Alexis Sanchez to Inter transfer the best deal for Arsenal?

Arsenal may well not get as much back in terms of a transfer fee from this deal if it went ahead, but with the German champions Bayern Munich showing real reluctance to pay Alexis Sanchez the sort of wages he is said to be after, the only other options open to Arsene Wenger are selling to a Premier League rival or keeping him with the risk of having an unhappy and disruptive player in the dressing room for a year before he swans off for nothing anyway.

Neither of those two options sound all that good to me, so hopefully The Mirror report that claims the Serie A club Internazionale have now joined the race could be just what our manager needs.

The Italian club has got new Chinese owners ready to spend big and they want to make our Chile international star their poster boy. With Juventus dominating that league in recent years and their city rivals AC Milan also spending big money this summer, Wenger might even be able to get them to pay the same sort of money that the likes of Man City would.

They would surely pay Alexis the sort of money that would convince him that leaving England was not so bad, so have Inter just given the Gunners the ideal way out of this difficult Sanchez situation?



    1. According to the money being staked, Sanchez is going to City and Lemar is coming to Arsenal. Inter are not even in the betting for signing Sanchez.

      Ladbrokes Latest Betting

      Alexis Sanchez Club after Transfer Window

      Man City – 4/7

      Bayern Munich – 6/1

      Chelsea – 8/1

      PSG – 25/1

      Juventus – 25/1

      Man Utd – 33/1

      Sanchez to leave Arsenal this summer – 4/7

      Thomas Lemar Club after Transfer Window

      Arsenal – 4/7

      Monaco – 5/4

      Tottenham – 5/1

      1. Boooom!!

        Less than a week after Arsenal were rumoured to be willing to pay up to £125m for Monaco’s Kylian Mbappe, the Gunners have reportedly made a bid of £124m.

        Recently reports have suggested that PSG have now turned their attention to Liverpool’s Coutinho after getting no response from Mbappe, after recently reporting that their talks went well with the player lol.

        It would be amazing if Wenger were to sign all 3 of his main targets that were reported at the end of the season just gone. Mbappe, Lacazette and Lemar.

        1. If Sanchez really wants to hold us to ransom, best bet will be to offer Sanchez and Walcott with cash for Mabappe and Lemar.

          1. Haha never liked an idea better – Alexis to Monaco ? To be honest if all the rumours to man city are true – we should absolutely hold out ground and do what is best for Arsenal ; either keep him for one more year and get back to CL else sell him abroad.

        2. Haha never liked an idea better – Alexis to Monaco ? To be honest if all the rumours to man city are true – we should absolutely hold out ground and do what is best for Arsenal ; either keep him for one more year and get back to CL else sell him abroad.

  1. Exactly, either he stay or sell him abroad. We can risk losing him for free it bad market considering the investment and training arsenal had invested.

  2. If Alexis is not at all convinced then sell him ASAP for the highest bidder. I repeat highest bidder irrespective of domestic or other league. It might take a few weeks or months but we’ll survive post Alexis era and that’s for sure. Players are not supposed to terrorise the club because club is much much bigger than a player. Good luck Alexis. Thanks for all the good things you did to Arsenal from your heart.

    1. I remember we bought him from Barcelona who would not like to sell Messi. Made him improve because of poor quality players around him in the team. Now he’s demanding Messi’s pay.
      Sell him to the highest bidder and get Lemar and Mahrez.

  3. If Wenger had not made the improvements he has made so far I would have had sympathy for Alexis

    But he has the opportunity to make an excellent salary here with us, remain in London (the best city in UK) , we can win the Premier League this season, and he has won 2 trophies with us and he will be more respected by us than City fans. I hope he makes a last minute decision to sign with us.

    If not he can be sold abroad

    1. Alexis is the new JUDAS, i don’t care maybe he’s the best player we have or not, we all thought Arsenal’s board was the issue before for wanting him to leave, but after seeing the players we got already and the ones we are still about to get i think Alexis should have reconsidered even ozil is now committed even when he hasn’t signed a new contract yet and he’s saying good things about our new acquisition.. This Shows clearly that Alexis is just a machinery with no heart and loyalty to anyone, i an not saying he shouldn’t leave to get trophies but how dare he threaten us with wages when he knows no one will pay him that amount of salary weekly not even the money bag city, they are not even richer than we are and we all know Arsenal is trying and doing everything to keep him,he has been given a very lucrative and improved contract.. I will say he should be sold out of the premier league and if Alexis even loves Arsenal in any ways or respect the fans,he won’t even consider playing for any other rival club… I have not seen Arsenal show the ambition we are showing in this transfer window in a very long time and if i as a fan can be convinced with few more signing to come in i don’t know why $anchez can’t be, he should just get the EFF out our club and lives if he’s not willing to stay and i hope he wins the champions league with city… was he not even one of the players who didn’t push us to the champions league? he wants to get the same salary with Messi and Ronaldo where as those two pull there clubs up every now an then and we never hear them complain, so he should stop complaining about wanting to play in the champions league cause he was part of the reason we are not in the champions league whether we want to accept the fact or not. JUDAS $ANCHEZ !!!! Gunners for life..

      1. Should Sanchez leave Arsenal he will undermine much of the respect and admiration he has been shown by Gooners since he was rescued from the Barcelona bench. Arsenal are showing intent with recent transfer successes in building a competive side as requested by Sanchez. His displays of petulence and selfishness and supposed wage demands will alienate much of his remaining support. However the straw that broke the camel’s back was probably being relegated to the Arsenal bench for the game against Liverpool at Anfield. Arsenal’s failure to gain any points from that match ultimately cost Arsenal a Champions League place.

        1. I agree that for whatever reason SANCHEZ holds a grudge is against WENGER mostly and it was definitely by benching him against Pool in probably the most critical game for us last season, if the man is not happy let him go, we don’t need a disgruntled player in our dressing room no matter who he is, now this being said, it was because of him that we are now seeing changes and active transfer window, WENGER motivated and actively pursuing WC players, looking to drop under performing players, if it was not because ALEXIS and the Fans who last year had their voice heard and made it clear to the board and WENGER that is enough is enough….the price was paid no CL this year maybe a blessing in disguise, CHELSKI went from no CL last season to win the PL can we do the same??? looking forward to see it happen

      2. Sanchez is suppose to be on holidays.
        1) HE WAS BY FAR OUR BEST PLAYER and did his best to get us Champions league football.

        2) His agent must have told him not to say a word in other not to weaken Team sanchez durring negotiations.
        3) Sanchez is at the moment on holidays and is due back at the end of JULy so lets be patient.
        4) How do we know if Sanchez demanded £400,000? this is all the media doing as not even City pays anyone £300,000 not to even talk of £400,000.

        5) Arsenal likes doing business in private and that is why they have not come out and declare what they plan on doing. So everything about sanchez is just speculations. No one has said a thingand they are probably not moethan 8 people in the world that actually know what is going on. Is all media speculations with betting odds and money.

        So lets just relax, instead of making accusations. Please don’t even mention Ozil. There’s a reason no body is coming for him. he is profiting from the sanchez saga. At most he deserves £150,000 a week, and that is just because he is a star. Performance alone he has bn bang average. There is a reason why only clubs in Turkey are showing interest.

        If I put £50,000 on sanchez staying, you would here the media say breaking news sanchez is staying cause the figure is huge and the odds would drop to about 1/10 on him staying.

        1. Thank you. I keep saying it every article – stop demonizing Alexis Sanchez. The man always gives his best when playing for us. Yes he throws a tantrum every now and then when he is frustrated but that is because he is passionate about winning. Just like ozil sometimes throws his hands in the air because they expect more out of themselves as well. Give Alexis the benefit of the doubt – He nor his agent has come out and disrespected Arsenal like RVP or other former players did. As a matter of fact Alexis came to Wenger’s defence last season when the fans turned on him and I can’t remember rvp or any others doing that. Some of you are acting like Alexis pulled a Diego Costa and tried to force a move somehwere else mid-way during the season. Alexis doesn’t like to deal with the media because they always “twist” the facts for a good story. Alexis for the most part has always conducted himself like a true professional so give him the due respect.

    2. We say every summer that we can win the PL and we never come close when the competition starts. To me, it is best to refrain from boasting about being able to win the PL until we enter March and are actually in first place or within 1 or 2 points.

  4. Inter dont have Champions league football to offer. Maybe we should give Sanchez a 280k take it or leave it offer. If he rejects, we sell him to Juve. A swap deal plus cash for Dybala wont be a bad idea. Sanchez and his agent want big money. We cannot pay Sanchez 400k per week. He is not Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

    1. arsenal fans are soo weak. Lampard almost left chelsea but had to stay back because of fans,same as Gerald of liverpool. make some noise gunners,make banners asking him not to go and believe me,we wil have 60% success on that

    2. Now that is a juicy thought, swap Alexis+Cash for Dybala… Dybala is a monster when on form, he can dribble, he works hard, he can score… I was gutted when Juve got him when we was linked.

      I can’t see it happening but if it did I would be dancing in the street XD

  5. KEEP SANCHEZ for the year. With the new signings we can get back into the CL. Then replace him next season with Griessman (Lacasette’s BFF)

  6. @arsenalgirl.
    I totally agree but I’m not sure if Alexis is truly a mercenary after as much money as he can get or just gets bored easily.
    Udinese, Juve, barca and now us he never stayed long at any of these clubs.

    1. Not all his fault. Barca bought him because of his talent and Pep loved him. Then they bought Suarez who is a level above Sanchez and Sanchez became surplus to requirements.
      Sanchez has not won so many things at club level and wants to win.

      We as fans tend to vilify players that leave because they want to win major trophies yet at the same time we complain when our players don’t seem hungry or lack the desire to win major trophies. Last season was an embarrassment for us and the season before we didn’t buy a single (outfield) player, I think it is a bit rich to turn on Sanchez who no one doubts wants to win above all and if we think that buying Lacazette will win us the PL we have learned nothing from the past.

      Lacazette will not overturn the 18 points deficit we had to the top of the table last season and the other top 7 teams are also improving, particularly Man U and Everton.

      To win the PL our team has to show a hunger and consistency it has not shown for 10+ years, it has to learn to turn up for 90+ minutes every game, in addition, it needs to cope with a painful Europa League which includes playing on Thursday evenings in faraway places leaving little recuperation time before PL games and inviting a spate of injuries to our injury prone squad.

      Let’s not got ahead of ourselves the transfer window is not finished, we have signed two good players thus far and hopefully, one more to come, we don’t know who we will lose (Sanchez?, Giroud?) or how prepared we will be for the beginning of the season.

      Let’s be pragmatic, support the team but let’s not put the pressure on them of high expectations by labeling them as PL title candidates before we kicked a ball in anger and before we played a few top 7 teams and probably before we passed Christmas and new year.

  7. @skills1000
    I agree but on your last comment I think he puts himself in the same bracket as Messi and ronaldo.
    Messis 500k a week deal was announced just before they so say increased demands to 400k.

    Alexis you’re good very good but not messi or Ronaldo!

  8. No club in europe will pay him that much.guess he’s trying to price himself out of arsenal.

  9. Who are we kidding guys. He will be off to City, and there is nothing we can do about it. Thats what you get when you incapable to manage star players.

    You make mistakes, and they will turn on you and even mock you by doing what hurts you the most which is going to a rival team. No loyalty in this. And you wonder why?

    What i pressume the problem with Sanchez is right now, is not the money itself or the club, but his lack of connection he has with Wenger. No respect for this guy, which i could also understand when i think about how he tryed smear him. by benching him and forcing him to watch as punishment, only to be recalled in the game again as Arsenal without him was a nothing during a point in time.

    That act alone. That failed attembt of showing controll. And bye the respect for Wenger was gone.

  10. We don’t want any prodigal son in our team, I strongly believe Lucas Perez will be better at he’s position if giving game time cause he has no time for those silly leg overs Sanchez does and often looses d ball always. Perez has eyes goals, he gets d ball and faces d goal post.. Don’t know why Wenger benches this guy cause I found him so exciting d few times he played just as we carelessly let Podolski and Ashavin to rot away… I just wonder if all our contributions on this forum are being heard or linked to Arsenal website for the board to get reasonable ideas.

  11. At the end of last season I had a feeling that Alexis would stay with our club and fight for the premier league title. We won the FA cup knocking City out (remember Mr Sanchez) and Arsene Wenger is on a mission now to bring the title back to the Emirates. However, much as I dread the announcement, I feel that he is already on his way to City. Judas – I don’t think so, ill advised most definitely. The gap (if there is one) between City and Arsenal has closed significantly over the past few season during which we have beaten them in the league on numerous occasions, and would have won the match at the Etihad last season except for 2 off side goals. How far did City get in the Champions League this year? Have they ever been in the quarter finals? Hmmm

    Just a thought for our beloved no 7: remember Van Persie, Nasri, Sagna and a host of other ex-Arsenal players who have left for lucrative deals in Manchester, my question is where are they now??? obscurity, on the bench or in Turkey is that really where you want to end up?? Think of Henry and co who kept the faith – who do you want to emulate??

  12. What is very obvious is that Alexis does not have Love for the club. He must be sold.. There were many clubs without Alexis but won the league titles..

  13. Whether it is england or another country i do not care where alex wants to play, it does not make a difference. Arsenal job is to ensure they buy players who will improve the squad.

    I am sure arsenal existed before alex and will do so after alex, the rational he is leaving to win trophies is a good one, because arsenal has not won it for a while, but my rational is alex is all about self, in his attitude when things are not going is way, in is regards to the fans who have waited for him to come out and say what is up and now in is incredible demands for wages.

    Loyalty has long been lost from football, one exception is the fans, but i must say once a player stop wearing our colours that is where our loyalty must stop. Arsenal Fabregas had once stated he would never play for chelsea and we are worrying about selling to a EPL rival. Whosoever makes the highest bid get him out the club as soon as possible

  14. At the beginning of the year Sanchez showed what a negative influence he can be if his feelings are hurt. I don’t think keeping him for one last year is much of an option.

  15. I beliv we all av spoken our minds. If Sanchez was going to Chelsea I wud say yes he wants out bcoz he needs to win trophies (EPL) but Mancity I wonder wat diffrnc such a muv will mk. City are star studed but lack d ability to win big wen it matters and so far Pep has not changed dat. 300k a week at Arsenal s just enof for a player like Sanches. Who knws he mit b holding out for Arsene to pull off more gud deals (Lemar, Mbappe, Mahrez). But if he wants out Mbappe s surely a younger nd more precise replacement. Wenger forget d big moni muv Mbapoe wud still cost a record fee even after 6years at Arsenal wen he will b just only 24 gettin closer to his peak.

  16. Only Messi and Ronaldo are irreplaceable. If we made Sanchez into a big fish, we can turn Lemar into a world beater. King Thirty left us, we remained Arsenal, actually the whole invincibles squad left and we remained the Gunners, Sanchez is not a god. Sell him abroad and pursue Mbappe or Lemar.

  17. My guess is this, Alexi has had a falling out with the manager and also the majority of his team mates. Something happened last season and it’s best that he goes.

    We can survive without him and some of our transfers we have are are being linked to are incredible.

    It’s time to let him go, I think he has created problems within the dressing room and is very destructive when he wants to be. That is not a team player that is a selfish individual – so I am sorry I hope he leaves for the sake of the team next season. He can go wherever I don’t care as you will find he will create problems there to, probably like he did at Barca so he was benched.

  18. He’s not bigger then Arsenal so keep him for the season and bench him without playing him. WC next year so it will hurt him big time. AW get hard like other managers

    1. @ John Smith #
      Keeping him @ arsenal for this season and benching him the whole season without playing him won’t hurt him because Chile would play him wounded & injured anyway. He is a God there -, it being a WC in 2018 will not matter in this situation!

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