Alexis Sanchez setback proves he is only human!

All the talk in the Arsenal blogs before the Man City match was about whether Alexis Sanchez would be back in the squad for the match, but he was not even named on the bench, and it would appear he is still some way off full fitness.

But the Gunners, despite all our injuries, still managed to win through against Man City, and Wenger revealed after the game that we can’t expect to see Alexis back at any point over the busy festive period. “I think he will be back January 10. Christmas period – you can’t count him.” Wenger said after the game.

Wenger revealed that he had a setback a couple of days ago when looking nearly ready for the bench. “He had had a slight one yet but he planned to be on the bench tonight but he is so keen he got a little bit of a pain and we didn’t take a gamble.”

So our magic man is finally going to get his enforced rest at last, and if we can keep winning with our backup players then this could work in Arsenal’s favour for the rest of the campaign. We have got the hard game out of the way, and with Southampton, Bournemouth and Newcastle to come, without Sanchez, there is no reason why we can’t keep the momentum going.

Walcott, Giroud and Campbell are doing fine at the moment, and once Alexis returns we can atart rotating to give everyone a well-earned rest, and you never know, we may have a new arrival in January…..

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  1. -FUN-TIME-

    Lemme have a go at u admin….. Remember when u had one on me with the “CarzoLa” thingy???

    Now , in ur Last paragraph says “Once Alexis returns we can atart rotating”

    Really admin!…. ATART? L()L

    1. I remember that, tbh these articles always have spelling mistakes, more so recently.

      Its also not like you can’t make sense of it due to the spelling, unless your special if you know what I mean.

    2. its why i termed it “FunTime” ……. I never said Admin wasn’t intelligent………
      Hahaha Literally dn’t care bout how u view it

      Admin is one of the cleverest boss we ever have, imagine the foresight and ideology in uniting the gunners worldwide in one blogosphere… Weldone thr

    3. Soopaaaaaa OK I’m going to give you an excuse.
      If you see the publisher of those articles you mentioned you will see they are not me.
      Usually I personally check all grammar and spelling on every article (as all good editors should) but I have just arrived to spend Xmas with my sister and family in Australia, and it is very difficult to edit all stories whilst on a plane or during jetlag or while asleep in different timezones.
      But don’t worry I am back on the job….
      Mr Carzola ! lol

  2. anytime team would be stronger with sanchez in it but i think wenger has finally learnt a valuable lesson and wont be rushing any of the injured players back too soon. i still think we defo have to buy in january at least 1 midfielder regardless of jack or danny coming back or not becuase we all know how that will end up ” set back” lol.

  3. I think when he comes back put him in Ozill position so that lad can have a week off or 2. A S can play anywhere so it’s a win win. DM utility player and a CF to come in its a must

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