Alexis Sanchez to STAR and STOP Arsenal’s struggles against BIG boys?

It is good for Arsenal fans to hear Arsene Wenger sounding so upbeat and confident as he prepares the Gunners for the latest attempt to end our poor run of form and results against the bigger clubs in the Premier League. And the reason why the manager is full of belief that Arsenal can come away from the Etihad stadium tomorrow with all three points is clear, Alexis Sanchez.

Despite beating two of the teams above us in the table recently, those wins over Southampton and West Ham are not really enough to stop the talk about out struggles against the big teams, because we have played against Chelsea, Man City, Man United, Liverpool and Everton this season and not won a single game.

But Wenger feels that the win is coming and believes that the excellent Alexis is the key to it, as a Daily Mail report reveals. And that belief comes despite the Arsenal boss admitting that the Chile international star was a little below par in some of the big games earlier this season.

Wenger said, “‘Yes, at Chelsea and Liverpool he wasn’t at his best. It’s maybe because the team has not been as effective away from home, because when you are a striker you depend a little bit on how much your team pushes forward.

“But he can use that as a motivation to play well on Sunday. As a team we didn’t play well as we would like (against Liverpool and Chelsea) and it was difficult for the strikers to get good balls. But he has had some good away games, too.

“We are going through a period where confidence is important.

“So a big performance could be decisive. I feel we have to play with a bit more freedom. From every big game you gain confidence when the result is good. Let’s focus on going there and giving ourselves a chance to win by putting a great performance in.

“We want to have a good balance between attacking and defending because we know that City attack very well.”

I am not that worried about the stats that show Alexis has been much less effective away from home for Arsenal this season. One reason is that the whole team has been and we should not blame Alexis for that. Another big reason is that Wenger has clearly made a point of mentioning it and knowing our number 17, that will make him even more determined to prove the stats wrong.

So watch out Man City, senor Sanchez is gunning for ya…

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  1. fred cowardly says:

    Sanchez will play well. There is no doubt in my mind.

    I’m hoping that Giroud scoring against City in the Community Shield and scoring against Man United has given him the confidence to score against big teams. His first 2 years, even though. He scored over 40 goals he had difficulty scoring against the top teams and big games. I think he will overcome that this seAson.

    We have a great chance to beat City. I’m really excited about tomorrow. I have confidence in the players, but hope Wenger puts out the right players in the right formation

    Arsenal 3-1

  2. dilla says:

    not just sanchez, we need the WHOLE squad turning up. no more stupid mistakes, no more excuses. if we think we can win a trophy this season, then lets start by GETTING A WIN TOMORROW!

    1. Mesut O-grillz says:

      your avi fits perfectly with your ending sentence of your comment haha

  3. Dennis says:

    I will be very confident as long as i see Ospina as our GK. Now a days the modern goalkeeprs are supposed to be like a back 5, a sweeper if you will per Neuer. Everytime i see SZeszny i think here comes the goal fest. We also have Coquelin who’s miles ahead of arteta+flamini combined in my opinion plus we have ramsay/theo/ozil/cazorla (playing like a young xavi) out there with sanchez on fire and Giroud. IF we don’t win this game i would be very surprised to be honest with you, it shows wenger needs to go back in the transfer market with more urgency than ever.

    1. Gooneristic Truth says:

      I just want Le Coq to be more controlled in his lunges because, if he makes a few like those against Hull, he might not be so fortunate with tomorrow’s ref (you know who!). The approach and intent we show in the first 15-20 minutes will determine the kind of game we’ll have. Hopefully, if we start the game calm enough to not misplace passes & commit schoolboy mistakes, with Sanchez and Rosicky pressing hard, and the Ox on his bike, plus a little prayer (or if you don’t believe, a little luck), who knows what might happen. Good luck!

  4. rools says:

    some Arsenal vs city’s stats:

    Sergio Agüero 19
    Y Touré 9
    Frank Lampard 7
    David Silva 6
    Stevan Jovetic 5


    Alexis Sánchez 18
    Danny Welbeck 7
    Olivier Giroud 6
    Aaron Ramsey 6
    Santiago Cazorla 5

    46 goals against 42 from both sides most prolific scorers.

    giroud did well given his injury and his game time.

    we conceded 5 more goals so far in this epl campaign

    stats: arsenal vs city (home game)

    15 vs 15
    On target
    6 vs 8
    0 vs 3
    11 vs 15
    yellow cars
    3 vs 4
    %45 vs %55

    yaya toure wasn’t playing for this season first encounter and will not play today.

    Our worries are corners and set pieces. Demichelis beat Szczesny seven minutes from time from a corner.
    An incredible 36% of the goals we have conceded this season have stemmed from headers, the highest ratio in the division.
    Taking this stat and our shortage of central-defensive cover into account, an investment in a new centre-back is a must.

    wilshere had a great game and if the rest of our players can fallow Sanchez and Carzola’s form, given that we remain tight at the back on set pieces, we have a good chance to create an upset.


    1. rools says:

      sources: espn, bbc, premier

    2. jib says:

      Very informative! I’d like to see an article or two out of you.

  5. Goonsquad8 says:

    I think coquelin is another key player that needs to be on top form in order for us to get the result. He’s gonna have a big job stopping silva link up there attack I hope he’s up for it. And I hope ospina starts!

    1. rools says:

      He has been really good, i hope he will have an amazing game today.

  6. Greg says:

    Hey! Would love nothing better than that! Coyg!

  7. whitehelios says:

    Of course all players are important, what is the meaning of sanchez scoring, if city could score more goals than arsenals

  8. rools says:

    A 3-1 win is objectively realizable.

    Sorry but “Hafiz Rahman” and all other “pseudo wanna pass for sarcastic because they realized no one is buying into their Anti Wenger campaign” should shut up before big games and support our players.
    Free to them expressing them self afterward but for Arsenal’s fan sake, stop being such Debbie downers when we all care to proudly talk about the best we have to cheer about.
    AKB’s and AOB’s can debate later.
    Must of us are neither.

    Cordially, thanks in advance.

    An Arsenal fan.

    1. Hafiz Rahman says:

      the same thing was said last season……at the end we got hammered the big 3……

      city will come at us with plan A B C D and etc。.。。。

      we will only have 1 plan and late subs…..

      1. rools says:

        you have as much right to express your opinion as i do but please, don’t do your ” things” before those games.
        We can have an elaborated debate afterward.

      2. rools says:

        there are problems withing Arsenal fc like in any other professional football club but lets be objective about them and lets not allow ourselves to divide when most of us believe we are on the verge of the long anticipated (9 years long) come back to the top.

  9. rools says:

    Why is Mike Dean our referee against city?
    we have only won 11 per cent of our recent matches refereed by him.

    1. akuma gouki says:

      Bribes by their Sheikh

  10. Ronny331 says:

    They know he’s our danger man. I expect kompany, fernando and fernandinho to rough him up today 🙁

    1. akuma gouki says:

      & no red cards for them. Like usual.

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