Alexis Sanchez relaxed and ready to fire Arsenal to EPL title

Arsenal have been plagued by injury problems a lot more than our Premier League rivals in recent years and there is a strong argument that our bad luck on this front has cost the Gunners at least one title win, so we are always concerned about one or more of our stars picking up a knock, especially when they head off on international duty.

There are still a few games of Euro 2016 to go and with four Arsenal players still involved there could still be a major blow around the corner but so far it has gone well for Arsenal, even though there are reports that Olivier Giroud has a small knee problem that might keep him out of tomorrow’s semi-final between France and Germany.

The biggest concern of the summer so far was the swollen ankle of Alexis Sanchez that the Chile international suffered in the Copa America final after a terrible tackle by the Argentine defender Gabriel Mercado. He posted some horrible pictures of the bruised and swollen joint but it seems to have looked a lot worse than it actually was.

Sanchez has already revealed that his ankle is much better and his latest social media post shows him relaxing and enjoying a well earned rest in Florida with a series of pictures reported by the Daily Mail that should have Arsenal fans and his manager Arsene Wenger feeling very confident in having an in form Alexis ready to rock at the start of the new Premier League season which is just over a month away.

So will our Chilean star be the main man again next season and help the Gunners get our latest title challenge off to a flying start?



  1. hold wenger to ransom alexis please, u an ozzy….

    its naughty but for the greater good ask for assurances….are u even gonna read this request from someone called muffdiver…

    course u are! C.O.Y.G

    1. Welcome back Muff.
      Of course Sanchez reads JA .
      All footballers get
      a buzz from JA advice.
      Speaking about buzz I am ready to take delivery of the “stuff”
      you brought back from Columbia. Top top Wenger quality I trust 🙂
      Great idea to have Sanchez bring the shipment through Florida on his Yacht.
      No wonder the squad was buzzing at training
      with Mertz doing 6.3 sec for the 100 metres. 🙂

  2. meanwhile after landing Zlatan and Mkhitaryan, Mourinho is about signing POGBA… and Wenger is signing a Japanese kid.
    why bother watch the EPL next season?

    1. For 3 seasons Man U signed mega
      and they were sh#te.
      Now a 4th Summer of the same.
      No faith in the managers talent
      just spend spend spend.
      Arsenal have bought a key component
      missing for years a quality DM, Xhaka.
      Really just need a quality striker and we are fine.

      1. I appreciate your optimism – and you are right that massive spending is not always the answer but………

        Arsenal really need 3 more signings, not 1.

        Striker: obviously
        RW: need top quality starter – AFC has only backup quality for RW
        CB: most important here – mert is aging and chambers is not ready

  3. Lets not forget we have Chambo and Walcott. I think one of them will prove us wrong, we know what theybare capable off. their style are also different. but yeah, we still need an additional winger left or right that knows how to cross.

    Ive had thoughts that Bellerin should play amr as he is so dangerous on the flank, and get us anothrr DR

  4. So it’s that time of the year when we as arsenal fans make stupid predictions, assume that we will sign world class players, believe in Arsene for another year and next year we do it again well let me be clear since you all didn’t read this last year. Arsenal needs 4 players to be even considered a contender. Mert, Walcott,Chamberlain, Sonogo etc has to go

    1. Chambers cost 16 mil 2 years ago.
      He just has to be ready.
      He was outstanding in ten games
      on the spin when he first started.

      1. I think he plays as well or better next to Kos than Gabriel does. There are still some mistakes in his game, but if Arsene wants him there long term, let him make those mistakes while playing full time, not as an occasional substitution or as a RB experiment. The occasional mistake will happen, but the mistakes still happen plenty with Per or Gabriel there, so what’s the harm? Is his confidence that fragile that we have to protect him from playing through his mistakes?

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