Alexis Sanchez says he is “tired of telling the world that all is going well”……

The Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez was not happy yesterday after playing his second World Cup Qualifier in a week, and being on the losing side in both matches. Losing to Bolivia last night seems to have depressed him so much that he took to Instagram to voice his unhappiness.

He starts off by saying.. AND COMES THE MOMENT WHEN YOU GET TIRED… (which was somehow translated by the Mail as ‘AND TOMORROW IS COMING,’!)

The rest of the post reads “You get tired that you are criticized with reason and without reason, you get tired of you wanting to be defeated, you get tired of telling yourself  “once more I will arise” after crying after a defeat, and you get tired of telling the world and the people who are with you, that all goes well . And worse, that nobody ever realizes how that makes you feel … I have the No 7 of Chile on my back and it is a huge responsibility, that is why I am sorry that journalists and bad people criticize without knowing.”

It’s a bit vague, but the best I can do with my Spanish, but it sounds like Alexis is not happy playing for a losing team. Chile are now in real danger of not qualifying as they are 6th place with just two matches remaining, one against Ecuador who are three points behind in the Group, and the final game is against runaway leaders Brazil. I can sense his retirement from international football coming very soon….



  1. If Sanchez wants to win, why not score, his greediness and selfishness makes the dressing rooms both at Arsenal and National team in disorder.

    1. Remember Resource? says:

      Tell him to stfu.. everyone knows he’s gonna take the 320k a week deal now that he has no option. If he doesnt take it hell give up a shit ton of cash and a big contract. He knows if he gets injured or anything he can’t get a deal of that size. He had bayern. But he didn’t leave because of the cash. Its clear he wants a big contract at big club… But I’m sure hell settle for the 320k a week stable deal and look to leave later if he gets the chance

    2. Nothing changed says:

      FYI He does score, in fact, he scored 30 for us last season. Turning on Sanchez is small. He is our only true winner. He has behaved impeccably during this window, didn’t ask for a transfer and kept his head down.

      Turning on Sanchez is the same type of losers mentality as the guy who is so in love with his girlfriend but when she decides she breaks up with him he calls her names and says she was no good anyway.

      For me, Sanchez has been the only guy in our squad the last few seasons consistently worthy of the shirt.

      Small minded people act like that.

      1. Kamikaze says:

        Well said!

      2. Vlad says:

        “Behaved impeccably”? – was this when he was sulking on the bench at Swansea, or smiling when we were getting our arses whooped against Liverpool? At this point I think Alexis is poison, and having him in the locker room will only make things worse. Should’ve sold him for 60mil when we had a chance. I don’t rate Iwobi, but I think he would’ve been a better option this season.

      3. Marty says:

        What about the 2nd half of last season, don’t think he played consistently then, missed chances, gave the ball away trying to do too much and not passing to players in better positions. Yes, he has scored goals for us but hasn’ t looked as good lately.

    3. BERNARD says:

      Sanchez is stupid player. I hate him his style of play. I watched him play yesterday and i said chile cannot pull a draw in the game. This is how he took Arsenal out of TOP 4.

  2. tas says:

    ha had the chance of joining PSG this summer the team to beat 2017/2018 CL season and Ligue 1 in France, and why did he leave Barcelona he should of stayed and fight for his place and now that Neymar has left he could of slotted in nicely, he could also joined Bayern Munich which is a guaranteed Bundesliga winners almost every year, so why moan about loosing when you make the choices

    1. tas says:

      its our fault we make players larger then life and they get spoiled like little children

      i’m past caring about Sanchez we should of sold him and used some youth players like Reiss Nelson

      1. WENGEROUT MAN says:

        Sorry..wengerout will play that young bright talent #Neilsson on the bench or out of position

  3. Omonaija says:

    Writing on AFC is a waste of time and energy. As long as a mediocre manager and board are in charge nothing positive will come out of it.#Wenger out#

    1. I says:

      This article is not about Arsenal or Arsene’s failure. It is about Sanchez reaction to Chile’s loss to Bolivia.

      1. Me says:

        But its always good to remind us of how poor Wenger really is..

    2. TW14-TH14 says:

      You should be more concerned about the mediocrity of your incompetent President (Nigeria) who spent 4 months in another country on medical tourism than a Legend like Wenger. What’s your achievement in Life? Foul mouthed good for nothing nobody.

      1. Kamikaze says:

        Why bring political issues here,some people think with there buttocks!

      2. Otunba007 says:

        @TW14-TH14 what has Nigeria got to do with Arsenal,Wenger or football in Generally ? so because the Nigerian president spent 4 months in another country on medical tourism and so what? (Nigerians must not support Arsenal or watch there beloved clubs anymore? ) your comment has summarized how little you know about life and you should be ashamed of your pathetic self cause you have a CHICKEN brain..

        1. TH14-TW14 says:

          @Otumba and @Kamikez both of you can go and hang. What was the reason the the Wenger obsessed voltron (Omonaija) bring Wenger into an entirely Alexis Sanchez/Chile issue? Wenger is an honourable man that murons like him take happiness in insulting every minute. I had to remind him that he has a better target for his senseless attacks in his home country than a man in far away England who does not affect his future in any way.

      3. Nine says:

        But why Theo 14 though.. Whyyyy???

  4. I says:

    It is normal to feel bad when your team is not doing fine. Especially as a player. We fans also feel pains when our team is under performing. I noticed that Sanchez’s reaction to failure is not about Arsenal but his person. It has both positive and negative effects. Positive because such players play not to fail. Negative because they can over dwell on a failure there by distorting positive reaction to failure.

        1. tas says:

          just a friendly banter 🙂

    1. Mobella says:

      I think he should consider changing nationality. Peru if not Brazil will gladly take. He had nowhere to hide and his fans have no excuse to exempt him from Chile’s failure because Chile is full of super stars. He failed with the team so he should shut up and accept responsibility.

  5. arsenal4life says:

    Sanchez probably rakes in more
    in a week than ten thousand
    Chilean farmers get in a month.
    Professional football where 99%
    of the glory, fame, money and privilege
    is in the hands of 0.00001% of the people.
    Yet Ronaldo Costa Naymar Sanchez Suarez Ozil
    regard any criticism as hurtful to their delicate egos.
    Same with Wenger.
    “Stop expecting me to win the EPL .
    It’s only been 13 years and I only got paid 93 mill in that time”.
    I can’t even afford to pay the lecky.
    Get off of my case already.

    1. tas says:

      lol i feel bad for Wanger now he earns less then me and if i’m struggling he must be on the bred line 🙂

  6. Coldzero says:

    Yeah whatever – first world problems mate!

    Drop the histrionics and get on and do your job of playing football!

    Has there ever been a bigger primadonna than Alexi at this club? As good a player as he can be (over plays it a lot and can be too greedy) he is clearly creating too much aggro in the dressing room and creating discord. Those of us that play/played have come across these sorts in the team – they are a pain in the arse!

    He needs to stop with all this- do his job of playing football until he either leaves in Jan or end of the season. Time to buckle up snowflake and get on with it – it’s not as if he is in the front line of Afghanistan. Sometimes you will lose – get over it!

    1. Mobella says:

      Thank you so much for comment. My fear is Alexis will put arsenal in turmoil again just like he did last season. Remember his reaction when he was substituted against Swansea. He had scored 2 goals already with an assist yet he sulked. His shit show at Liverpool was another one and several others like against Bayan , Bournemouth . He is a good player no doubt and what is preventing to be a great player like Messi is he not realising it is not all about him.

      1. Coldzero says:

        Correct mate- he is a good player but he thinks the world revolves around him and not a good team player. He often runs into nowhere and loses the ball when he could pass. But do you notice his reaction if a team mate does the same or makes a mistake? Goes into a hissy fit! That is not a team player and I have played with many people over the years (at a far lower level obviously) and these types of players really upset a team. If they upset Sunday league teams can you imagine the damage they do to a professional highly tuned team where teamwork is everything. Doesn’t seem much of a coincidence that we have never had such low team cohesion and there seems to be bad blood about since he joined us. The trouble with players like him is that the histrionics create discord which in turn human nature being what it is makes people choose sides. Then you have a divided dressing room.

        He needs to buckle down and play to his strengths and admit he has some shortcomings too. He ain’t a Bergkamp and the entire team need to man up and settle any differences and start with the slate clean.

        1. Nothing changed says:

          Yeah, all our trouble started with Alexis. Before his arrival, we were soaring high and winning big trophies. Not sure what Pep saw in the guy and why he was willing to pay big bucks for a player with less than 12 months on his contract.

          You guys who are criticizing Alexis and blaming him for our trouble are truly pathetic. If he was so rubbish why did your great Wenger want to hold on to him so desperately?

          If he upset the apple cart it is only because all in it were way too comfortable with the “let’s collect our cheque” mentality and couldn’t handle a guy who actually wanted to win.

          Many of us fans also got sick and tired of Wenger coming out every weekend saying everything was fine and we were still aiming to win the PL whilst we could all see that nothing was fine and we were going to win nothing. Yet you expect Sanchez to be happy about that type of lying???

          1. Mobella says:

            You are missing the point. No one is saying everything was rosy before he came to arsenal. What I’m pointing out is that his conduct when things are going wrong on the field left no the be desired. Did you notice any of his teammates acted the way he acted when they didn’t get good pass from him or complained When he hold on to ball unnecessary and in the process lost possession or went into sulked mode when substituted after given a good performance. You can choose to ignore all that because you his fan but all are there for us to see. I bet you don’t see his latest act against Liverpool, a game he was full part of. I believe you think he has no part in that because he was surrounded by mediocre players. Lastly, if Pep believes much in him why did mostly used as a sub in his barca days.

            1. John says:

              That’s so unfair…….Alexis is a human being first……then a footballer second……..he is entitled to his feelings……..verbally or non verbally………..he is part of a team…..not the team…….he takes risks……….to win………..whether he sulks or other stuff is none of our business………common he has a right to his frustrations at work……….Arsenal is not ambitious enough…..Van Persie said it……..others have……….we are destined for a just above average team……..owners goal with his other teams……

      2. Nothing changed says:

        I guess the Arsenal culture is now that even our players have to be content and used to losing and excited to be substituted. Wenger’s work is done all are converted to good little losers.

  7. ArseOverTit says:

    poor ole alexis..
    my heart bleeds

  8. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    I feel for this Manh thoo…nothing as gone his way in awhile and to come here and read Shiit you guys write about him just makes me wonder if we as fans know how ignorant we can be sometimes.. and am not trying to defend him and I know he makes madt money to compensate him for his efforts. the one thing I want to point out is that everyone of here would do exactly what he is doing if we were in his shoes..he has given up on us, same as we fans have given up on the team, but he still shows he care and still fight as much as one can in a sinking ship…can we say the same bout the other players?..
    and I hope Chile qualifies for the world cup just as much as I hope we have a good season or a great season where we finally see the back of the “deluded one”.

    1. Coldzero says:

      I very much doubt he comes to this website to be fair.

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Alexis has acted badly this summer. It’s a shame because since he came hear he has been our best player and my favorite. High quality and excellent work rate

    But this summer acted like a child.
    PSG could have been great for all concerned
    But he wants to be with daddy Pep (Our Rival). He will get that opportunity next summer. But he is still contracted to us this year so needs to play his best.

    Losing Oz, Ozil and Alexis is another reason we should have got more top players this summer. Next summer not only will we need to replace these players but also replace Cazorla and get a Top CD or 2. If we only got 2 players this summer what chance of us getting 5 next summer.

    This season is a crucial season. If we don’t get back into Champions League, we may not get back for years to come. Next season looks like a rebuilding season

  10. omotosho dare says:

    fellow gunners,its been a while i commented here,its not been easy watching my team fall apart,ND being mocked by friends , well i like Alexis he is a great guy,but not anymore ,you no why?the day he laughed when arsenal was beating by Bayern,and against liverpool ,seriously alexis is good,but he thinks more of himself than the team,i jst want him out of my club asap.

  11. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    Let Sanchez submit transfer request from Chile to Brazil so as to win, lolz

  12. sawaneh says:

    arsenal made him the player he is today, but if he think he is bigger than the club let him go we will have good players as well

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