Alexis Sanchez will definitely be back for Arsenal v Man City

Arsene Wenger has come out and said that there is a slight chance that Alexis Sanchez will be fit to face Man City on Monday, but we all know about the Chilean’s power of recovery and the fact that Wenger will definitely play him even if he is only 70% fit!

Man City have said the same thing about Sergio Aguero returning, but again, the importance of this game is not lost on both managers and they will be taking risks if it will give them the edge in this closely matched encounter, where just one moment of brilliance from either South American may seal the points.

Both players still have another three days to improve their fitness and I am certain that we will see them on the pitch at sometime on Monday evening. But as Arsenal fans are much more interested in Alexis Sanchez I will give you a recording of Wenger’s exact words when he was discussing Alexis this afternoon.


Interview courtesy of AudioBoom

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  1. Hopefully he should be. We have to win that game if we are serious about the title. Anything less than a win is unacceptable.

      1. A well fought draw against two top teams playing at their best is not unacceptable for me. I find it hard when Arsenal blow it, but not when they play well and get a draw. Personally, I think we have the better odds for the win. I think Alexis, if fit, will start on the bench. Remember he needs some game time to get back to his best. If he’s nkt fit, however, I still feel that we have the fire power, the will, the confidence, and the defence to beat City.

  2. this is difficult as its a critical game and we need our talisman- but we run the risk of incurring further injury with a premature return .

    i would say keep him on bench , if needed bring him on.

    this season is nuts…an its not even xmas-
    this league title could go anywhere

    1. We need to seize it now. Every time we’ve had a chance this season to give Man City a gap, we choke. If we are serious about the title we have to beat them.

  3. i’ve been seriously thinking………… What makes this Manciteh Team unbeatable?


    1. so……… Alot of ppl think manciteh is unbeatable??

      Hahaha…Forget bout giving nonsensical thumbs down…….state ur claims

      on their day, ArsenaL is capable of beating Citeh hands down…..dn’t care what ppl think

      1. dont you think its enough just looking at their front line.
        I mean just look at
        sterling silva de bruyne

        If you see nothing special in that you should see a brain doctor

  4. We don’t need sanchez to beat Man City to be honest. Campbell can do the job for the first 70 mins, then we can bring him back if he’s indeed fit to give it a go for the last half hr. My worry is Flamini as a DM, i don’t understand why we can’t play chambers there and ask him to sit deep while ramsay goes up and down as he usually does.

    1. The way i see it is risk sanchez for 90 minutes and he gets injured for the season we loose the league. Dont risk sanchez and play with our current line up which i still believe can beat the current nieve leaderless city and he stay fit for the season we win the league. We can still win even if we loose to city. Ozil and sanchez are key and together if they stay fit and in form can win us the league. We have a good squad now maybe still short of a couple more world class players but the amount of injuries and our league position proove it.

      Cambell needs this game hes playing better than theo and should start. I also would start giroud and bring theo one for the last 70 minutes, city are cocky and will be pressing high. Flammini and his experience could be crucial as long as hes not shown red. On his day he can be epic, so lets hope hes got his head screwed on, for the game on monday

  5. If Sanchez comes back, I’ll like to see him interchange wings regularly with Walcott or whoever is playing on the RW. Sometimes, I feel he’s too static positionally. We lack proper width whenever he plays LW.

  6. OT
    I have been frustrated by Wenger and the Board for a while. ..About lack of depth in our squad. But after seeing what happened to Maureen (feeling sorry for him though), you’ve got to love the consistency and longevity we have in the Managerial department.
    We could whine sometimes, but a team needs a manager for the long term who gives them the proverbial ‘balanced diet meals’ and not just a pimp manager who’s good for only quick fixes.

  7. Making the right decisions is key in big moments!

    Do we risk Sanchez when the team is doing well anyway?
    Make the right decision AFC

    Just like How CFC did!
    Do they believe Mourinho will get Chelsea regelated?
    Sacking him answers that!

  8. It’s unbelievable that the EPL is going through so many managers, we are/were known for our patients and class in that field around the world but it has finaly becom a part of our game as well,

    If you think about it we (Arsenal) is a stable club with a nice manager who cares about every player including the young ones, you would think players would be Queuing to sign for us specially we are in the CL every year,

    I’m begining to apriciate AW more lately but I’m sure I will be cursing him in January and ready to kill him in Feb and back in love in May

  9. Are the Citizens a miracle football players that the recent balance Gunners starting XI that beat Olympiakos and Aston Villa all at away cannot beat the Citizens even at the Ems?

    Sanchez should not even be included by the Boss in his 18 match day squad for the Man City game at the Ems on Monday night. Arsenal have won 2 matches away without Sanchez. And I believe they can beat Man City him that is not totally yet fit to play.

    Alexis knows very well he’ll not be totally fit to play a competitive match on Monday night. Yet, because of his insanity to play in all games so as not to be left behind Giroud in highest goals scorer for Arsenal at the end of the season. Hence he will force the Boss to even maybe start him in the Man City game and risk reinjuring his hamstring that could sidelined him for a longer spell than the short spell he was recently sidelined.

    I think the Boss should plan for Sanchez to resume playing for Arsenal away to Southampton.

  10. Yea, we all love to see Sanchez, but yes, without him, I strongly believe we will still win city.
    It’s always looking like we lack depth but I’m just happy our young guns turn up when needed. Looking forward to an exciting match. Gooners all the way

  11. My opinion: If Arsenal and Man City fear each other interms of Alexis and Aguero, let them make an agreement NOT TO PLAY either of them. I think the equation will be balanced. Lol…

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