Alexis Sanchez wants to be Arsenal legend (so cough up Gunners)

I do not want to hear any talk about the Arsenal and Chile international striker Alexis Sanchez being greedy for wanting a hefty pay rise in order to convince him to sign a new contract, or Mesut Ozil for that matter. Arsenal may not be known for splashing the cash but if that is what it takes to keep our two best players then so be it.

I can perfectly understand the position of Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board in trying to save the club some money but not if it means either Ozil, Sanchez, or both, moving to a club that will pay them big bucks and I am sure there are plenty that would.

The fact is that we are lucky to have these two great players and their wages, despite being the two best paid players in the squad, are nowhere near what the top players at Chelsea, Man City and Man United are pulling in. The latest rumours going around are that Chelsea are ready to swoop for Sanchez and while some fans may be getting themselves worked up by this, I cannot see why.

Of course a club like Chelsea would want him but the only reason they would get him is if the Gunners fail to reward his brilliance with the sort of money he could get at a number of different clubs. Alexis showed just that point this week, Metro has reported, with an instagram post showing him saluting a photo of the Arsenal Invincibles and you do not have to be a genius to get the message.

The Chilean wants to become an Arsenal legend along with the likes of Henry, Pires, Bergkamp and all. But do we really expect him to do it while getting paid a lot less than he would earn at our rivals? Come on Arsenal, just cough up the cash and let’s get on with it eh?



  1. Simon_MrMac says:

    Yes- Alexis deserves a good pay rise-

    Yes Arsenal need him. But honestly, if he really wants to become a legend then he needs to stay at a club that has helped him grow as a player-

    It’s Arsene that’s turned him into a devastating striker. Henry style

    He would be absolutely mad to leave and join another team – and risk stopping his development.

    One factor that all the legends have – is they stick with a team. And that team gets built around them if they good enough. He could have that at Arsenal-

    Ronaldo, Messie, Gerard, Lampard, Terry, Henry- the list goes on.

    Sanchez – don’t be an idiot – stay with the team that will make you great!

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      Or in other sentences : Don’t let him go Arsenal, don’t be stupid Arsene!
      If we need him, we keep him. Period.

  2. trugun says:

    Bob, the luck in having Mesut and Alexis is down to Arsene Wenger he spotted them, he convinced them to sign and he is the reason they have improved. Both players have said in interview over the past few years AW is the reason they are at Arsenal.

  3. jakseth says:

    come on! give me a break. Sanchez is fantastic at the moment but was he last year? no he was average to great. he was in very poor form from december to march. his pretense are understandable but he needs to confirm at least the whole season before he can claim a ground braking salary or becoming a legend. Same goes for Ozil, on his good day he is mesmerizing. but can we say that of his whole season? he has been plagued by inconsistency since he arrived at arsenal.

    those two are undeniably having a great patch at the moment but it’s far too quick to put them on a pedestal.

    1. ken2 says:

      this is not about him being fantastic, this is about what arsenal are willing to do to keep arsenal staying up with the european elite. i do not think ozil and sanchez are here primarily to win us the title, i think they are here for arsenal to compete at the highest level which is why there wages are not that big to begin with. if they can hold them down with new contracts, then they themself become a huge profit should they want to leave within a year of signing them, arsenal are primarily about stability and that seems to be there main goal.

  4. Tatek Girma says:

    Of course Alexis Sanches and Mesut ozil need to have a reasonable pay increment to sign their new contract. But to me, the main reason for the delay of their contract renewal process is that both want to know Arsene Wenger’s contract situation and the clubs standing at the end of the year. They want to make these two cases sorted before deciding on their future career. As they are well aware of the club’s policy with regards to the salary payment structure, I don’t think they are requesting an exaggerated pay raise which would separate them that much high from other players of the club as football is a team work though some special individual’s effort is vital to motivate the whole team spirit. It is only the media speculation spreading around us.

  5. Jansen says:

    To me, it seems that big clubs manage to keep their best players. Let’s send a signal to the football world that we consider ourselves a big club and keep both Ozil and Sanchez. This signal would be a bigger investment that just paying these two players an increased salary. It will pay off during the recruitment of future stars and would improve the image of the club IMO.

  6. Uche Edochie says:

    Arsene Wenger has a very tough job in his hands but he makes it look so easy that we assume it is easy. I have never negotiated player contracts before neither have I run a club before. But this much I know from running a couple of businesses. The money Arsenal has comes from shrewd spending and not from Kroenke funneling hundreds of millions into the club. What this means is that now that we have put ourselves up there and are faced with paying our two best players money in the neighborhood of 200k per week and beyond, all that Arsenal profit we used to hear about will now become a thing of the past. As big as Barca is, they are broke. Why? The cost of keeping Messi, Neymar and Suarez has left them cash strapped. You cannot be a big successful club and be broke. It is ironic and makes no sense.

    The secret to success is not how much you make, but how much you are able to save. The chain reaction of paying these two guys all that money is one that fans are not even thinking about. Suddenly all our top players (and they are more than two, trust me), will begin to demand astronomical fees on the back of one or two good games. There is a reason the Man Cities and Chelseas are unable to turn a profit even after massive cash injection from their owners. It is called ‘players fees’. Look it up. We may very well be able to keep Sanchez and Ozil. But if we pay them the kind of money they are rumored to be demanding, our club will go broke and we may not be able to buy new players and even pay the ones we have. Do you remember how we managed to buy Carzola? Malaga went broke and could not pay their players. Yep and their owner is a billionaire. Think about that. Wenger makes it look easy but it is far from easy. I hope these two come to their senses and be reasonable in their demands. No we cannot match 400k per week that China is offering and if Sanchez insists on that, he should be sold. I will miss him but life will go on.

    1. G-Rude says:

      Well said Uche. Nothing wrong with a pay rise, but there are limits.

  7. Onochie says:

    I don’t blame them for their demands,nobody needs to trade blames here. If Arsenal had been successful for the past 10 years,it would have been easier to settle their salaries as we would have bigger sponsorship deals,

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