Alexis Sanchez returns!! In time for Arsenal’s EPL start?

The timing could be touch and go for the Gunners, especially after Arsenal’s opening game of the new Premier League season was brought forward to Friday night, but with The Mirror reporting the great news for Arsenal fans that our star striker Alexis Sanchez is back in London, we can at least hope.

If it was any other player then I do not think we would even consider whether they would be fit and ready to play less than two weeks after returning from the summer break, but the Chilean is no ordinary player and has proved many times in the past that his ability to recover in a very short time and play is amazing.

Another question for us to consider, of course, is what sort of state of mind Alexis will be in, as it is clear that he was hoping for a transfer away from Arsenal this summer to some big club with Champions League prospects and it still looks like the boss will not sanction it.

Sanchez may just have to accept that he needs to stay for the season but then can leave on a free transfer and get mega money in wages from a big club anywhere in Europe, so hopefully he will get over his disappointment and focus his efforts into helping Arsenal have the sort of season that might even persuade him that we are a club that can match his trophy ambition.

Do you think he will feature against the Foxes?



  1. French says:

    Knowing how wenger has thrown him in straight away in the past, I have little doubt he will feature against the foxes. Probably a 30-20 minute run out against Chelsea at the weekend and back into the starting 11 for the start of the season.

    1. khangunners says:

      Am eager to see sanchez and lacaz combo. Hehe it can be really explosive

      1. French says:

        That is what I’m most looking forward to as well, how Lacazette, Sanchez and Ozil all work together in attack. Has the ingredients of a lethal attack..if it clicks.

        1. Jay Dee says:

          Add Kolasinac and the Ox to that combo. Just sad we cant be as excited about our midfield

  2. khangunners says:

    I think we hve till before jan to agree a deal with sanchez or we will loss him on a free on jan. He can agree terms and sign a deal with a club on jan so that when he walks at the end of season he already knows where he is off to.
    I like what wenger has done. If we really are challenging for the title then there is no loss if this guys walk free next year provided we mount a serious title challenge

    1. stubill says:

      He can only sign a pre-contract agreement with foreign teams in January, any English teams are off limits until the summer when his contract has expired.

      1. stubill says:

        What idiots have thumbed down a fact?

        I see a lot of garbage written on here which I ignore, as everyone has an opinion, but when people thumb down a FACT, it shows what morons they are.

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          I am not sure if the rules have changed recently, but as of a year, or so ago, when I last read them, you are correct. The FA rules are much more restrictive, in comparison with FIFA.

          But the reality of the situation is that no one can possibly know if Sanchez, and/or his agent are in negotiations already. This my issue with keeping him, without him signing. Should news leak out somehow he’s signing for City, that can only be extremely damaging to our season, and it will be leaked if we’re having a good season.

  3. georgie b says:

    If we win Europa we are in champions leaque right?

    1. Ayo says:

      We ain’t Winning Europa League Mate… In fack We ain’t winning any competition containing more than 7 matches. Consistency is simply lacking

    2. stubill says:

      Yep, like Man Utd did.

    3. georgie b says:

      As I said before winner of Europa league is automatically entered into Champions leagur. So com on Alexis show us what you are made of.

  4. Angello says:

    Chelsea bought Rudiger….
    Arsenal negotiating with Lemar…
    Chelsea bought Bakayoko…
    Arsenal negotiating with Lemar….
    Chelsea bought Morata….
    Arsenal negotiating with Lemar….
    West Ham bought Chicharito…..
    Arsenal negotiating with Lemar….
    Manchester City bought Mendy..
    Arsenal negotiating with Lemar….
    Manchester City bought Walker….
    Arsenal negotiating with Lemar……
    Manchester United signs Matic from Chelsea
    Arsenal still negotiating with Lemar….

    Indeed funny.

    1. desire to excel says:

      Chelsea whored out itself to a multi-billionaire
      Arsenal still runs on its own generated funds, its own brand equity
      Learn to make a fair comparison.

      Never ever try to suggest that Chelsea is superior to Arsenal, because it is not

      1. Sean says:

        Sorry mate if Usmanov took over we would be doing the exact same thing & as far as comparing clubs in this era since abramovich took over we have been nowhere near chelsea,they have won 5league titles since, we have won 4 since 96, not one in 14yrs. Chelseas team with Rudiger, Bakayoko & Morata after dominating the league, breaking records & winning it look like a dwuad of winning UCL esp with Conte

  5. nero says:

    wenger needs to broaden his thinking and horizon…and think beyond sanchez, so many players can replace him, carrasaco, even baruwa( of lipstik)whom we just saw in the emirates cup, dembele etc…i just watched liverpool trash bayern…liverpool have always has a sharp attack, now their defence seems solid…wenger is just a straight jacket, i dont care what others are doing, i know it all coach and it will really hurt come begining of season, unless he prunes his pride and look over the wall at what his competitors are doing that is strengthing the weakness and planning ahead…our midfield was weak and indeed still is…we glad about lacazzete, but unless our defence gives 110 all games, and we look at life beyond sanchez…we will have our fellings hurt this season

    1. DaRkPoPe says:

      as i have said earlier in pre season dont get your hopes high for this season! a premier league title push is unlikely this season!

  6. Coldzero says:

    Alexi needs to leave or we get rid. He is going to be disruptive. Get him out of the club- even if it means promoting one of the kids to to his role.

    He is not loyal and not is he an arsenal legend- if he wants to go then get the sulker out of the dressing room and gone.

  7. fovana says:

    I think both ozil and Sanchez want to stay arsenal .. but the arsenal board let them down by not bringing reinforcement required. .

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