Alexis Sanchez is Arsenal’s ONLY star this season? Grrrr!

Okay as Arsenal fans we probably now have to admit that Chelsea deserve to be Champions this season after becoming the ONLY team to stop us scoring at home, and maintaining their ten point lead at the top of the Premiership, but do they really deserve to have six players in the PFA Team of the Year, while Arsenal only have one?

I am definitely not going to argue about having David de Gea in goal as he has singlehandedly taken Man United into the top three this season (Shame they won’t have him in the team next year lol!), and I’m probably not going to complain about Ivanovic, Terry and Cahill after todays performance, although if Koscielny had played the whole season he could have run them close, and Cahill hasn’t been THAT impressive….

Nemanja Matic has had all the plaudits and he has had exceptional support from his fellow Chelsea players, but Francis Coquelin’s stats make him far superior since January. But yet again we have to say he hasn’t played the whole season as Arsenal’s DM…

Alexis Sanchez has played the whole of the season and was definitely the top player in the first half of the season so I am happy he made the team, but since Ozil and Giroud came back from injury they have dominated every game they have played (well, nearly…). Costa was fantastic in the first half of the campaign but we must all agree that Giroud has been even BETTER since the turn of the year.

I guess that the reason I am annoyed is that if this team was based on performances since Christmas there would be a LOT more Arsenal players on the list, and I am hoping that if WE could have all our players fit for a whole season (like Chelsea this year) we would be wiping the board with these awards. Let us just pray that we have an injury free year from now until next May….

PFA Premier League Team of the Year:

Goalkeeper: David De Gea (Manchester United)
Right-back: Branislav Ivanovic (Chelsea)
Left-back: Ryan Bertrand (Southampton)
Centre-back: John Terry (Chelsea)
Centre-back: Gary Cahill (Chelsea)
Central midfield: Nemanja Matic (Chelsea)
Central midfield: Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool)
Right wing: Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal)
Left wing: Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
Striker: Diego Costa (Chelsea)
Striker: Harry Kane (Tottenham)

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  1. I will put Cazorla in place of coutinho, he has been consistent the whole season, atleast since when ozil got injured.

  2. Bertrand

    All dubious for me. Arsenal are on course to be 2nd in the league I find it hard to suggest only 1 player makes the best team of the year seeing as Monreal has been absolutely dominant at LB, Cazorla has been immense in the heart of it all and Giroud has put everything he touched in the back of the net.

    The Coutinho one is just a big joke, Cazorla should be in there ahead of him without debate. The other 2 are questionable, yet I’d give Monreal the nod over Bertrand and say fair play to Costa on a good debut campaign.

    1. it is honestly a disgrace to see coutinho there i could name 10 players off the top of my head who are all better and more deserving. I hope some players are offended cause i know i would be.

      I agree with you monreal should’ve been the LB not f*ckin bertrand. I don’t think ivanovic deserves it BUT there hasn’t really been any dominant or consistent right backs this year.
      Cahill being on there is a joke too, you wouldn’t believe how many chelsea fans and peoples comments regarding cahill how he has been SUCH a liability this year.

        1. He’ll be a flop based on what? Scored goals at Atleti and then immediately came here and did the same. But he’s gonna flop?

          Meanwhile, Ramsey had one good season, preceded by and followed by average ones, but yet he’s our “most complete midfielder” and “world class”.


  3. practically chelseas whole defence is in.
    tells you how exciting they played to be league champions.

    mourinhos teams win things but play such boring stuff.
    berlin wall (inspired by a saturday at stamford bridge)

    i was harsh on wenger. i cannot bear to see such boring football week in week out.
    love our style of play but i agree with thierry

    3/4 players needed

    1. Don’t NEED 3 or 4, as GoonSquad says you add 2 good ones and we’re complete squad-wise. We didn’t have a DM until December so how can people (Henry included) sit and say we won’t win the league with Giroud? He wouldn’t have won it without Vieira/Gilberto so lets get all the pieces together and actually see if Giroud/Ospina or whoever else is “title-winning material”.

      Facts: Been the best team 2015, Ospina’s been the best GK 2015, Giroud the best ST 2015. Absolutely no basis to say we NEED a new GK and ST. Yea sure, it’s always great to buy obvious WC players, but we don’t work like that or is Thierry forgetting his own journey as a footballer?

      I look at our 11 and say “I think we can upgrade our DM”, and “Rambo should not be our RW”. So buff those 2 spots and I’m really struggling to see how you improve this team without the obvious 40mil players.

      Reus/Sterling/Fekir and Imbula/Kondogbia/Schneiderlin and this team is as good as anyone in England right the way through the team.

      1. giroud had 2 good months. he’ll need a whole season to convince me he’s WC. def also need RW. and a DM backup to coq. giroud should be our backup. welbeck sadly not good enough. seen enough of him.

        1. Why does he have to convince you he’s world class? Was RVP world class? Don’t remember winning the title with him…

          There’s NO way to suggest if Giroud is good enough to lead us to a title if we don’t have all the ingredients in place. I’d like to point out in those 2months he’s amassed goals/assists to rival any apparent world class striker in the league so not sure what you’re looking for….

          1. @Charlie
            imbula is a good shout he is young tall and skinny but strong in the tackle and he does a great job protecting the marseille defense or as good of a job he can with bielsa’s crazy formation and mentality. The French league is a lot different but I think imbula has the tools to be successful.

            And I can’t stand that people keep saying we need to replace ospina, the ONLY reason they are saying that is cause he’s not a household name or 6’5. Some people have no clue

  4. Henry gave some Solid points today and i guess most of us were a lil hurt. But the fact that its coming from Henry doesn’t mean its always right.

    Goalkeeper. Ospina has been terrific. What does Ospina need to do to make people stop talking about a new keeper? Did you guys want Ospina to score the winner today?

    Striker. What striker are we gonna get that will be better than Giroud? Look At the likes falcao will top reputation and wages but it doesn’t work out all the time. In sanchez we added 20+ goal to our team. What Striker can win us the league then? RVP was highest goal scorer but we didnt win the league. It doesnot always matter. Its more about the team.

    DM. Yes We need one more Dm as Artetta and Flamini are simply not good enough.

    Players out
    Podolski sanogo Cambell Artetta Rosisky diaby and Flamini.

    Players IN.
    Laxcazette. He is a completely different striker to what we have in giroud. So it could be a different plan. He is a great finisher.

    Morgan Schiniderlin. He is a good CM with load of tackle great passing range and premier league experienced. French internation and at the perfect age to make the step up.

    Wellington Silva. Good winger. A fxxxxx machine who can go up and down the flank for 90 mins. Playing in a shit Almeria team has improve his defensive and tactical play. If you add is brazillian skill and pace then he will be a good surprise to the team.

    1. # Galen; Although I gave thumbs up for most of your comment but I had to tell either you delusional or have no idea about world football and top class strikers ,,!,! There are at least 20 strikers better than Giroud we can get with a bit of upgrade. Today game proved we lacked the stinging venom to finish off Chelsea. GK I agree, one moe CB, one more DM, and a world class striker. total of 4 players, and offload dead woods, like Flamini, Arteta, Diaby, Poldi, Sanogo, sell Jenkinson, RB we are covered. Keep Campbell or at least don’t sell him cheap. Bring on board Wellington Silva, Akpom, and sell Giroud or Welback.

      1. We definitely need a gk…Both Ospina and Sheez are not good enough….

        CB yes we need…BFG has to go…Paul will make a good 3rd choice…

        DM…Coq is just not good enough…

        CM….Scheiderlin is not too bad…we have to sell Wilshere and Ramsay…Carzola can rotate with Scheiderlin

        LW….totally non existence…we need one badly…Draxler may be the answer…

        ACM….Ozil cant deliver consistently…Reus can be the answer

        Striker….Giroud and Welbeck has to go…both are not good enough….

        1. What are you smoking? U might as well put Arsenal football club on sale. 1 draw and suddenly the whole team aint good enough. Sell rambo ? lol

          Drazler answer to LW? lol Coq not good enough? ozil can’t deliver? Sell Giroud ? New Keeper.
          Buying so many players will fxxx up the begining of the season as there is no time to gel. At this rate you will be buying 12 players. lol funny

      2. you have the nerve to call @galen delusional when you come up with that theres TWENTY strikers better than giroud right now? Stick to fifa bro

      3. @EZAt.

        20 strikers better than Giroud? I will be very delighted if you name me 10 strikers that are better than Giroud and are willing to leave their Clubs to come to Arsenal. Do you think we are Real Madrid? Not even City with all thier money attract certain players.
        Selling Giroud????? nah nah Nah. You must be having a laugh.

        CB. WE have 4 CB in Boss Per Gabby and Chambers. Debuchy can cover if need be. How many teams do you know with more CB than that? We already added paulista in Jan. Do you just play football manager and buy players for the sake of buying??? Chambers can’t get a game. We got him for 16 million to be a young CB and learn his trade and you want to buy another CB so Chambers becomes 5th Choice CB? Well done to you and football manager but this is real life management and not PS4.

  5. My ultimate dream is for Welback to be as far as possible from arsenal. and before u jumping it’s not based on today’s game. It’s an observation through out the season. I would prefer Gervinoho to him. he at least would be 1 vs 1 position once a game. (eventhough he was shit)

  6. My Observation on Arsenal vs Chelsea.

    Ospina? why do we need a new keeper? What has this man done wrong? he has been fantastic for Arsenal.

    Bellerini. How old is this kid again? he was outstanding. It will be criminal if this kid loses his place to Debuchy. If you are good eneough you are old enough.

    Per. I must say I was very worried when i saw him and i imagine william oscar and hazard vs per. BUt he was terrific today and had one of his best games.

    Boss. Didnt have his best game. But marshall the defence well.

    Monreal. U don’t need pace to be a top fullback. he is very Intelligent. 6.5 million for him. Top lad. he knows when to attack and vice versa.

    Coq. never disappoints. as good as any Dm in the league. And he will only get better.

    Santi. Little magician. good passing range and great use of both legs. Could do better with his shooting today.

    Ozil. I feel Henry and the pundits were harsh on him and is overall performance. But I feel in Big games we look Unbalance with Ozil cazorla Rambo. One of them should be benched. U need pace and width to strech this teams.

    Rambo. He was terrific today but he should not be playing out wide. he is our most complete midfielder and most balance. he scores goals too . he should be at the center of things. In this big games One of Ozil and cazorla must go to the bench. No need fitting them all.

    Sanchez. he is our best and most hard working player. But he needs to trust his team mates more. he holds on the ball too much. he is our best player no doubt but he needs to help himself by passing quicker and Conserving Energy.

    Giroud. he gave it his all as usual but terry and Cahil were sublime. Not many strikers could have beaten this 2 today.

    Wenger. I think he did his best. But for playing rambo out wide I think most of his decisions were right. I would love him to make substitions a little earlier though. i think 70-75 mins its a little to late.

    1. still living in denial…

      we need another 4 to 5 major siginings…

      the current team is not good enough

    2. ” he needs to trust his team mates more. he holds on the ball too much.”
      doesn’t seem like u’re talking about the best player in the team..
      Its about time people start seeing sanchez for what he really is. He is a selfish player who does not pass the ball at the right time. And lets face it he was pushed out of barca for the exact same reason.
      sanchez either needs to start adjusting to arsenal’s style or just leave.

  7. Players to leave arsenal and reason why they should.

    Podolski. having a good left foot is not eneough. he is also on the bench at a the worst Inter team of the last 2 decade. Is it wenger to blame too?

    Arteta. No Captain on the bench. Getting a new Dm will mean less game time for him. No need keeping him and not playing him yet calling him Captain. I like a Captain that starts.

    Campbell. He is at a good Vellareal side and getting games. It will be better he stays there than we benching his ass again.

    Sanogo. he can’t start for palace. he has potentials but is no where close to be in the Arsenal squad.
    Diaby. U can’t accuse us of not trying. We have morethan tried with him and shown great patience. A new league with less pace and tackles could do him good.

    Flamini. Why did we ever get him? Even if he was free. he left us when he was at his peak. came back when he was Sunderland quality. When thigs get bad they all want to come bacK. All flamini does is talk shout clap his hands and get yellow cards. he does everything aprt from playing.

    1. flam was useful when he came in. we were desperate then.
      but he does need to go, as do the 5 others.

  8. Coq is my player of the season – along with Belerin and Alexsis

    Imagine where Arsenal would be if Coq had not emerged to take control of the defensive midfield.

    Alexsis has been great all season and Bellerin is the best RB at Arsenal – he has been huge.

    1. Agree with your comment. The biggest revelation for me is bellerini. For such a young kid he has steped up to the plate. I won’t bench him for anyone right now. I won’t even bench him for a fit Debuchy.
      Bellerini is just and Arsenal fullback. A real arsenal fullback. You think of the likes of Cafu Carlos marcelo Alves Cole etc Bellerini Can play at that level in the next couple of years. Am confident that this kid can become the best in the world in his position. he is one of the great Arsenal stories of 2015

      1. Lol, you could at least get his name right, it’s Bellerin (no “i” on the end), he’s not Italian!

    2. Alexis has been shit for the 2nd half of the season…
      Its like the new paint has come off and you suddenly got to see the real thing.

      Frankly speaking he is in the PFA TOTY not because he was brilliant, it was because none of the rest was good either

  9. Thierry Henry has now stated Giroud is “not good enough.” He may be right but……

    Giroud is even with Costa in total goal production (all comps) and has a BETTER goal per game ratio than Costa.

    Would Henry claim Costa is “not good enough.” I doubt it.

    1. It is more than just simply statistics and the fact that people only use them for any level of insight is appalling.

      Hypothetical: Charlie Austin has more goals than Giroud in a worse squad, is Charlie Austin necessarily a better striker than Giroud? Harry Kane has 30 goals in all competitions is he te best striker in the EPL? Drogba averaged about 14 goals a season in all competitions for 6 out of 8 seasons at Chelsea, does that change the fact that Drogba was one of the EPL’s most feared strikers in his prime?

      I’d answer no to both questions even though the statistics indicate otherwise. It isn’t simply a case of who has the better goal scoring ratio. What’s the purpose of a scout if you can just look at stats.

      Chelsea added a spear head and they are now a completely different team from last year. Look how City faltered when Aguero was injured even though they averaged 2 goals a game in is absence.

      The real question yoi have to ask yourself is do you think Giroud is capable of leading Arsenal to a League Title vs Chelsea or City. Do you think if fit for the entire season he would lead the line in such a way we’d always be a threat even if he wasn’t scoring?

      My genuine answer is unfortunately no.

      1. absolutely: the q is what does that player add ? what would the team be w/o him? we need a striker who’s better at dribbling. who’s more clinical and has a better conversion rate. OG scores a lot bc he gets lots of chances, sitting at the spearhead of arsenal. he’s had a good 2-3 months: no question, but i’m not convinced he can do it over an entire season — until I see it.

  10. I believe the spine is there.
    Kos Mertz

    Add Bellerin Monreal, Ramsey Sanchez Wallcot
    An X1 = to any one.

    Select the next best X1

    debuchy Chambers Gabriel Gibbs
    Schneiderlin Wilshere
    Wellbeck Cazorla Chamberlain
    Res. Martinez Hayden Bielik Arteta Gnabry
    27 players.
    What to do with
    Diaby Sanogo Campbell Podolski Ryo Rosicky Flamini ?
    Flamini will go but the others either have contracts till 2016
    or are Wenger favourites.

    1. Think you will find that ryo, diaby, rosicky and arteta are all out of contract. Flamini has a year left same as sanogo, podolski, campbell. Obviously those 8 are the most likely departures along with Jenkinson and Szczesney.
      To be fair apart from wojech and arteta those 10 players would struggle to make the 2nd x1 if everyone was fit. If we make a few signings in the right areas I think all 10 would be surplus.
      The only one I might be tempted to keep would be jenkinson, if as rumoured PSG or Lille are willing to offer 15-20m for debuchy. Here is how I would play the summer.
      GK – get another world class keeper to compete with ospina, sell Szczesney and loan out martinez to a top flight team. Macey and iliev can share 3rd choice keeper duties (neither will take a place in the 25 next year as both still classed as u21.
      Defence – sell either jenkinson or debuchy, possibly both if we can get £25m+ for the pair. We could then go for a left sided centre back that can also play left back. We also need a set of young defenders for the under 21s as ajayi is being released, ormonde-ottewill, hayden and pleguezuelo have all struggled with injuries.
      Midfield – sell flamini, release arteta sign schneirderlin. Release diaby and rosicky sign kondogbia.
      Forwards – sell sanogo and campbell buy a world class striker. Sell podolski and ryo buy reus

  11. Only alexis deserved to be in the pfa team tbh. Ozil, Giroud, Coquelin… the whole lot of them only showed up in the 2nd half of the season. You cant play half a good season and expect to be nominated

  12. CFC knows how to keep their 11best players fit throught d season,reason they have 10pts gap,more reason 6 of their players are in PFA team, Alexis was d outstandin nd fit AFC player of the season ,if we could get our players too fit am sure 2 or 3 would hav make the list

  13. To be fair that team of the year can’t be much argued with (I’ll argue a couple points). Costa and Kane have been the best 2 strikers. De Gea has been the best goalkeeper. Matic over the season has been the best defensive midfielder. Hazard + Alexis deserve their place. Cahill + Terry as best CB pairing? Meh, ok. Ivanovic…standard. Bertrand…meh. I’d argue he’s not been as good as Monreal but he has contributed to Southampton probably more. Personal taste.

    The real stickler for me is Coutinho. WHAT ARE PEOPLE WATCHING. 4 Goals + 4 Assists for an AM. That is shocking to call him one of the best in the league. Let’s compare his stats to Aaron Ramsey say.
    Goals: Rambo 5 Coutinho 4
    Assists: Rambo 5 Coutinho 4
    Chances created: Rambo 37 (1.54/game) Coutinho 45 (1.5/game)
    Pass Accuracy: Rambo 85% Coutinho 81%
    Duels Won: Rambo 39% Coutinho 47%

    So the only major stat Coutinho wins on is Duels…and Rambo plays out of position and against wingers and defenders more then against CMs. I don’t get where this Coutinho love comes from. He won Liverpool a few games with belters…that doesn’t constitute being the best player. It’s embarrassing to suggest this. Want more proof look no further then Cazorla who takes all of Coutinhos stats and SMASHES them.

    7 Goals, 8 Assists, 67 chances created (2.09/game), 88% pass accuracy, 56% duel wins

    Seriously the guy shouldn’t be anywhere NEAR the team of the year. Ozil in half the games has higher goals, assists, chances and duel wins.

    No way would Coutinho get into the team above Ozil, Rambo or Cazorla. It’s an insult to other players like Cesc that he didn’t get the nod either.

    Basically – when you’ve got someone like Coutinho getting the nod over other clearly more adept players you can pretty much disregard the validity of the whole thing as just picking “flavour of the month” rather then actually a reflection of the best players. I mean some are hard to argue but the defence is pretty open to debate and that midfield…UGH!

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