Alexis Sanchez medical today and Mkhitaryan in London for same thing?

Finally, FINALLY! Arsenal are getting close to selling Alexis Sanchez to Man United and we are in the final stages of securing Henrik Mkhitaryan. These transfers are becoming one of the most drawn out sagas in the history of the Premier League, and although there is still no official confirmation, Alexis was on his way to Manchester yesterday instead of playing for Arsenal, and Wenger confirmed that after the match.

Le Prof was asked why Alexis wasn’t in the team and he replied: “I didn’t play him because there is the question of him moving to Manchester United. He could not drive up north and as well play football. That’s difficult. So that’s why I decided to leave him out.” So Alexis is up north? “Let me think… yes.” he said sarcastically!

Jose Mourinho also made it clear we were on the last leg after Man United beat Burnley 1-0 last night. He was asked if there would be an announcement about Alexis soon. “I expect soon or never,” Mourinho said. “I think is so close, so close, so close that if it doesn’t happen it’s not going to happen so I am positive.

“I know my people are doing everything they can, the owners with the green light, Mr Woodward working hard with Matt Judge and everybody is giving everything they can and I think they are going to be successful.”

That interview was from the Manchester Evening News, and his reporter on the scene “understands” that the medical has been set for today. Meanwhile Henrik Mkhitaryan and his agent were found in a London hotel trying to avoid the cameras, well not very hard it seems!

So it looks like both players could be having their medicals today, and we can finally put this lot to bed!

***Alexis caught out paying student for sex!***


Updated: January 21, 2018 — 12:15 pm


  1. Am just glad Sanchez is gone. The club need to settle down again, I gladly welcome MKHI.

    1. So happy that there’s an exchange and the player involved is not that bad rather than pocketing the money.

  2. Sanchez was a negative presence in several ways – firstly his tantrums and seemingly poor attitude towards his team mates and secondly the over reliance on him by his team mates leading to some players not really putting a shift in “Alexis will win it for us”
    Its partly Sanchez and partly Arsenal.
    Moving forward Wenger HAS to make a big signing namely Aubameyang if he wants to stay at the club – he has to make a massive statement.
    If he does not then he is gone…
    Mkhitaryan is simply not enough…
    Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan means we have become stronger.
    I don’t consider the Walcott and Coquelin sales to have any impact on the first team…

  3. Why am I not at all excited about this?

  4. sad alexis is leaving but hapi mhki is coming in
    just hope wenger dont waste him like arshavin

    1. Arshavin was wasted because he was highly paid and started partying and drinking….

      he was caught several time by the media at the club

  5. They are the same age so Mkhi needs to start with a bang. Otherwise we will again be the losers of a deal from United, especially when there’s no transfer fee involved

    1. I bet you we will be the winners.

  6. alexis is a [professional] footballer – it doesn’t mean he necessarily has the allegiance or affiliation with our beloved arsenal that bergkamp or henry had – it means that he’s on hire for a definitive period during which he’s contracted to train routinely and perform at his best when on and off the pitch when representing arsenal. just a little thought for any sanchez detractors or baters in his 1st season with us we was in a champion’s league playoff given that in the epl we managed 4th place; it was his goal that catapulted us into the champions league full in his first season – we were in the stew before he came and he did more than many others in our side to keep our challenge relevant.

    he plays at a level whereby he’s no need to run out with elneny, xhaka or ramsey – he will soon be the highest paid player in the prem – in my opinion his appetite on the pitch warrants him being a distinguished and stand out epl player in the short time he has left in football. and as far as leaving our club goes …there’s room for more outstanding players and as one walks out we ought to be thankful there’s ALWAYS going to be more talent awaiting the chance to don the shirt and achieve greatness with Arsenal.

  7. Sanchez was not at his best this season. But still our best player. He wants to leave. Then he had to go. Good luck to him and his massive wage rise. Just wish he went anywhere but United!

  8. Arsenal is going through a
    significant transition this season.
    Gibbs Gabriel Chamberlain
    Lecoq Walcott Sanchez all sold.
    Cazorla retired Mertz retiring Koz retiring
    Giroud Perez Debuchy Cech Monreal all going soon.
    But is the answer in Lacazette and 29 year olds Mkhi +Auba.
    Maybe its time to stop buying expensive
    foreigners many of whom don’t work out.
    Why not put our faith in local talent Macey Niles Willock
    Jenkinson Chambers Holding McGuane Iwobi Neslon?

    1. imo – of the “local talent” you outlined possibly two will continue to play at football highest level its holding and niles – holding is said to need work on his confidence but can draw on his fac winning display for confidence; whilst niles is easily better than the rest of his generation and can draw on his world youth cup winning exploits to go on and achieve even more from the game.

      imo nelson is at risk of nketiah taking his lustre which suggests he’ll need to maintain his efficiency or be overlooked. i’m not a fan of iwobi although he has only recently got into the 1st team picture he may have time on his side, BUT does he?

      Mbappe is the yard stick by which young offensive talent can be measured on a domestic or on the international radar. our young guns may struggle to find the minutes necessary to having a chance to ever be considered regular names in arsenals first team. So, in answer to your question there’s many reasons why the local talent you mentioned will be bypassed they don’t get enough chances and their names don’t quite turn heads or shake the footballing rafters. lemar and mbappe’s name do.

      1. Great answer to the funny post. Arsenal is playing in PL not Championship, so we need to be best we can. We are already giving space for young players and that s great (Niles, Nelson, Iwobi) so more than that would be funny.

  9. If I hear 48hours again, I swear I’ll…. Get the job done please! I’m growing tired of updating my browser 1000 times a day!

    1. ,@Dmac
      just switch off your device till teusday. you would have gained all with nothing lost.

  10. Refuse £60M instead swap best player for 2nd rate Man utd reject, seems legit!

    1. Axtually Mkhitaryan is a very good player.
      The style of play at Man United does not really lend itself to attacking players with flair.
      Very defensive which is typical of Mourinho’s style..
      Just because he didn’t have a good time at United it does not mean he won’t at Arsenal.
      You have to give him a chance…

      1. But why are you willing to take the risk and find out if he is not the struggling player Man utd are trying to get rid of? Why couldn’t we just accept the 60M and buy someone like Nabil Fekir or Malcolm who are doing great in their leagues?

          1. Well after saying no to money I think Arsene is failing at everything including being Arsene..

          2. I think you’re right

        1. Mkhitaryan is a great player but likes more freedom that he was getting in a sterile Mourinho AI system.
          That fact that they are above us in the League is just because of Wenger, with any other manager who knows how to bring players to their best, and even with this team, we would win the trophy!
          2-4th spot 😉

        2. Because we were offered 35 mill by United. For that — Mahitaryan (how it’s pronounced) is the best we can get right now. His last season in Dortmund – under Klopp – 23 goals, 32 assists.

          Surely you don’t think he forgot to be one of the best passers in football, huh?

          Mourinho simply ruins many attacking players temporarily, even Hazard for a while.

          1. We are not getting a single coin for Mkhitaryan! It’s a straight swap! That is why its so bitter..swapping our best player for a player who doesn’t even want to join us.

          2. What if Alexis left us and joined Manu for free.
            What if we couldn’t have replaced him next season. Atleast we got Mikhitariyan. Who knows what both players would do for their respective teams. But this was the best deal for every one in current scenario.

    2. yeah Utd/Mourinho reject….. *Salah…. De Bruyne…. Lukaku….*

  11. I just want this long drawn out saga to finish. It’s going to be sickening to see Alexis in a bloody Man Utd top!!! Why does all of our transfers have to take forever?! And why can we seemingly only work on one at a time ffs ?

    As for Mhki, if I’m honest I don’t even want him!! We can do better but now we aren’t going to!! I know he is a top player on his day but I feel underwhelmed! I sure there are better options available? ? however, I’d like nothing more than for him to come in and start ripping for us, so good luck with that. I just don’t see his arrival being enough to take us up a level

  12. with alexis sanchez’ departure …conceivably we could possibly have ozil and mkhitaryan supplying any combo between giroud, lacazette, PEA, welbz and lucas pires (he’s still a point of reference as indeed is joel campbell).

  13. Sanchez was Barca reject too

  14. Arsenal are 100% NOT going to buy Aubameyang.

    Not while we have Lacazette and Giroud.

    Don’t believe the press. Its another Higuain/Benzema bullshit story.

    Anyway, surely the ‘priority’ is CB and CDM (and renewing Ozil and Wilshere contracts)

  15. I’m glad to see the back of Sanchez if it was to do with football fine but joining utd is about ££££££ good bye you money grabbing tit
    I’ll get so many ?for this

  16. it wasnt a straight swap deal as £35mil was added to mkhitaryan before alexis was allowed to man united.

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