Alexis Sanchez to the rescue for Arsenal again?

Even though Arsenal actually got a rare opening day win at the start of last season, with Laurent Koscielny getting a last minute winner against Crystal Palace, the Gunners did not have muxch else to cheer about in the first few months of the season.

And it would have been a whole lot worse if we did not have our one man wrecking machine that is Alexis Sanchez. The Chile international star was almost single handedly responsible in dragging Arsenal along for a while, even though he was new to the club, country and the Premier League.

If it was not for Alexis we might5 even have failed to make the Champions League group stage as he scored the only goal of the two legs and gave the team a lot more besides with his tireless work. No wonder people were calling us a one man team.

So it is no surprise to see the Daily Mail reporting that Alexis could be in line for a return to the Arsenal starting line up as we are already in need of a rescue job after the shock first day loss.

I doubt that Wenger would have brought him on so early against West Ham if he was really worried about the player’s fitness. And we know that the former Barcelona star will be desperate to play. He may have looked rusty but he still looked our best chance of a goal and perhaps the best way for him to get sharp is to play. Would you start him on Sunday?

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  1. Alexis Sanchez is the one player at Arsenal that I don’t bother thinking ‘I hope he has a good game today’ about. I know he will have a good game. It’s more a case of ‘I hope he scores today’.

    All other players at Arsenal lack consistency.

    Challenges: Name me one Arsenal player ither than Alexis that is consistently good.

    1. I don’t agree, he certainly doesn’t always have a good game as his 11/12 game run without a goal during Jan/Feb last season showed.

      Difference is even in his poor games he has a basic level of desire and professionalism to in some way affect the game (hassling, tackles, running etc), he never goes missing (Ozil take note). So from that point of view I agree, his consistency in being a player that will give his all is legendary at this point. If only a handful would adopt such habits.

    2. He’s def the only player I have confidence in scoring from outside the box , cant think of the last arsenal player to do it besides him , Giroud I think mayb ox had one aswell?? Not many . But either way I hope he starts on Sunday he can def spur the team on to victory

    3. @ Mick Our consistent players are,
      1. Alexis
      2. Koscielny
      3. Cazorla

      They are crucial at their positions in attack, defense and midfield.

      I think Monreal is not an excellent player but he is consistent, he can deliver the best he has got when he is played at LB at least for 85% of games.

      Rest you know..

  2. Alexis cant play every game….

    we need someone to provide cover and competition for him….

    sign someone Wenger

  3. Arsenal was good
    WH was amazing.
    I don’t think it
    matters who starts.
    Its how the team is prepared.
    The Manager is always the key player.
    Bilic beat Wenger it was that simple.
    Now its Pardew v Wenger.
    Really intrigued to see how this one pans out.
    Reckon it will be a spectacular game

  4. Per Mertesacker…..tall for nothing. I’ve never seen him bully opposing defenders on set pieces. He is consistent in performing below par. He has the armband on but hardly exudes leadership quality on the pitch. How he merits the Assistant Captainship is beyond me.

  5. Maybe, but I’d prefer everyone played well.
    Alexis is the only player that ALWAYS works hard and plays his best. He is our most consistent player.

    However, in the last match only Ox played well. Everyone else didn’t.

    We need to ALL play hard and well in our next match, especially after losing a home game.

  6. The reason we have so much belief in Sanchez just shows that HE IS WORLD CLASS.

    We cant really say the same about anyone else in our team.
    Players like sanchez, aguero, rooney, yaya toure, silva, hazard, these count as world class.

    We need another world class player…

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