Alexis Sanchez ‘revelations’ just preparing Arsenal fans for the worst?

I do not think that most Arsenal fans would care too much to hear that our star striker was a right royal pain in the dressing room, as long as the Chilean kept scoring goals and providing assists to almost single handedly get the Gunners over the line.

And to be honest, I think that a lot of the best players in the world could probably be called a little bit arrogant or difficult to deal with, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and many more, so the so-called revelations about the Arsenal striker revealed by our former right back Lee Dixon in a Metro report this week strike me as not very revealing or particularly important.

The ex Gunner said, ‘He’s not easy to work with from what I’ve heard,’ Dixon told ITV. ‘He’s quite difficult to work with on the training pitch.

‘He’s quite moody, certainly in training. From the feedback I’ve got from Arsenal he’s difficult in the dressing room.

‘I think Pep Guardiola has mentioned that as well, he’s a difficult character to deal with.

‘Everything has to go his way, from a team point of view you will see him push everyone around and try and organise, but he’s not easy to play with, that’s what I’ve heard.

‘I’ve seen him a lot at Arsenal and he passes you the ball if he can get it back, he’s one of them.’

I could be wrong but I have the feeling that this has been leaked deliberately by someone at the club in an attempt to soften the blow of Alexis leaving this summer. What do you guys think?

Sam P.


  1. Well its possible he’s one of those types we’ve all played with as a kid: holds on to the ball and sulks when things aren’t going his way.

    But he scored 30 goals last year and assisted 16. He must stay.

    1. those stats
      30 goals
      16 assists

      shaking my head – he must stay

      1. Wow ?? no wonder your stuttering mate ?? it’s all that head shaking your doing… Stop it ? just accept it man, there’s more important things to worry bout, like That mini solar system that’s coming around from behind the Sun… That’s going to put us all out of our Arsenal miseries. ? ?& thank fork for that!

  2. He wants to win so I don’t see anything wrong with that. The players that are complaining about him are the ones we should be selling. They are mentally weak and it shows on the field when they go missing in the tough games, they are spineless.

    I have been saying for years that Arsenal need some backbone. They need a tough, world class central defender, a hard working defensive midfielder, an attacking midfielder that defends and a strong, pacy striker.

    1. Agreed. Weakness starts from the to a.k.a the manager.

      Wenger for whatever reasons keeps those who are not good enough or don’t have enough winning mentality in the teams.

      He used to have leaders on the pitch who would die for the badge and the win . That now, is sadly no longer the case and is in a major way down to arsene.

    2. He tries to introduce what Arsenal lacks since Vieira left with all glory and you call him moody and difficult character. Arsenal loves Walcott characters who play for salary not silverware. Sachez go where seriousness is order of the day, not profitable club called Arsenal with little ambition

  3. Rightly said Sam P.
    This is just a ploy, to soften the blow when he leaves…to make him look like the bad guy. As was done to Nasri, and RvP. Meanwhile, the real bad guys remain at the club.

  4. Was wondering the same thing. Wonder who are the ones complaining? Sanchez wants trophies and Theo wants easy paycheck, easy like Sunday morning.

    Theo last seen commenting about another team wanting to win more than Arsenal. Poof like magic he disappears and hasn’t been seen on the pitch since.

    I rag on Wenger enough, so I shall praise him for making Theo disappear, hopefully for good and soon.

  5. The reason Sanchez’s attitude seems to be more of an issue at Arsenal than what it would be at other clubs, is purely because of the mentally weak culture Wenger has created at Arsenal.

    For too long at our club, it’s all been too nice, and relaxed, with almost everyone earning well beyond their abilities, Wenger more than anyone. Everyone has just been coasting, week, after week at Arsenal. Now we finally have a truly WC player who hates to lose, and can even be unhappy in victory, such are the standards that he demands not only from his team mates, but of himself as well. He delivers on the pitch almost every game, and some are still unhappy with him…ridiculous! I am glad he’s shook-up the dressing room, because it was needed.

    As fans, we’ve been begging for a leader like this for years, so let’s celebrate what he’s done for us. If he leaves, he’ll have my backing, because NO ONE at Arsenal is on his level, not just in terms of ability, but mainly from the perspective of his mentality.

    1. Silverware?
      ?? Oh, You mean like the FA cup ?’ type’ of silverware?
      Yeah ?? It’s a shame that he didn’t win any of those… Init? ?

  6. So what. He’s the best on the pitch so far. Sanchez does all the work, tries/wants motivation from other players, plays even with a slight injury. Some players are cruising along on Kroenke’s paycheck. Are just along for the ride. Sanchez wants trophies, a strong side, not a gutless one, to play in. A team/club he’s proud of.
    Career-wise, he should go to a club that offers more motivation, trophies, winning mentality, and determination.

  7. It’s all nonsense. Wenger knows without him next season, we don’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of even making the top 4, which is why we may see some bigger spending than usual this year. Hopefully the new lawyer will be able to keep his eye on when contracts expire, which nobody else seems able to to, so we won’t be flushing money down the toilet, when it comes to renewals / selling.

    1. Yup, it’s a good job that Sanchez was around last season, otherwise we would have never made it into the Top Four …. ?.. ? .. ?

  8. Hahaha ? haaa ? ? as if tight ass Wenger would pay Dixon to slander Sanchez ? ? He is what he is and that’s exactly why he will force the move to City.

    Wenger knows what it will take to soften the blow ?? and that’s why Wenger and his team work 24/7 during the transfer windows. 24/7 I tell ya?? sleeping is for pussies, you hear? For ??!!!

    Now if people like Sam P want to cry ?? over spilled Sanchez milk, they can either follow their idol to his next club or stfu! & start slurping that milk up,bitch ?? Now go to your room sonny, your GroundHoggded for a week… And Don’t slam the… ??

  9. If things continue to like this we’ll always be begging players to stay because we know if they leave there’s no hope.As if we care if he’s difficult to deal with.The thing is he’s doing his job well.For some years now it looks as if we’ve become a one man team and always begging players to stay.We can’t even handle our own players.They always seem to be the one’s dictating to the coach and the club.We tend to give players the right to feel a bit big due to poor management.For how long will this continue.Any time a top player wants to leave the club he becomes the controller of things.When can Arsenal show authority.We keep milking our players.There’s no ruthlessness from our manager.

  10. I’m sure he has an ego and he might upset a few people but I don’t care, he’s a winner and scores goals. We need more players with his attitude and workrate to win the PL. I hope he stays but the signs are not good.

    The only player I can think of to replace Sanchez is Griezmann but he’s not available.

  11. Its worse now because he is playing inconsistent kids likes wallcot, giroud, and a couple more who i wish we sell off….Mahrez for Theo will be a blessing.

    We must keep alexis if we really want to go for the title….lacassette is a step backwards.

  12. Maybe there is a reason why Sanchez moves clubs every 3 seasons. I am disappointed that he hasn’t appreciated the opportunity, love and affection Arsenal has given him. If he plays against us he risks the fact that he has upset enough of the Arsenal players that they are willing to “put him in the stands.”

  13. Give Sanchez the captain’s armband . Bring in Mahrez , one of the top strikers and a world class CB . We will win the EPL .

  14. Is Walcott still in this team?….. Why won’t Alexis Sanchez complain…..When useless players like Walcott is still in the team…..This club lacks ambition…..even a great team like Real Madrid are still trying to buy more players, same with Barcelona, Chelsea and man city……. Wenger is our nightmare here in Nigeria…we hate him so much in Nigeria..he is lucky English Arsenal fans over there are soft unlike we gunners here in Nigeria…..Ozil is so short of suitors and the club want to double his weekly wage, is that not foolishness…..Ozil is a liability and he needs to be sold…he is opposite of Sanchez…only Wenger can tolerate Ozil lackadaisical attitude on the pitch, no one else

  15. Wenger mst sign mahrez, matic and smalling offload walcot , gibbs, Chembers and ozil mst go pliz dont sel sachez and ox

  16. Is there anyone who expects Sanchez to stay? Or do we just hope it because he is our only WC player but we are resigned to losing him?

    I for one am convinced he will leave. Being the only caliber player that separates us from the Everton’s and Southampton that makes me very sad. I think in modern football you need at least 3 top-top players and probably more, to compete Sanchez is our only one IMO.

    1. We have a team not a player. I love his statistics but there are high profile matches arsenal lost that Sanchez was missing too. We need a strong team not only some strong players. The team spirit and bond must not be broken because of selfish motive. No team wins a basketball match without playing together. We seem to often forget football needs even a greater bond. Leicester won the league last two seasons based on team work

  17. Perez ……sanchez…….mahrez

    Sead co….matic….xhaka………oxled chem

    Mustfi ……cos…………..smalling
    I think this team can do better

  18. One thing we totally forget as fans is that not all players are made to be world class; and we are have plenty of nerves to provock players anytime blunders are made. But I want many of you to keep one thing in mind: team will never be absolute success because all players are world class, , If at one point you try to remove that innermost hatred of yours and try abit some sort of apreciation, you will see some important task these guys you hate do th most. I sometimes pity Walcott’s treatment you guys do him. The guy has been great this past season to the point every media station taked about his skills in defense and attacking force alike.
    Wacolt has banged lots of goals as a winger compared to many your so called proven wingers in Epl . It’s only few last months of the season he droped abit due to injury encountered. Sometimes I understand mourners here are the ones that put much pressure on average players who fight to up their game abilities. You everytime try to cut their wings once they fly by calling them inconsistence; I believe you always bring curse through nurty speeches you utter all the time. Get behind your team and talk positive if you are a gunner.

  19. You disregard someone who scored over 18goals from the wing? Though he is been at Arsenal for many years without turn up into world class; but his ability to help the team score goals assist that much over 8seasons is a proof-positive that he is strong mentally and consistence unlike many other players who started in his time like Benntiner , Song, Chamark , Asharvin and manymore. It’s bad manner to mistreat this kind of players who have been Arsenal inside out: supporters and players. You people will talk bad all seasons until you get old: Eish !! Guys you can mourn until wrinkles testify over your face ha ha ha haa

  20. It is sad that we didn’t learn our lesson from RvP situation . Now we are stuck in this will he leave or will he stay situation.
    Best thing to do would be to resolve this early.If he stays good or If he leaves then focus on getting new players in.

  21. Sell off Walcott and Ozil… Mayrez and keep both Perez and Campbell….Campbell is far better than Theo Walcott…..Theo Walcott has got no football brain….he has no place in this team again most especially with the way the team is set up now…oxlaide was able to get on with the new role because he is very good with the ball and can made a good passes and crosses…also he has a very good dribbling skills and pace..Walcott only has pace…what is Walcott even doing in football arena….he supposed to be an athlete like Tyson gay…

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