Alexis Sanchez wants to play for Chile despite injury!

Arsenal fans may have at first been worried about Alexis Sanchez recovering from his muscle tear in time to face Man United next week, but according to the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio the player himself has told his friends: “It is hurting a bit but I’m fine. I’ll be back for Tuesday.”

A source in the Chile camp is quoted as saying: “The ultrasound was performed immediately. The doctors commented that with these injuries you must wait 24 hours to determine the recovery time, because the tear evolves,”

“If it’s nine millimetres today then it could be eleven tomorrow [Wednesday].”

Most experts are saying that an injury like this would normally take a minimum of three weeks to heal enough to play, so El Mercurio asked a Chilean medical expert, Mario Vera, on his opinion, and he said: “There is some debate over how to manage these sorts of injuries,”

“The traditionalists would say that something like this takes three weeks, but a modernist would say that their rehab could fix it sooner.

“One thing is clear: he won’t be fit [if he plays] and there could be recurrences.

“In the case of Alexis, without knowing all of the details, it’s probable that they get him ready to play in the game against Uruguay but he will go onto that field injured.

“The muscle will be more fragile, he would certainly have to play with medication to aid the symptoms.”

Thefact is that the game against Uruguay could be crucial to Chile qualifying for the next World Cup, and we already know from last year that the management has no qualms about risking the Arsenal star, but if he does play and makes it worse he could be out for a much longer period.

It does not help that Alexis himself hates missing any game,but did you know there is absolutely nothing Wenger can do to stop it if Sanchez and his manager decide that he plays….

This is nuts!



  1. John Legend says:

    If Alexis wants to win silverware at Arsenal, he has to rest now.
    Damn!!! Somebody has to tell him that he is human and not steel made.

  2. Juhislihis McLovin says:

    Minor tears are the worst, because with a minor tear it’s likely you can still perform, probably at a 90% efficiency so you’re not really bed ridden.

    This of course leads to agitating the injury and the tear can expand, leading to much worse outcome.

    I hope Wenger takes a strong stand with Sanchez and forces him to rest!

  3. Mark_K says:

    Chile should apply some bleeding common sense and tell Alexis that he runs the risk of suffering a serious injury if he plays with a muscle tear.

    It’ll show a total lack of respect to Arsenal if they play him because it’s about 90% certain he’d aggravate the injury and we as a club would be the one’s to suffer.

  4. Wilshegz says:

    Wenger should just Call him Back to avoid risking our season

  5. Dawa says:

    Why would he want to play when his impact in the game would certainly be minimal.

  6. Dennis says:

    Wenger needs to demand his return (ala fergie) but as usual he needs him to extend his contract so he’ll pander to him all season long. i’m tired of this nonsensical political stance wenger takes, although it has been successful for him at the cost of the club winning trophies.

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