Alexis Sanchez unlikely to feature against Liverpool as deadline day approaches

So Arsenal are very midtable after just two games, and we have the usually daunting task of going to Anfield on Sunday, with still too many transfer uncertainties affecting the team. Of course the Ox and Ozil are a distraction but the biggest concern is the outcome of the Alexis Sanchez saga. He has not played in our first two matches, and after listening to Arsene Wenger’s words it would seem that the Chilean is unlikely to face Liverpool either. “We’ll see how he goes through the week but he has not played for a long time,” said Wenger.

“We prepare him well. He was out with a muscular strain and we need to see if he survives the tests before he comes back.”

That just sounds like more huffery to me and I am expecting Wenger and Alexis to try and get past the deadline before the 28 year-old can either accept he is staying at Arsenal for the whole season, or for Wenger to accept that he can’t keep Alexis at the club. I thgink it will be the second but we can but wait and see and put up with the unwelcome distraction.

I would say that Wenger obviously doesn’t concern himself much with Arsenal’s opening games considering our recent awful records in August. Despite promising to have the squad ready early this summer, the opposite would appear to be true, with many makeshift defenders and hardly inspiring results against Leicester and Stoke. Judging by the comments on JustArsenal there is a hell of a lot of negativity at the moment, but Wenger doesn’t sound too concerned about it. “Let’s not go overboard, we have only lost one game,” Le Prof said after Saturday’s defeat.

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“I can understand that [people think the negativity will return] but overall I believe there were a lot of positives in the game as well because we created many chances, we had great domination and unfortunately we dropped three points.”

Lots of postives? Okay I’ll let that drop for now. But if we lose to Liverpool as well after dominating possession then he expect just a touch more criticism!

Darren N

Updated: August 22, 2017 — 1:38 pm


  1. There’s no reason to keep Sanchez for another year. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to play for us. I think that he will go, Wenger will not buy a replacement because he discovered the secret to play players in other positions this year.

    1. Wenger plays too many out of position ! Sanchez has carried Arsenal (including Ozil) for 2 years and has had enough. I don’t blame him for wanting to get away from Wenger and Arsenal.

  2. We have being seeing lots of positives for over ten years now, it’s becoming boring. When are they positives gonna be translated to tittles.

    1. When Wenger leaves.

  3. Coutinho does not want to play for Liverpool but they are still holding on to him (admittedly, his contract situation differs, but you get the point). Why do we even try to object when the club is trying to do what’s best for it?

    Darren, as for your comment “… but if we lose to Liverpool..”. So, what if we lose to Liverpool? Does that decide the league table or is history not replete with relatively poor starters going on to challenge? It is such a sense of entitlement that peeves me. Look; of the top 7 sides last season, only one has taken full points from the two games, so why the conditional support implied in that statement? We need to calm down and allow the boys do the business. I do expect us to win the game, by the way.

    1. Segun I understand your reasoning but it flawed. The underlying assumption in your argument is that we will get 30 goals Sanchez if we force him to stay against his will. More likely we will get an unhappy player who will be more focused on his next contract and club come January and who will save himself for the world cup.

      To think it is in the club’s best interest to keep players against their will is naive to use one of Wenger’s favorite words.

      Tell me something else, if Sanchez is happy to be forced to play out his contract why does a stomach pull keep him out of the first team even for a 20-minute substitute appearance? We all know that the real happy Sanchez want to play the day he comes back from holiday or a tournament.

    2. A club can only do what’s best for them when they have people in charge who know what’s best for them. Wenger – Kroenke – Gazidas don’t know what’s best for the club (seen through footballing eyes), they think they know and do what’s best for Kroenke.

    3. u expect to beat Liverpool!. but the sense of entitlement of other gooners peeves u. such a hypocritical statement.

      1. a reply to segun comment by the way

  4. Worrying times – Sanchez will go, Ox has turned down new offer, and since Monday we’ve shipped out appx 6 players with a possible 3 more by Friday. Now, either we are completely stupid, completely skint, or up to something massively amazing, only Le Prof knows in that insane mind of his. Plus, beware the ‘new player/old player’ syndrome aka Jack Wilshere!

    1. In the last 10 years we have first stagnated and then declined. It gets worse each season.

  5. Perhaps he is on strike and they keeping it on the low.

  6. Alexis Sanchez need to go to club with a more ambition unlike arsenal,cos he is a winner and he needs to win more trophy,he scored 30 goals last season yet arsenal couldn’t make top 4,that’s to tell u a tree can’t make up a forest but till now what has Wenger done to improve the squad to convince Sanchez to stay?nothing, and u expect him to stay with those players who don’t have winning mentality and a coach that lacks ambition, Sanchez don’t need money what he need is quality players……my gunners fans all over the world let’s be truthful to ourselves, how many of us will still remain in arsenal fc if we were Sanchez,with arsenal transfer activities so far in mind?

    1. I certainly understand Alexis wanting to win or very seriously compete for trophies, play in champions league, and getting frustrated over his time here so far. What annoys me though is, if various reports and rumors can be believed (which is always a big if), he seems to locking us out of any transfer alternative other than City (our direct rival!) by asking for un-meetable salary from every other potential suitor, including apparently Bayern Munich and PSG, teams that are certainly very capable and very likely even of landing domestic hardware very regularly and competing serious for champions league top 4. If so, money and his fixation on City (again, our direct freaking rivals!) are looming much larger than simply trophies. If you push for a move from a club you claim to fully support and love to that club’s direct rivals and cut off all alternatives you have to expect major blowback and ill will. To his credit, at least he hasn’t (at least obviously, perhaps more discretely through “fitness, flu, abominal strain, whatever) outright gone on strike, blasted the team in the media, or done a horrific Costa/O.Dembele type hissy fit.

      1. Shut up its not about money for Sanchez!

        1. Apparently he could have gone to Bayern or PSG if asking for realistic (but still teriffic) salary but he or agent priced themselves out of the move – obviously regularly trophy winning opportunities passed by. How is it not at least partially about money? Also note I said it’s also about his fixation with our direct rivals City. (And “shut up” is a bit uncalled for – we’re here to discuss and comment which requires talking.)

          1. Saying “shut up” is what people do when they have a weak (or no) argument. Alexis is still here and has not thrown tantrums; maybe we should believe the best of the manager’s submissions until something different happens.

            For avoidance of doubt, Sanchez is South American and, with due respect to that great continent (as with developing continents/countries), money plays a role in their players’ decisions with personal ambition a distant second. If it is about trophies, Sanchez has won same number of trophies at Arsenal as he has at Barcelona (one Liga, one Copa. The rest are Super cups/Charity shields), so what he should be keen on is the champions league which going to City cannot guarantee. It is about money! Is there anything wrong with that? Nope! He has to take care of himself after retirement, after all.

          2. Segun your vision about “Developing countries” is shocking. Having said that and trying to focus on the subject and move on, Alexis as a kid boxed on the streets for money, his first pair of football shoes were a gift from the Mair of his town. He has won more money than he could possibly spend on his life time.

            If it was for money he would have already taken “astronomical” sums offered by Arsenal and keep playing on an underpowered team where he can easily be the star.

            He his probably the best player of his generation but unlike his national team mate Vidal at Bayern, Arsenal has never given him a real chance of winning the EPL or CL.

            He wants more, he needs more…he deserves more.

            Now that the transfer window is about to end, Wenger has only made two signings…do you think that all of us Arsenal fans… Deserve more !

          3. Listen MxWell, I come from a developing country myself and I should know what I am talking about. I made clear my words weren’t intended to slag off such countries/peoples but stating the fact as it is (so, no lectures, please). I know about the enormous weight of expectation on the “one shining light” of a people; it is the same with sportsmen all over the world but wth different motives. The pilgrimages to China for football shows this point a bit more clearly.
            Arsenal has not offered him the money he wants, for your information. Arturo Vidal still hasn’t won the CL. City have not and are not likely to next season. What is at play here is the unfair situation that other properly run clubs have to face when competing with resources of an Oil producing country and this just is not healthy for the sport! Arsenal has won more trophies than City can possibly phantom so historically speaking, we stand a better chance of winning things than City. It is about money because no matter who we buy, if we don’t bump up that contract, he won’t stay.
            He is a very good player. What such players do is show that stuff on the pitch and single handedly take their teams to titles (Diego Maradonna, CRonaldo, Messi all do this), not jump ship because you can. Arsenal team is made up of a bunch of fellow professionals in a TEAM; he alone cannot do it, or we won’t come 5th in his best scoring seasons.
            He was at Barcelona and didn’t win the CL or pull up trees, so I reckon he belongs to a club like ours where he can be a leading light.

            As to your last comment, how many have Spurs bought, yet we give them a better chance? How many big players did Leicester city buy to win the EPL in 15/16? It is a TEAM sport. Relax. It’s just begun and there are a few twists and turns to come.

          4. Segun you give me hope!. The whining on this site is something else. It’s not all rosy but let’s not be a part of the problem (negativity from last season) let’s be support our team! COYG!

          5. …City can possibly fathom **

    2. We you quit Alexis is a winner crap. If he is a winner he would have stayed in Barcelona. If he is a winner we would have behaved as a winner would last season instead of acting childishly. So many fans despise Ozil but did he act like Sanchez when he was running the show 3 seasons ago. I can’t understand why our own fans want to put our club down because we are angry with way thing are.

      1. Remember John McEnroe? Are you telling me winner don’t throw tantrums when they lose? There is this funny saying: “You show me a good loser and I will show you a loser”.

        The reason Sanchez was forced to leave Barca was the arrival of Suarez. Hardly prove Sanchez does not have that winning ambition.

      2. Staying at Barcelona was easy, titles were almost secure with regular good chances of winning the Liga and CL, but he was probably tired of being a support actor on Messi’s show. The arrival of Neymar and later Suarez gave him little playing time.

        Winners always try to get more challenges, laying low and relax playing at Barcelona was the safe bet. Instead he believed Wenger lies about building a strong team.

        1. Don’t allow your Wenger hate spur you into such talk. He was eased out of Barca and that’s the truth. Maybe, after Suarez came in but he wasn’t going to get game time. He has never won the CL. He won only one title with Barca. He has won 2FA cups here. He should challenge himself to the next level of winning the EPL with us.

          He has behaved responsibly in my view; has shown respect for Wenger, despite what you call “lies”. A lot of this is down to media attention his situation is getting. Maybe, he wants to stay and is only attracted by the presence of Pep. Who knows?

  7. Sanchez won’t stay as it’s already been planned in advance in my opinion between Wenger The Board
    and the player himself and Wenger can always say the board overruled me ..very convenient.
    After many many years of crying and laughing with my beloved Gooner I for once am going to pray for the sake of the future of our club that Liverpool have a field day against us so it puts pressure on Wenger who is not to be trusted to up and leave.
    It’s not good when one has to resort to this but I believe that there are several Gooners out there
    who’ll think exactly the same as me.

    1. Wenger cleverly cultivated Kroenke who supports him – while knowing more about cash flow than about ‘ soccer. I will not be surprised to see Wenger messing up Arsenal for 4 more years – not 2.’

    2. I personally think a deal has already been done for sanchez and it wont be announced until the last minute of the window. The buying club have asked for him not to play in advance of the move . Either a swap deal or else arsenal have already got someone or two lined up and want to keep it quiet. Maybe thats where gazidis has been hiding recently. Hope its true…all will soon be revealed. All the talk about holding him to his contract has been bluff and flannel to keep fans happy. No way would kroenke give up 60 million…he is money orientated….the same with ozil and ox. If the right offer comes in they will be gone. Ox not worth renewing so grab chelski money and run back after lemar.

      1. In truth, no way will any business give up money to allow a player go on a free. Fans will ridicule the club if that happens, especially if we don’t win the EPL. So, you may be right. Bluffing helps with getting best value. We can only wait, right. Hopefully, there is a replacement in the wings.

      2. Compelling hypothesis there lord wafflebury (great username!). Sounds plausible and I hope you are right about new additions in the works or already agreed! Hard to be optimistic on our recent transfer window years, but I’ll hold onto hope for another 8-9 days before freaking out or getting too upset about it (or at least try!).

  8. I wouldn’t stay for one…. it’s a club with no or little ambition… they just can’t take the risk of investment even when they are in good position to do that… check everton out… they are investing in closing the gap between the top four… they also wanna be a big club… check Tottenham they are investing …building a big stadium that’s investment…why can’t arsenal invest in the team… buy big players win trophies and see how your club will be big in years compared with the likes of Madrid… come to think of it… we are not winning trophies and we still up there with the best in terms of money… what if we win trophies… wet can be the best… simple analogy… Just invest in the squad is the way to go… usmanov said this… dangote said this…. those are real business men…. not this failure kroenke who is afraid in taking the big step….

  9. I really hate arsenal fans who disrespect sanchez coz the guy is very proffessional he has not even put a transfer request or said anytng negative about our club in the media…us fans are frustrated with the club but we expect him to be cool about the current situation…what a bunch of hypocrites!

    1. He hasn’t put in a transfer request to protect his multi million pound bonuses, as soon as he makes an official request to move, he kisses goodbye to millions!

  10. what are chances created and domination compare to 3points? we are in for another awful season.

  11. Am tired..I don’t knw why I love this club so much…i wsh I cud leave this the same story everytime..the only thing arsenal fans in london know is talk and talk..the can’t act…other clubs are adding quality too is only in arsenal wer ramsey is considered a king..just look at the big clubs and.tell me how many of.our players will make the first team in other clubs….Wenger has to go

  12. wenger has a press conference (fridays) but its high time he has a fans conference. a heart to heart so to speak. increasingly there’s too much blare here at arsenal between what fans expect and what wenger is delivering as manager. its a shame really because i want encourage our new striker to endear himself to the club but its going to prove difficult for him to be adored when there’s no synergy between wenger and the fans. im thinking he needs to come declare what it is hes doing not just in front of press but to fans.
    *im thinking that belief in wenger is as low as it ever was and could be at a level thats irreparable. i worry all the contention is so acidic it will make its way to lacazette, maybe it will affect him? who knows? its time wenger comes from behind his corporate table to be ‘accoutable’ and attempt to reconcile our fans.

    I’d like to enjoy football once again instead i wake to disgruntled, disatisfied and deflated fan narratives.

    1. One of the most sensible comments i have read here, Wenger is hiding from the fans and can’t face the fans… Almost every manager has a very good relationship with there fans but not at Arsenal… He will always blame the fans and not himself for poor performances, as for me i have accepted my fate, 2 more years of Agony and unhappiness watching my beloved club but i know Kroenke , Wenger , Gazidis will not be at arsenal forever because like it or not someone will come and save the club from there hands in the NEAREST future and guess what ? I will be a GUNNERS for life…. peace.

      1. @Otunba007 – much appreciated, thanks. wenger should forget the fear and address fans. and i certainly don’t want lacazette adversely affected by any of this.

        1. waal2waal, I think it is wishful thinking to expect our manager to make out a day each week for meeting the fans. Who are these fans? How many will attend and under what mandate? Will we vote for them so their questions are representative of ALL views? What venue will this hold, so all the fans can attend? I can assure you if he did, there will be those who will believe it was stage-managed if Arsene comes out smelling like roses.

          How many clubs’ managers do this? Or is it only Arsenal with a “crisis”, which only fans can fix? That’s what the AGM is for and no other club meets with the fans groups/ forums as much as Arsenal does. I stand to be corrected. Gazidis met the fans groups barely 4 months ago. That’s his job. Wenger uses his press conferences to do same, like the rule demands. It is the expectation that the media correspondents ask the questions we all do.

    2. waal2waal,
      Seriously the best comment I have ever read on this forum, would love nothing more than him to come out and stand in front off the real fans off our once great and proud club and tell us the truth. I would be on the next plane out off Adelaide South Australia to actually listen to that live. The truth is what we need to hear and even if we don’t like what he has to say at least we would know we’re we stand until he is finished.

  13. when we were moving from Highbury we were told we would be able to sign top quality players and compete with our rivals in the transfer market and for trophies.Does anyone think we were conned? We have to pay the highest ticket prices yet we can’t or won’t compete.While I have been a fan for over 50 years i won’t go back until Wenger, Silent Stan abd Gadies goes .

    1. I think they actually meant it when they said the move to the bigger Emirates from Highbury would allow us to compete. What they didn’t account for was multi billionaire owners investing in clubs and making the money made from gate receipts basically mil and void. Before Abromavich and The Shiek of Man city the club’s money mainly came from supporter attendances.

      1. Correct! Great comment and that’s the fact of the matter.

      2. Great post. I wish everyone would read it.

  14. When he’s thrashed on Sunday by Liverpool he will do panic buying as usual he will never learn I just need a manager that knows what he want in market and goes for it no matter what check pep and mourinho if Everton can buy a goal keeper for 30 million what’s wrong with Arsenal for Gods sake

  15. If Sanchez doesn’t play at Liverpool – I’ll assume he intends to leave

    1. Agree with that. Not that if he plays, it changes anything. Maybe we need to prove his fitness to his potential suitors.

  16. It’s funny how so many times angry fans called players who wanted to win “money grabbers”. Yet ask yourself is the PL title a prestigious title to win for a player? Ask yourself would RVP ever have won the PL if he had stayed and bought into Wenger’s vision of the future and ambition? So he moved to Man U, made more money in the process and won the PL. What is so foolish about that?

    Let’s not forget Nasri, Clichy, Cesc etc. All these players left and won major titles and more money in the process. If you ask me they did the right thing. They are professional football players, they are not here to fill the pockets of billionaire Kroenke.

    And let’s not talk about loyalty because the club has no loyalty, Ask Perez and Gabriel who probably also thought they signed a contract but were shipped out prematurely.

    Football is a business and a sport. Players can combine wanting to win trophies and want to make money. Clubs can combine wanting to win trophies and want to make money. Our club just can not do both but that doesn’t mean our anger should turn to Sanchez, no, it should focus on Kroenke and Wenger. Wenger, who is happy to stay and collect an obscene salary knowing he will never win the PL again yet taking the fans for mugs. With a manager who is happy to collect his pay check can we really be surprised we have players who have the same mentality, happy to collect their pay check without any ambition to win? Theo? Theo is not alone, we have many players who have been groomed in the image of their manager in terms of ambition and lip service.

    Sanchez is not one of them.

    1. The fact of letting important players arrive to their last year of contract is the best proof of Wenger’s and the board’s incompetence.

      They just wanted to squeeze Sanchez, Ox and Ozil to their last drop of effort. If the players were so important, why didn’t they get a new contract a year ago?

      I still believe that Wenger lies, Alexis is already gone, yet the manager don’t have the respect for the fans to say it. Two days before the transfer window closes, they will announce it and Wenger blame it on the board.

      1. Manchester United has 10 players coming to the end of their contracts. They include Mata, Herrera, Blind, Fellaini, Young, Shaw and Carrick, amongst others. Not ideal but nothing new there.

        The option a club has is to sell the player, if they fail to sign a new deal; it is a poison chalice at times; so, Arsenal chooses to hold on to the player in hope; or sell well, if no agreement is reached.

        We must refrain from making Alexis look like he came to Arsenal thinking Wenger will suddenly change and bring in super stars. He knew what he was coming into, in my view. He has enjoyed it, used it to his advantage and now, he is desired by clubs who can pay more. Simples!

  17. off topic
    can we pls draft nelson into the first team the guy is damn good…..will be our own ousmane dembele or dele alli..

  18. In my opinion I think Alexis will like to win an EPL title and the Champions League title…….but most importantly he is like 28/29……..closer to football retirement age…….and probably wants a decent retirement signing money……as much as no player is bigger than the club……losing Alexis will affect Arsenal much more………you can’t continue to lose your best players at their peak……and……call yourself a big team…………it took an exceptional situation for Barcelona to let Neymar go…….

  19. Daily Poll - Are you confident that Unai Emery is the right man for Arsenal?

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