Alexis Sanchez to repeat Chile WCQ heroics for Arsenal?

It might still be that the Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez and his Chile international teammates end up missing out on the World Cup being held next summer in Russia. They would only have themselves to blame, to be honest, after some poor performances and shock results along the qualifying road.

If they do make it to the tournament though, even if it has to be via the play-off route, the whole country will owe a huge debt of gratitude to Alexis, as it was the Gunner who saved their blushes last night after Ecuador scored a late equaliser with just five minutes left on the clock in Santiago.

Just two minutes later Sanchez scored the winner and with Argentina drawing and Colombia winning that puts Chile into third, but they are by no means certain to qualify as the final game is away to Brazil. Expect some more heroics from the Arsenal striker in that game, but can we expect the same when he comes back to club football?

We really need the Chilean to be at his best when he comes back because the Gunners need to stay in touch with the likes of Man City and United and we have to keep the pressure on in our next EPL game away to Watford, who are no mugs.

Will we see a sizzling or subdued Sanchez next weekend?



  1. It’s really sad. Wenger had 4 years to build something very special around Alexis but failed. He could have got Lacazette or another Top striker, Cazorla replacement which would have helped Ozil too, defensive midfielder BUT Wenger just relied on our average players and we are suffering for it.

    1. Why not change your WO comments and stop boring real Arsenal fans. Winning the PL by changing the Manager is a myth…not many examples of that in reality !
      Grow up please.

    2. Yes, Sanchez could have been Arsenal’s focal point in attacking. But Arsenal is stuck with mediocre system and management, that would be the reason why Sanchez and Ozil have had enough.

      If Sanchez cannot bring Chile into the World Cup, he might want to focus on Arsenal. I hope the other players will also give their 100% for Arsenal, regardless the system they are in.

    3. If money were available for him to buy those complimentary players then the fault is solely his if not then it is the administration’s fault. Though, I’m of the opinion the board and Stan are responsible for what has become of the club.

  2. I hope he does, I’d like another 3 points! Another assist & even a couple of goals!
    Hate this international break

  3. Hopefully that excessive weight he is carrying won’t slow him down too much against Watford

  4. The title, “Chairman of the board of directors ” is quite a mouthful but explains a lot. “Directors” are responsible for the “direction” an entity takes, the chairman is responsible for setting or accepting the direction, any director, CEO, manager, staff e.g Sanchez, Wenger or Gazidis can be gone in 60 seconds if the Chairman deems them not in sync with the direction he wants the club to take…while we’re busy with dandruff like Gazidis, Wenger and Sanchez, the leprosy called Kroenke is being treated with kids gloves, I hope we don’t go down the Newcastle or Rangers route before we realize how much trouble we really are in.

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