Alexis Sanchez or Man City behind Arsenal transfer rumour?

Just because this latest titbit of Arsenal transfer news, or gossip if you think that the word news is a bit strong, was denied by the manager of Manchester City at the weekend, does not mean that it is not true. It would not be the first time that a football manager has been less than 100percent honest when it comes to his club’s dealings in the transfer market would it?

According to reports last week from Chile, Our star striker Alexis Sanchez has been contacted personally by Pep Guardiola with the idea to persuade Alexis not to agree to a new Arsenal contract but to move to our Premier League rivals instead. As reported by The Mirror this was flatly denied by the Spaniard at a Man City press conference and Pep even went as far as saying that the journalist who broke the story was making it up and called him a liar.

He said, “The journalist is a liar. He’s a liar.”

Pretty strong stuff but he was never going to admit if it was true anyway, especially as that contact would break the transfer rules and get Man City in trouble. That does not mean it is true either, and the fact the news comes from Chile opens up the possibility that Alexis could have leaked the story to the Chilean press in order to up the ante in his current contract negotiations.

Sanchez has played under Guardiola during his time at Barcelona. It was only for one season but it was the Man City manager who took him to Spain from Udinese, so what do you make of this Arsenal transfer rumour, Gooners? Does it come from Sanchez, Man City or just an imaginative journalist in Chile?


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  1. Rare Admirall says:

    My take is whether it comes from Sanchez,Man City or some over-creative journo,Arsenal need to do the wise ting! Do all they can,whether it is to throw the current wage policy in the bin,just make Sanchez sign DA TING!
    We can’t let this ‘near Extra Terrestrial Being’ out of our hands.
    Enough said.

  2. G-Rude says:

    Yeah I agree just get him signed.
    But I doubt that Pep would have made a direct approach. I am sure they both know enough people they could use as intermediaries if they wanted to declare an interest.

  3. Godswill says:

    Hasn’t Sanchez given Arsenal condition for him to sign?
    What stops us from trying to meet the conditions?
    Am sure it’s either big pay or bringing in good players, or even both of which it’s okay.
    He can get 200K elsewhere with the kind of quality he is. Drop some dead woods and increase his pay.

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