required by our position.”

The Confederations Cup opening game for Chile is against Cameroon, which should be one of the easiest ties Alexis’s side, but surprisingly the coach has still decided to put Sanchez on the bench in case they get in trouble. That is hardly being responsible considering the Arsenal striker was in a safety boot and on crutches just yesterday!



    1. I don’t wish injuries on players especially players from my own club. That’s quite immoral tbh
      Also, even if he fails medical, he can still let his contract run out and go wherever he wants next summer.

      I will wish however that Wenger pays Alexis what he wants and get some top players to persuade Alexis to stay.

      1. Lol stop being so serious it was a joke.

        Also stop worrying about other people. Sanchez doesn’t give two fs about you and whether you damage your hand and cant type anymore

        1. Haha. Arsenal should offer Sanchez 500k a week and a puppy just for the rest to have something to aim for and try to match Alexis work ethic and stats.

  1. Alexis will stay i believe! He wants to be the main man at the club he is representing & he knows that only place is Arsenal, anywhere like Bayern/Chelsea even City he will not be! Ozil in a similiar position but no club would put up with his half assed performances half the season plus no club is really looking at him. Give Alexis his 300k a week, Give Ozil his 200k a week tell them take it or leave it when July 1st comes around but before that sign 2 big players.

    Loads of strikers available, UCL wont matter if you cough up the doe. Aubameyang wants to leave & appaerantly only sees himself at Arsenal if he moves to the Premier League, get that 60m slapped down tonight along with wages of 200k & i guarntee he will come, not many clubs at him bar PSG! Mbappe should go to Madrid if hes to leave we dont need a what if he turns out great, Auba is there & he is great. Imagn Ozil behind him. Next one alot are not goin to like but hes a winner & could possibly replace Santi as we wont see much this season n thats…. Cesc Fabregas. I know u all hate him bt he was an Arsenal man & wanted to return bt Arsene said NO. Slap 20m to Chelsea & see if they budge. If we could get Isco before Cesc that would be my preference tbh bt lets be real he wont come to us bt Cesc would.

    Xhaka & Cesc or Isco (Santi) (sell Wilshere & Elneny keep Ramsey) in the middle, Ozil in front of them (they can play there also) Sanchez & Aubameyang up top. Ox/Bellerin RWB – Monreal/Kolasnic LWB.
    CBs Holding, Boss & Mustafi with Gabriel, Chambers & Per all back up & Euro League players!

    1. Also get Ox tied down, give him 100k & he will stay… 3year extension, doesnt work out he can leave next summer & he can be replaced along with Bellerin but would prefer both to stay & keep the team together but really strengthn the startin 11

    2. You’re hopefuls consider this Sanchez does not car about Arsenal and proof was tonight he played for chile for 25 minutes with an injured ankle. His coach said he was unavailable. But he doesn’t care as long as Sanchez changed the game. So now the injury is complicated who picks up the medical bill when he returns to Arsenal.

  2. Mbappe likes an Alexis Sanchez picture on Instagram
    Fans rarely give up hope during a transfer window and some Arsenal supporters got rather excited on Sunday about signing Mbappe.

    He previously liked a tweet linking Lacazette and himself to Arsenal ?? that’s normally a big ass clue ?? if he starts following then we can get really excited ??

    1. I dont see the fuss over Mbappe for that much money is ridiculous!! Hes good bt theres beter strikers out there available & nower near the cost of this teenager & Arsene cant afford that this doesnt work out when he has messed everything up. I dunno i think mbappe is a silly buy

      1. IF we want a tittle challenge (we do) Aubameyang is a better player to reach that goal over Mbappe, Morata, Lacazette.. etc.

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