“Alexis Sanchez like” These fans heap praise on Martinelli after Arsenal win

Gabriel Martinelli was back in the Arsenal starting XI for their game against Newcastle United and he delivered a fine performance.

Fans have been calling for Mikel Arteta to play the Brazilian more often, but the manager keeps limiting his opportunities.

After deciding to rest Nicolas Pepe and Bukayo Saka, Martinelli started in an attack that supported Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as the lone striker.

He was a thorn in the side of Jacob Murphy all-game long and capped off a fine display by providing an assist.

With the club’s social media currently observing a blackout, fans took to their individual pages on Twitter to comment on how impressive the Brazilian had been in the game.

One fan even compared him to former Arsenal attacker, Alexis Sanchez for how he changes the direction of a game.

Another added he watched the match because the Brazilian was on the team and he is delighted that he did. Below are some reactions:

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  1. If Arteta does not even NOW realise the sheer ability and work ethic of MARTINELLI, then fans like me , who still support Arteta will be changing our minds.

    NOW there is no excuse for young GABBY not to be a regular starter. In fact, there has been no excuse for quite some time , since he was properly fit again, which has been some time already.

    No more XHAKA at LB either. Better still, no more Xhaka at our club, though I reaise that will not happening any time soon! Like today, for example, as I often dream about!

    1. Jon- with respect. If you had not been so blindingly in awe of Arteta, ax you have been, you would have seen the many many mistakes he has made this season. His treatment of Martinelli has been that of the incompetent novice he has proven himself to be. But I don’t believe yiu need me to tell you this.
      As for Xhaka, whether you rate the player or not, ( which we both do not), he has performed well standing in for Tierney these past few games. But Arteta will be a bigger fool than he has shown himself to be if he plays him there on Thursday. With Ceballos out, Xhaka must be played alongside Partey in midfield. If Arteta fails to do this, and we do not go through, he will be out of a job Friday morning

    2. No more Xhaka at the club?

      i think thats personal

      Xhaka works hard and have been playing very well

      he can be either a starter or squad player provide experience and difference style of playing (pending on the manager)

      It appears that he partners well with Partey

      and that could be a force….like Viera and Petit

      1. that’s an absolutely ridiculous hot-take John…can you please let me know who Xhaka is in this Vieira/Petit comparison? did you ever even watch those two players or just read about them?

      2. John- are you seriously suggesting Xhaka is equal in ability to Viera and Petit? Even with Partey alongside him in midfield?
        Xhaka is very average at best. He is far too slow in mind and movement for the EPL and as he is unlikely to accept being a squad player will likely be sold in the summer.
        Azeez will be the future of our midfield, just wait and see, because this boy has everything to emulate Viera and Petit. Xhaka most definitely does not

      3. Lol….xhaka would be the petit I guess?Xhaka isn’t even fit to lace Alex song’s boots leave alone Manu petit

  2. All they from Malawi. I would like to see GM in pitch for the of remaining games.

    1. I think Sanchez had better close control and perhaps even shooting ability than GM, but GM will be a far better player in the long run, IMO. He actually works for the team in every sense – I know Sanchez worked very hard but when we had the ball he was far too interested in scoring himself, was quite predictable in his movements off the ball and always head down looking for a shot when he got it, whereas GM is more balanced and willing to run the line to make chances for others

  3. Could today’s protest and rescheduled game between Man-U v Liverpool work in our favor by Man-U heavy schedule around the time of EL final? that is if we knock out Villarreal Thursday 🤞

    1. It will against Roma, but it may backfire later as they will have to play one extra game before final.

  4. Mikel Arteta does not see what you guys see in Martinelli. Let’s hope the next coach does. But I fear Arteta will win UEL & still remain in charge. That guy (Arteta) seems 2 be very lucky with cups.

  5. We are so lucky to have a player like Gabriel Martinelli. He chases everything and gives 200%. He is already a star. A raw Ronaldo. With Folarin Balogun the EPL should tremble…….. and with Saka, Tierney and ESR too….we are loaded with bullets.

  6. Arteta has used Martinelli in most games games recently. It is a great example of how to develop a young player. Next season Martinelli will be great.

    1. @JJ-Arteta did not use Martinelli from the start at Villarreal. The kid changed the game for us when he came on, and SHOULD have been on from the start.

      1. You are probably right in that he should have started thursday. Martinellii will be a great player as long as he avoids injuries. Bringing him along slowly won’t harm him long term.

  7. That’s why Arteta must leave..that’s why the likes of balogun and co will want to live because Arteta is totally a biased coach..ESR would have also suffered the same fate even Saka..it’s just that both young lads got to hit the ground running on time that’s why Arteta didn’t kill their career.. Sometimes us the fans know better than even Arteta full stop

  8. Let’s not get too carried away with the Sanchez comparisons, but if Tierney was providing some overlapping help/protection, Martinelli likely would have been able to show us some more Sanchez-like cut-backs so that he could have taken some more shots from the top of the box with his more dominant right foot…should be only a matter of time before we see a lineup that includes the likes of Marts, Saka, Auba, Tierney and ESR playing in and around the box…all we need now is a proper manager to get the tactics right

  9. Arteta played Martinelli in a full game today, when we had players coming back. Why (on what we have seen) wasn’t Martinelli played on Thursday night ? I dont think we will see him Thursday either. He is a player that Arteta doesn’t trust. He would play Willian on Thursday ahead of Martinelli, the young kids seem to be not in Artetas trust circle this year. Strange because it could cost him his job because he has missed the obvious.

  10. Martenelli does seem similar to Alexis in terms of work rate and passion but I fear he also shares the latter habit of never saying when injured or a little tired/hurt. He has played very little since coming back from injury but there have been many times when he got hurt or could have in that limited time. Of course like everyone I want to see him play every time but with our past with promising youngsters getting hurt and recovering their form arteta not playing him(for whatever reason) could end up benefitting us.

    1. Thank you for a sensible response. Far too many too many fans forget how young he is and the fact that he has returned from injury after a long time recovering. In several of the matches he has played he has had significant knocks.
      The way he plays is exciting but puts him at risk of further significant injury. He clearly needs to be managed carefully.
      The view that Arteta dislikes or does not trust Martinelli is ludicrous and dishonest. It is being bandied about by those who have been campaigning for Arteta to be sacked.

  11. Martinelli isn’t close to being what Alexi was for us when he played here in the first few seasons but he has alot more room to be a far better player.

    He has all teh attributes to become a top, top player and of course there are a lot of similarities between the 2 players, hunger, drive and passion.

    We shouldnt forget that he is still just 19.

    I would like to see him play more but also the coach has to find the right balance within the squad on matchday.

    Dont get me wrong, with teh younger players we have at the club who are say, 24 and under, we have a lot of potential to do great things in the next few years

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