Alexis Sanchez transfer news ONLY good if Arsenal get serious

Arsenal fans have no real way of knowing whether the recent Arsenal transfer rumours about Alexis Sanchez are true, but I am sure that we all hope so, with The Mirror and others reporting that the Chile international star is not going to be leaving us this summer after all.

The report explains that Alexis is happy in London and at Arsenal, except for the fact that the Gunners seem further away from winning the Premier League title than ever. The suggestion is that, as I suspected at the time, his recent comments about wanting to play for a winning club with real trophy desire was aimed at making Arsenal that team rather than moving to another club.

So if this news is correct then Sanchez will be playing for Arsenal next season, which is clearly good news but it could turn out to be good only in the short term, because if we fail to match his ambition then he will be able to leave on a free next summer and the thought is that it would be to our Premier League rivals Chelsea.

This puts real pressure on our manager and the Arsenal board to get serious and make this summer transfer window a very good one in order to build the sort of squad that will prove to Alexis that he can win things with Arsenal. Is this just the spur that Wenger needs to splash the cash?



  1. Ks-Gunner says:

    The board wont allow it to happen. Wenger might want him to run out his contrat as losing Sanchez would mean a lot to us. We rely on him a lot, and we lack the quality to replace him.

    Him moving to chelsea is going to be my end as an Arsenal fan. Rvp was already much, but this time, such a thing i wont forgive to the board and Wenger.

    1. Judith Le'Strange says:

      To right we can’t let Alexis leave, I would rather get rid of Wenger and all his little “Yes men” than let Alexis leave. However unfortunately our owner who doesn’t give a dam about the club only in taking money out loves Wenger, so it looks like we’re stuck with him until he draws his last breath. In which case we’re doomed never to win the PL or get past the last 16 in the CL or even a domestic cup until Wenger is gone.

    2. Midkemma says:

      Wenger said he wanted to keep RvP and risk losing him for free the season after, not long after Arsenal had sold him to UTD for the fee equal to CL qualification for us…

      I hope the board have enough confidence in Wenger to not sell Alexis for how much we could lose out on for missing CL, let Alexis run down his contract… It would send a sign to other clubs that we will not be forced into selling our ambition cheaply.

      I do think though that it is now or never for the rebuild, not only to please us fans along with Alexis but also before Brexit kicks the pounds metaphorical backside in strength, £100 mil now I bet will buy more than £100 mil in a couple years time.

      Politics eh…

  2. lord wafflebury says:

    As per my previous posts…do you all honestly think kroenke will let wenger run down sanchez contract and let him go for free ?…no way..he is a tangible asset at the moment so expect him to go in the summer..abroad i hope and trust..not a rival ffs….if he goes to chelski or the spuds then thats my lot after 40 plus years…i would sooner go back to supporting colchester united…thats how p#$@ed id be !

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    Sanchez will leave if AFC believe the price is right.
    If a big club comes in for him with a huge offer he will be off
    Showing his grit and skill elsewhere either in the PL or abroad.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Well with Trump and Putin maybe starting WW3 maybe we will see an end to Wenger’s reign after all. And an end to Arsenal, and an end to you and me

  5. Raoh says:

    As mentioned the ball is in Arsenal court. By the way this isn’t news this is something that has always been the case with Sanchez. He wants to win and doesn’t want to waste his prime playing for a team settling for top 4 and FA Cup trophy. The money is something he can get anywhere you go and if your winning taking a little less is ok.

    Arsenal needs to impose on Wenger (assuming he is staying) a 2nd year contingent on performance goals being completed. That could be: winning 60% of games against top 6 for exemple. Things that would more likely than not guarantee success and trophies. Hiring a sporting director (Monchi is available) could also help. Making deals in the summer before pre-season for world class players is another one as well as making tough decision on the current squad. Reshaping the staff with fresh members that’ll bring fresh ideas.

    Those are many of the things that could make Sanchez decides that staying at Arsenal and committing long term is in his best interest. But not only Sanchez others too. Finally it would greatly help the transition with a new manager and a director of football established for a year or 2 and a revamp of the way the club is ran.

  6. MxwellSmart86 says:

    As a Chilean Arsenal fan, I feel that Wengers keeps his head stuck in the sand… Alexis is tired of putting 110% on each training and match and geting nothing in return. He was sold from Barcelona after his best season there and currently his goal/assist stats are second to none in the PL. Yet his demands to get a raise are not accepted…doesn’t he deserves them when you compare him with other top players?

    The board only cares about money…selling best players has happened before, Fábregas and Van Persie just to name two. They won’t risk loosing him for free next year and Alexis comments on wanting to stay in London with a winning team were his last attempt to get a reaction from the board and Wenger. As expected he got nothing back. He doesn’t care about money or keeping a nice and calm dress room spirit while the team drops out of CL…he cares about glory, titles and giving joy to the fans.

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