Alexis Sanchez is back – with a Bang Bang Bang!

Arsenal had only scored five goals in their first five games, but they doubled that to ten with an outstanding performance at the King Power Stadium, and the star of the show was our Duracell Bunny – Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean had looked sluggish up til now and had had little luck in front of the sticks, so his first goal today after a lucky bounce in the box seemed to galvanise him back into action.

His second effort was a excellent bit of poaching as Ozil floated the ball into the box for him to nod it past Schmeichel, and his third was a superbly hit strike from outside the box. He is back to form with a bang!

Arsene Wenger admitted this week that he had rushed Sanchez back too early this season, but Le Prof saw that he was slowly becoming his normal self. “He is back to his level.” Wenger said after the game. “He won a big competition with Chile – the Copa America. I think as well mentally to adjust to the game on a mental level takes some time. I could see in training a different player in the last week or two and he has shown that today. I believe going forward he always looked dangerous.”

Wenger was then asked if he thought Alexis was World Class, and he could hardly say no after that performance. “I think so.” he replied. “I think I have plenty of players that are world class. You have to understand the definition of that but overall he is a striker who is mobile and works hard for the team. When the team plays well he can score goals.”

That is certainly clear going by today’s game, He was ably supported by Ozil, Walcott, Cazorla and also Bellerin should get a special mention for his excellent running up the wing. There was lots of talent on show yesterday, but Alexis was head and shoulders above all of them….

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. hes has to continue to score especially a big game coming up against Martial Utd….

    if we failed to score…we will end up getting raped by them….

    Martial Utd attack is formidable but defense is weak…

    1. I see us beating United come next week and we will top the table. I’m very happy for this week result even though Tot won against City.


    2. I think Ozil was wasteful in front of goal, but that assist was out of this world. It was so Barcelona at its peak.
      With walcott up top we begin to score fast goals through counter attack, I love this quick arsenal. #COYG

  2. Big week coming up we have Olympiakos and Man United,if we want to win these games Giroud must not start in any of them!

    1. Will Giroud be available for the Olympiacos game? I thought he had a red card in the previous one. Just asking.

  3. I know we played well…we however were riding on some luck when Vardy hit the post twice.
    I’ll say our attack took a great leap forwards…not so much about the defense though. Shore our defense and we are good.

  4. OT: I wonder what Maureen had to say about their performance against Newcastle. He always finds a way to talk about Arsenal… Are we like his favourite team or something?

  5. Great game its been like an eternity since i saw our team scoring for fun.
    PS: Do you think the likes of flamini are renewing their injuries. Injury situation at our club has become sth like an hobby.

  6. To be true I wasn’t worried about Sanchez’s goal scoring drought…….but my real concern is our defence……..collective effort is missing in our defence…….evident from the second goal that we conceded……!!!

  7. This rahman of a guy u must be the most sadistic arsenal fan ever.. I have never seen any positive post from you not just one… Your posts are always about earthquakes earthquakes tsunami tornadoes what the hell… Dude cant you just be happy for once…
    Even when arsenal just won a match, you must definitely find something to worry about… Really

  8. Alexis back where he belongs!
    Digressing, I like the way Walcott is adapting to the new striker role. He is learning gradually how to use body strength to hold up the ball and get midfield players into the game. Plus his runs are amazing as usual. Ozil and Cazorla will have bags of assists come end of the season !

  9. Hopeful 2016/17 Season Lineup


    Bellerin Varane Kos Monreal

    Coq Reus

    Isco Ozil Sanchez



  10. But why is it that wen our playrs loose the ball they eithr complain to the ref,hold their waist,put their tongue out or throw their hands up? Thats rili pisses me off u cnt loose the ball in a dangerous position n jst stand why play is goin on…i saw alot of that yestrday esp cazorla!

  11. @hafiz rahman,and the good news is that arsenal can hav that formidable line-up…… video games !!!

    until wenger really stresses on defending and forgoes this ‘attack the whole game’ policy,arsenal dont stand a chance to win major honours.also do keep in mind,attacking whole game drains out the players.better to put handbrake on and play when team has a 2 or 3 goal lead focussing on keeping posession and positioning…but i guess wenger will always go for the ‘u score 3,we score 4’.its entertaining,but i doubt if team can win anything…..

    5 man midfield agreed gives stability in midfield. but like someone said,why wouldnt sacrificing stability of midfield for two strikers make team more penetrative especially against defensive teams and if back four is tight,4 man midfield is sufficient.wenger could try that !!

  12. @chaitanya,exactly walcott sure knows how to time his runs.even against chelsea he was doing that well.reason ppl say walcott aint a good striker is bcos of wenger.wenger makes him play as striker once in a bluemoon,and in such scenario u cant learn the trade.only when hes played consistently he grows as a striker.

    also when a player knows ur manager will not giv u second chance to play the way u love to,u become desperate and try too hard which affects his play negatively ! jus my opinion though..

  13. Nice article,but some of our players really need to step up their games,especially when they don’t have the ball or looses possession,they find it hard to close the opponent down,except Alexis. Wenger should educate them on that.

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