Alexis Sanchez to be ready for Premier League opener?

It would be pretty amazing for the Arsenal and Chile star Alexis Sanchez to be able to play any part at all on the Premier League opening weekend, but this is Alexis we are talking about Gooners and he has already proved a number of times since coming to north London that we have a pretty special player on our hands.

Arsene Wenger did not suggest that the striker would be able to start or even make the bench for the game against West Ham at the Emirates stadium next Sunday. In fact he declared in a report on the Arsenal website that the former Barcelona forward would not even be back in training until Monday, the day after we take on Chelsea in the Community Shield.

So what makes me think Alexis could feature against the Hammers? Well he will have a full week of training with his team mates before the Premier League opener for one thing. And judging by the videos our star man has been posting on social media this week, as reported by the Daily Mail, he has not exactly been slobbing around, eating cake and drinking beer since Chile won the Copa America less than a month ago. The videos show Alexis working out on a beach somewhere and he looks as fit, if not fitter, than the rest of the Gunners who have been in training for weeks.

We also know that Alexis will want to get straight back into action and play, and as long as he does not see it as a risk, I think Wenger will want him to play, especially as Danny Welbeck is still on the injury list. So what are the chances that we see our Player of the Season sooner than expected?

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  1. I hope not.
    The team is in very
    good form so there
    is no need to rush Sanchez back.
    Westham at home and Palace away
    are games we should win comfortably.
    Liverpool at home in game 3 is better.

    1. Does anybody else use the gooner website? It’s practically become unusable on iOS as always being diverted to the App Store, or some advert. Really pissing me off???

      1. Off topic = Benzemas alleged flight in a jet is believed to be an old picture and I belive it is becouse if you look at the photo you can see his phone on the side console you will see his iPhone it’s iPhone 5 a player with his dosh would have iPhone 6

        That’s all from Sherlock for now HAHA

  2. At most a 10 min runout at home then see where he is at. If he is okay physically maybe 30 at Palace and Pool. Let Ox and Theo get the starts early in the season.

  3. Sanchez is a monster he may want to play as soon as possible. Maybe the west ham game. It all depends to the Boss he makes the decision on that really.

  4. The doctor, the trainer, the physiotherapist , Arsene Wenger and Alexis Sanchez will make the decision ,what we think is insignificant.

    1. Pretty sure the point of this site is debate issues relating to Arsenal dude.

      I don’t really think any of us are in the frame to make a decision on Alexis!

      You might as well have no opinions about anything if that’s your attitude!!

      1. Look up the definition of a forum dude, I think you’re missing the point!

        Not a lot of point you being here to be honest!!

      2. @rickrocket. I have an opinion and I`ve just stated it ,and ,at eighty years of age I object to being referred to as a `dude`.

        1. So your opinion is that you have no opinion! Makes sense.

          Not sure “dude” is a term specifically for young people. I’m no spring chicken, but happy to be a “dude”.

          Anyway, didn’t mean to offend dude.

  5. He’s a big lesson to the ‘lazy’ players really! I anticipate big things to come his way in the future. Surely hard work pays.

  6. this man is a alot of passion for the game and deserves every penny he receives at arsenal. if you saw how hard he has been training at the beach you would wonder what holiday he is in..
    kudos Sanchez

  7. Just so you know, my mate at working at Heathrow (and a Chavs supporter) have seen Reus in London. Last night, around 10.

    1. Did he get a photo?!!! No?!
      F9ck that! Tell your mate to tell Reus he better sign quickly or else Jeff Adelaide takes his place in the team.

      1. Actually he did and sent it to me. See for yourself (add a p after the htt)


      2. He will probably be in talks with a club from London, most probably. But then again, there are quite a few 😛
        Remember, you heard this first (just like last year with Sanchez) from Budd.

  8. Hehehe. I can recall vividly the day Higuain was at London and they all said he’s to have medicals and every body was like “Done Deal “

  9. @ xhristian. The Higuain saga is kinda different from this one…arsenal were terribly in need of top players then & the quality of our play then was way way below what we are now – most top players were reluctant to join AFC then (except Mesut) but now arsenal is gradually returning to its glory days plus there are WC players in the team now…remember Reus’ compatriot is here too…that might sway him to join us plus Squawka news announced this morning that Wenger is hell bent on signing Reus

  10. @rickrocket: Quote Clint Eastwood, ” opinions are like ass holes, everybody`s got one” so just for the sake of it! Yes, I think Sanchez will play against West Ham, maybe not in the run on side but later into the second half. Now I`m off to powder my wig (being a `dandy`or `dude`) haha!

    1. I like your style Jack. In my world being referred to as a “dude” is a very good thing!

      Keep those opinions coming!

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